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Stormy Daniels is an opportunist - so there's something wrong with that?

She seems personable! 😛

atheist 8 Mar 10

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I only wish she would provide the opportunity to remove 45 and his entourage from office!


So my question is: if Trump core supporters weren't offended by his womanising evidenced before the election, and weren't offended by his tape boasting about groping women with or without their consent, and his walking into a dressing room of disrobed young women at the Miss Universe contest, not to mention the other women who came forward with claims about his predatory behaviour, why would anyone expect that these same supporters would be offended by him having an affair with a porn actress and giving her some money to keep quiet about it? If a mountain didn't break the camel's back, why would a straw? So he's a womaniser, a liar and a creep. They knew that before, and still voted for him. Even the seedy business with the lawyer and the payment is hardly likely, in my humble opinion, to resonate with them. I do not think this stuff will ever harm Trump with his Trump religion followers, based on past experience. Only thing that can get him is if the Mueller investigation can link him to treasonous actions. I do not think that will be easy. Realistically, and unfortunately, that's how I see it.


Even plants are opertunists, its a survival skill especially amongst creatures and plants that adapt easily to change.


Birds of a feather


I'm a fan of anyone who can beat Trump at his own game or helps take him down. Go Stormy, go!


At least she is up front about what she is doing. Trumplestiltskin is a cheating liar.


Capitalist, opportunist...tomato, tomahto...




Good for her. It can't be easy being a sex worker, so I say if any adult film actress can get a break, or a windfall, it is a stroke of luck. Many jobs won't even hire them after they've done porn.

As in any entertainment field, but it's particularly rough for them. Ginger Lynn Allen and Jenna Jameson are some very rare exceptions and they had to overcome many obstacles to be accepted in the 'mainstream'.

Yes. Even though society, as a whole, enjoys watching porn, we're very unforgiving when it comes to allowing the actress to pursue some of her other interests.


The Shark Week bit.

He's deathly afraid of sharks.

We don't need a subpoena

Plop the orange turd in a shark cage and lay out some chum.

Once about 50 sharks are in frenzy.

Robert Mueller leans over the boat.

"Is there anything you'd like to tell me....Mr President?


I well and truly hope that she's the iceberg that sinks the SS Trumptanic.

@atheist Because they're hypocrites. And 45 is a republiclan who tells them what they want to hear.


And so is Trumpty Dumpty! They're both actors.

At least she's honest about who she is. He's still a lying con man. And a serial cheater. And a fraud. And a miserable piece of shit.


And Trump isn't? Give me a break.


Stormy is a business woman. She has a product to sell and evidentally business is good.

It's you have her assets? @atheist

I suspect her assets are implants. If true she has made a great investment that is paying big bucks. @atheist


It's opportunist vs. opportunist, I hope she does well out of it because I like to root for the underdog!

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