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How long has it been?

How long has it been since you went on your last date? How long did you date them for or are you still?

Rugglesby 8 Mar 11

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I was supposed to have had a date last weekend. I got stood up, "he had car trouble". This week he had to go somewhere in Canada for an emergency. My suspicion is that I will be asked for money before the end of the week. My last date that happend was about 6 weeks ago. He told me he wanted to see me, and then blocked me on the dating site. I would have preferred honesty but he doesn't seem to have the balls. Funny thing is, we had encountered each other about 6 years ago. I know his real name, his job, and his address. He is an architect for the state of Nebraska, and his last name would be suitable for a porn star.


I went on a date on March 10th of this year. Before that I went on a date at the end of February of this year. And I'm supposed to go on a date tomorrow March 11th of this year. I am hoping to go on a date or two next week. Someone asked me out LOL.

Why the lol? Are you burying them all after the dates or perhaps using them as ventriloquist dummies in a comedy show that you have devised?

@FrayedBear well the first scenario is more likely.


I am in a partnership of sorts have been for 25 years.


Too long to say


Until july of '17 i had been married for 10years... But he decided he had other plans... So... I havent gotten back out there yet. Decided it was ME time and im focusing on my daughter, my career, and my education. Eventually I'd like to start dating again...

When you are ready and comfortable knowing what characteristics you are looking for - a good plan.

Please do not give up as old age can be very lonely especially as your friends die off. Family (mine) has been great . Maintain a good relationship with your children and they will reward you in old age.


My last date was in April 2008, so ten years, ago. He was a good friend at work and my only date 1.5 years after the death of my husband. We dated for about four montgs. He turned mean toward my then 8 year old son, so I broke it off. That resulted in anger and stalking, including a huge yelling (by him; I was not even present) scene at work requiring that he be escorted off of the premises. I was afraid for a long time and have not dated since.

Zster Level 8 Mar 11, 2018

Sorry to hear you had to deal with that.

I was widowed too (not legally, we were divorced) when my son was 12. I started dating a good friend but I wouldn't advance it because he wasn't father material. You did right to protect your son. Mine is now 25, a grown man. I am now fully ready for another relationship. I have no doubt you'll get past your fear, when you're ready.

I appreciate the encouragement. I figure I will be more free to socialize as soon as it's just me. I realize one bad apple does not need to spoil the bunch.

Close. It turned out that he had substance abuse issues, while lying to my face about it (I am a sober alcoholic. The question gets raised pretty early for my own sanity). He had severe abondonment issues, too as his mom left the family to be with her adulterous partner while my date was a child. A sad tale in a lot of ways.


5 years. I don't think I'm up to such a thing again


I beleive it's been 3 years. It was an online relationship, met in person, had our date, spent a few days with him. A couple months of a long distance relationship and then we split, never saw him again. shrugs

@Shelton It's definitely note easy! Sometimes it's hard to find local people to connect with.


I don’t think I’ve ever went on a date, like dinner and movie. Like asking a chick out and two days later going out with a different one.

Perhaps you shouldnt make them pay for more than their share? 😉

Not like I could afford it @FrayedBear


I'm just starting to date after a difficult divorce. It's more challenging than I expected. The person I'm dating is beautiful and sweet and then not sweet. It's very frustrating.

Eesh....sounds scary to me.

As much as we wish to get started again after a divorce , it is a matter of time for the mind to be ready, You have conflict because at this time it is about being with someone better than what you had to prove that you are the good one. Just take the time and that is a few years.


@hankster lol

Have you asked her if she has forgotten to take her meds on the days that she is off?

@Troy Ok I agree with that, Even my dog after the divorce was a better roommate than the ex


my last date has lasted 58years and doing great

@Marine my dark sense of humor wanted to ask if they were in the same freezer or have you had to replace it.... My better side says that's having a new date every day for 58 years, way to go 🙂

Nope same date and I would not trade her for the world. It would be my hope that everyone could so lucky.


Visited site member for a few weeks. Became good friends. That was several weeks ago. Long distance-west coast.

Long distances can work. My late partner was living in Texas and we made it work.

Still meeting new people.


Yesterday or tonight (Saturday night) depending on your perspective... Not long.


I haven't been on a date in 5 years.....


Last August. I had a gentleman friend that came here for work and we would go out. He changed jobs and doesn't have this area anymore. I also have a farmer friend that comes to see me once in a great while but I haven't seen him since July at least. And right now he's in Arizona.


11 years ago my ex hubby on a fourth & last try.


My partner and I split up about 6months ago and I havnt been on a date yet.🙂

Hey Jimmy isn't it a date every time you have a performance, a pie at the pub or a beer?

@FrayedBear well I've been teetotal for over 25 years now 🙂 So I may have missed that boat performances and pies are still going strong though 🙂

@JimmyM OK substitute orange juice/ Claytons/ coffee. No problem here. 🙂


19 years ago


Last date date that I had was 2 years ago right around mid-March. We were together for about a year... Then I found out some pretty harsh truths about her and saw her for who she really was.
That ended near the end of March, 2 years ago.

Something to do with March, I just got a message from a lady who lives thousands of miles away reminding me it is now 19 years since we got together, and what an awesome weekend away we had, which made me start thinking..

@Rugglesby might be because of spring, maybe?

@NeoXerops Autumn here, but it is my fave season

@Rugglesby ah, ok. Gotcha.
So yeah, I guess March is just one of those months where unusual events occur.


Easter last year, 2017 was last date, met about 2 months before that.


Last date was 11/13/17. We dated for 6 months or so. His facade slipped & showed the real person. Yeah, not interested in a bunch of insecurity, backhanded compliments, attempted pot stirring & outright dumb shit. (Example: went to a show mid work week. A month in advance of show, he offered to get a room for the night. I said no, had court/meetings next day, had to be in at 7am. Night of he asked if we were going to room after. I said no. His response, "well let me cancel the reservation".)


About a month? I think. Guy I met online came to stay for the weekend. We had a great time but didn't click as a couple.


Can't remember exactly , but it's been over eleven years .


A couple weeks ago. We discovered we have too many significant differences to make it worth pursuing, but we had a real nice time at the concert. Casually we'd get along, but there are too many obstacles ahead. I had to cut the losses.

On the upside, there is a new light on the horizon and she's very sweet (by phone. so far).


Been divorced 4 years, was married for 13 1/2, so 17 1/2 years.


1 year. It went nowhere. Before then, 10 years. A drop of water in the ocean. That individual drop is hard to find.

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