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LINK Georgia church hires woman to make contact with the dead | Barry Duke

As if the preacher wasn't enough... This GA church has hired a psychic to make contact with the dead.

Now they have two people at that church spewing total BS from the pulpit.

DGJ0114 7 May 30

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This is hilarious! A con artist conning charlatans to help defraud idiots...


Oh FFS!!!

It's shit like this right here that makes me really unhappy that I live in this
fucking state.

Or on this fucking planet.


I have got to get me a gig like this. I give up part of my Sunday mornings and make an extra $500 a week. Maybe I'll get lucky and catch on in one of those televised mega-churches, and start reeling in $50,000 a week.


I would really love it if someone like Ashton Kutcher pranked her ass on hidden camera.

Ya know, give her a fake story, pay her ridiculous fee. Then have her spout out whatever b.s. she has to offer about this fictitious dead person she is communicating with. Then have the room rigged to go all poltergeist on her lying ass.


Delusion on top of delusion

Haha good one!


Robert Heinlein: ""A fake fortune teller can be tolerated. But an authentic soothsayer should be shot on sight. Cassandra did not get half the kicking around she deserved.""


Spiritualists. I didn't know they existed until I read about them. Then met them.

One more category of sales in the religion woo shop.


You can always count on the faithful to be the dumbest ones in the room.


The members of the jeezus subculture need higher and higher doses of their drug just to remain in their trance. They pray all day and night, fold their communities in on each other, and freakishly deny any logic that comes before them.


It's called a backhoe in a cemetery.


Next up: they’ll burn her as a witch. After a proper trial, of course. 🙄


I thought that the practice of clairvoyance was deemed to be the work of the devil in Christianworld. Anyone now how this works so as not to be heretical?


Seems legit. You just gotta believe!

I'm surprised this isn't more prevalent. Not too drastically different uses of persuasive manipulation and cold reading come together. Seems like an untapped market🤔

@Donotbelieve I know. What bugs me is how these groups just take advantage of people. Both parties, largely in the same way. People trying to find peace, love, belonging. Most of the time just naively looking for answers, help, reassurance. I think the two major thoughts are believing they will be accepted for who they are when they dead, or looking for unresolved answers from lost loved ones. I like Pen & Teller's take on talking about the psychic charlatans. It's all BS!



zesty Level 7 June 8, 2019

I should have applied for the job.

I find this amusing as The Hebrew Scriptures are clear that the dead SHOULD NOT be consulted, i.e. the raising of Samuel by the Seer of Endor.

@Stevil Well, I can speak to the dead every bit as much as she does! I wonder if she believes that she is psychic. I have a delusional acquaintance who is fully convinced that she is.

@Stevil Absolutely, but I still wonder!


Tired of these charlatans and con-artists


The immorality of these people is staggering, to knowingly fleece those who probably don't have much to begin with.


Yes, it is total bullshit. I seldom do bible quotes but here is one. Ecclesiastes 9:5 explains it all. It plainly says that the dead do not know anything. The most likely reason is that they are dead. That makes sense to me. Bible believing supernaturalists have another take however. They seem to follow Paul.

The Hebrew and Christian Scriptures consistently contradict themselves. While Ecc. says this, the Seer of Endor raised the spirit of Samuel. After the Babylonian captivity, perception of dead changed, most likely based on the teachings of Zoroaster.

@Gwendolyn2018 A lot of this is also because the books bound together as one and called our Holy Bible were never meant to be bound together.

@DenoPenno Blame that on the Redactor(s)--the scribe(s) who put them all together.


yep just goes to show how stupid they can be**


Stupid, just simply stupid.


There was a psychic around these parts but she closed down her business. Who knew?

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