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There's a lot of communities in SoCal who need to figure this out...


San Franciscan shopkeepers would rather have homeless people crap on the sidewalks than let them use their bathrooms, I hear.

@altschmerz I'm "agnostic" on that. I tried googling your no returns. Can you validate that with anything?

@Robecology here ya go. []


Sure but then we wouldn't have that feeling of superiority when we see a homeless beggar on the street.

LOL who on earth would feel superior?

Nevermind, there are probably some shitty people who use any excuse to feel superior.

@altschmerz I saw a video of Trump's daughter Ivanka being interviewed. She said when was much younger she was walking to Trump tower in New York with her father and there was a homeless beggar sitting on the pavement. Trump said to his daughter " That man is better of than me. He has $8 million dollars more than me". relating to the fact that he had debts of $8 million dollars. She thought this was very funny.

@Moravian and Chump and his crotch-spawn earned their oodles of money fair and square, I suppose. That whole family is so vile.


The real problem is greed..taking care of the homeless is a huge money making city governments and the "Non-Profit Charities" that operate shelters. Having been homeless and living in shelters I got to experience, and witness, that greed.


Yes, there is some evidence that it’s actually cheaper to give people housing than leave them on the streets with all of its social costs. But even if it’s merely a break- even prospect, shouldn’t we be working toward housing for all because it’s the right thing for a civilized society to do?

yeap, but in most of the cases people live on the streets because that's what they want, it's a hard situation when they decide to live on the streets.

@Esojotrebla This has been true. We had a woman, clearly mentally ill, who slept under a bench at the super market, who refused to go into a shelter. As it turned out, she had been abused and raped in a shelter. Shelters require supervision and professionals to keep everyone safe.

@Esojotrebla Um no. That is an excuse people make for not addressing the root causes of homelessness. It is very rarely a choice - and choosing to sleep on a bench instead of in a shelter isn’t choosing homelessness, it’s choosing among the bad options available once you become homeless.


And giving basic health care to the poor saves everyone money. Damned greedy medical fields.

Those in medicine are not so greedy. It is the damn insurance companies that are raking in humongo profits. And drug companies charging outrageous prices. I talk to people all day long about hospital charges, insurance, and where the money goes. Deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and the like. Insurance wants to pay as little as possible, and the CEOs are making millions.

The majority of hospitals are non-profit, and they provide significant charity care. But it’s really not the responsibility of the “medical field” to provide care for free. That’s like saying that grocery stores should be giving free food to everyone who needs it.
Nothing is “free.” It’s the responsibility of society to make sure that it’s members have their basic needs met.

@HippieChick58 , I stand corrected. Poor choice of words. But on my itemized hospital bill the charges for a bag of saline were twenty dollars each. Tylenol were three dollars a pill. And that was ten years ago.
And the CEOs of the hospitals do very well for themselves too.

@freeofgod I work for a specialty hospital which I am happy to say is not for profit. I also work in billing so I have seen first hand how we help families with catastrophic medical costs. I've also seen huge deductibles and copays on bills. I can set up interest free payment plans and send people to websites to apply for Medicaid. Insurance is a racket in the US, and Americans are suffering for it.


Here's what I don't get. How can we say the economy is improving if there's an increase in the number of homeless people?

agree with you, but how many of those homeless live in the streets as a choice?

@Esojotrebla Would you ?.

Right. There are a lot of indicators there are more jobs but they still can't afford the ever exploding costs in rent, utilities, transportation etc. Every time a politician makes a statement about "all the jobs..." I find research on housing crisis and stagnant wages to give him/her a reality rub in.

@Esojotrebla I can’t imagine anybody would choose that, unless he’s delusional.

@BermaMatteson I have conservative friends who say if you want a better wage, go get an education so you can get a better job. Pisses me the hell off, how some people think.

@altschmerz Right? They still want someone to cook their fast food and stock their grocery stores and clean their offices, but those people don’t deserve to earn enough to survive 🙄

@A2Jennifer in the words of President Benjamin Harrison:

I cannot always sympathize with that demand which we hear so frequently for cheap things. Things may be too cheap. They are too cheap when the man or woman who produces them upon the farm or the man or woman who produces them in the factory does not get out of them living wages with a margin for old age and for a dowry for the incidents that are to follow. I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth or shapes it into a garment will starve in the process.

He said this in 1891. Some things never change.

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