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What is the sweetest thing you can say to a woman? Or some of the best compliments that ladies love to hear? I'm trying to be much more of a classy gentleman to these lovely ladies by giving them old school compliments since millennial don't give don't carry that classical way of conquering a woman.



"Conquering" a woman? Seems like a 21st century atitude adjustment may be the rX for you.

Thank you!

Yes. Thank you. I just knew if I scrolled down someone would have tackled that despicable phrase/mindset.


"conquer a woman?"

Beyond my disbelief at that comment, I would say if you ask a question then listen more than lip service to the answer. I think men and women want the same things. To be respected, listened to, receive courtesy and be honest in your feelings and be there in the moment.


Personally I would much rather hear a compliment about my intelligence or humor than beauty. Physical beauty means squat. Inner beauty is everything.


If you want to compliment a woman it has to be genuine. Pick out something you genuinely appreciate and start there.

Ella Level 6 Mar 12, 2018

I hate fake people. If you can't be real, then please stay away from me. And if your real is a obnoxious narcisstic ass, then stay away from me.

Trust me, the majority of women (and men) can tell if you're trying to "conquer" them.


Don't lie to her. Ever. That's the classiest thing you can do.
If you like the way she thinks, tell her.


OMG. That is so wrong on so many levels. The very best thing you can do for women islock yourself inside and stay away from any and all interactions with anyone, especially women.


I think you have the right idea, in that acting polite and being extra sweet will make a difference. But I think you have the wrong idea, in that women are not some sort of neuro-reflex that will always respond to xyz stimulus with abc results. Youll be very dissappointed in how quickly most women can tell the difference between obvious shallow manipulation (works for about 5 minutes) and failure to understand cooperation and synergy. You are not going to conquer anything in the long run. I cannot, however, deny that you will probably manage to get down some pants in the short term.


ffs! you've got no chance of being classy or a gentleman as long as you still view women as something to be conquered.
I think the sweetest thing you could say to any woman is 'I'm sorry Ive been such a knob!' smile001.gif

That made me laugh.

@Stacey48 consider yourself 'conquered' smile001.gif

@JimmyM Ahaha!

@Stacey48 Darn it! I WANTED to conquer Stacy!


After reading these comments I think I have it down. Compliment their brain, compliment their brain, ok.... "Wow, you have an enormous head. You must have a big brain in there.".

You might need to work on that.... smile009.gif

@RavenCT Darn. Giving these disingenuous compliments is hard.

I think your parents must have seen something , they got your name right .

@Cast1es my birth name is John, like the Baptist... so they missed it by a mile

Lol! still better than hey baby what's your sign?




Your question made me think about the things men have said to me over the years......and the first one that popped into my head was how my youngest son always says "Hi beautiful" when he texts or calls me. We both know it is a "silly" little thing - but it never fails to put a smile on my face.


Given you say you are a political scientist and a philosopher I would have thought not coming off like a failed Machiavelli would have been a no brainer. While witty banter is always appreciated, given the example above, thinking before you speak or type would be a good start


Well, to start, never imply you are working on conquering a woman. Start by noticing some things that are not physical. I don't think there is a right answer. All women are different, just like all men are different. We just have permission to cry. LOL

I like that.


Assuming that we already know each other or are dating, my suggestion is "That's a good idea / I hadn't thought of that / Looked at it that way, etc."

That said, in terms of pick-up lines for the sole sake of conquering or anything of the sort, nothing. It will all seem fake.

Wow. I never looked at it that way. smile009.gif

@Rudy1962 Ha! smile001.gif


I'm with KK Gator--don't lie. Talk about her character. Does she have a kind heart? Is she compassionate? Does she do goot things for others? If so...when you SEE these things happening, tell her! "You know, that's something I REALLY LIKE about you! You're always kind to others." Etc. Of course...there's always this one...."You should see how the light shines on your hair tonight." Then SMILE!


Say something sincere that is real, not based on sex appeal or appearance..notice things about her, compliment her outfit, or something she did herself, etc. For example; I loved that piece you wrote for the country news section. It had some great ideas."

Or compliment her appearance without sexualizing it, such as, "That color brings out the blue in your eyes."


Conquering? It is your thinking that needs to be adjusted--not your grammar


Why don't you get to know the woman first. That way you don't have to invent a compliment, you could actually just give her one.

Most unfortunate double entendre of my morning.

I dunno, I like the shoveling guts part.


You are attempting to manipulate perhaps?


"You're the loveliest thing God ever shovelled guts into" - preferably delivered with a drunken slur. Works every time.

I don't type LMAO often...


"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

No use that --- Conquerer.


An amazing array of Politically correct comments. Civilization as we know it, is only 4,000 years old. A blink whan compared to evolution. When it comes to romance our wirings are still early homo sapiens, but our cultural approach has developed to a level of absurdity. It is not reduced to an absurd, but rather grown into an absurd. Attraction is instictual and premordial and our stupid ettiquette is diametically opposed to it.

If you want to "conquer" a woman (and your instincts are revealed in your question), just be yourself.Being funny and intelligent helps.


I have spoken to 2 men in the past two months that I got warm and fuzzy over after talking on the phone once, then poof! They disappeared on me. But the crazy, creepy, overly religious guys won't get a clue and take a hike. I swear. If a nice, sweet, real guy finds me... it won't matter what he says to me, I will find a way to drive him away.

I'm in Kansas, so I am already far away from you. :/ All of this niceness and sweetness just sitting here going to waste in Kansas because I'm not religious.

@Copenhagun ha!
Being in Kansas is a bit of a problem. The PNW is awesome! You should move. 😊

@AprilT I'd love to move. smile001.gif I can't, but I would love to! smile001.gif

I'd need to speak your language too. I think you'd understand me without any words. I'm very sweet, like my cat. All the abbreviations people use now. What's things and PNW? Please. Oh, and if you read my profile I'm planning to move up that way, so... if you're serious...

Get a chat room you two. I'm outta here.

Because your pining for a "nice" guy are cultural and based on literary romantic mumbo jumbo. Deep inside you want a strong man


Yes conquering a woman is pretty backward thinking. A guy I knew opened a hair salon and named it Head Hunters. The logo had a caveman dragging a woman behind him by her hair. That set off an uproar.

your friend is awesome...lol protest go down, did it?

It did! He had to change the logo.@jorj

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