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Life's Amenities

Have anyone here considered living off the grid? Or perhaps a lifestyle similar to the Amish.

Shelton 8 Mar 12

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With folks at each other's throats over political issues lately, I have to admit living on an island sure wouldn't be a bad idea...


Not quite fully off the grid, but a bit more self-reliant. I belonged to a prepper group on another app awhile back, and we mostly discussed equipment and gear that would be needed in an emergency situation.


I live off of the grid every summer on my 35 acre property with a stunning view of Mesa Verde. It is called camping or being homeless. It can get tedious hauling fresh water & trying to avoid the 7000' above sea level sun. But the stars are beguiling, the quiet intoxicating.


As a younger man I would have been a perfect candidate for this. It is hard to do and when you get older it becomes harder still. It's easier to see as an older man why life spans were smaller years ago. At 71 I can still draw water out of the ground of the earth easily but my simple ailments would make it more easy for me to get sick and die.
You can live as the Amish do however. Just be aware when modern medicine is needed.


I'm going to move to the mountains in Alaska and live off the grid. Not a problem as I haven't had a TV in 6 years. I also jumped bond a few years ago and lived in a motorhome cruising Colorado. Made it two years before I was caught.


I'm going to move to the mountains in Alaska and live off the grid. Not a problem as I haven't had a TV in 6 years. I also jumped bond a few years ago and lived in a motorhome cruising Colorado. Made it two years before I was caught.


I typically limit my tweets to 140 characters even though Twitter doubled the available length to 280. Does that count?


I’ve considered going off grid.


Dated a gal for a couple of years that lived off grid.Met some wonderful and eclectic people.But in the end I just didn't want to do without a lot of the modern conveniences I grew up with.


No, I never had any desire to do so. I liked camping, roughing it for a few days, but I also liked knowing that I would go home to civilization.

I believe in reincarnation, so I figured I've lived before, and done all that stuff before, so why do it now. I enjoy what progress has brought.

marga Level 7 Mar 12, 2018

Yes, have done it a few times, am in the process of doing it now, but in a suburban setting rather than rural as in the past. Busy day today but includes making yoghurt, and researching "rice milk"


I live in a very small town 80 miles from Roswell was hoping that some of those aliens they have there would abduct me and give me my own planet to operate.

I can get you in Roswell! I'm selling my lot!!

@Captnron59 No city for me, this little island on top of this mountain works very well for me and my kids.

@azzow2 I tried! I have 10k invested in it and can't get 5k for it...

@azzow2 City? C'mon, you can be more honest than that.. (And I know, cuz I live in Clovis.)

@Green_Chile_Type My cleaning lady often goes to C!ovis I have not ventured that way Vaughn is in a very cool location Roswell , Santa Fe, and Albuquerque are all about the same distance for me to travel.


Had an opportunity at age 24.. but was familiar enough with what it takes that I struck a balance. It sounds, even looks ‘dreamy’... In reality, it’s caveman/ third-world stuff. But, the blend, using skills of previous generations mixed with modernity, is nice … if you’ve a partner willing to indulge in the same.

At 24, with ten years till ‘fatherhood,’ it was magnificent! Long hair & headband, friends said I “looked like Jesus” 😀 Outhouse, baths from the kitchen sink, wood stove, brick-lined hand-dug well and wood shakes that shrunk in the sun ..soas daylight shown through. Property taxes on a cabin built by my Great-grandfather, surrounded by deep woods and an enchanted orchard.. Brought up tending pressure (canners) cookers, chainsaws & gardens, who could ask for more?

Problem was ..finding a ‘modern mate’ willing to experience the same. Eventually, a new home; inside toilet & shower … and children.. and social expectations. Recently, with an opportunity to ‘do the same,’ or at least purchase some woodlands, I (alone) opted for balance; an acre of flat land with city water in a rural county bordering a small town. What’s strange is watching others, older than myself, finally ‘live their dream’ on a small farm. I’ve mixed emotions, between, been-there done-that … and damn I miss The Wilds ~

Varn Level 8 Mar 12, 2018

Yes-actually worked on a kibbutz in Israel. Fascinated by commune living.


Yes, I have considered it, but I am legally blind and need to live in society in order to meet all my needs. Still, the idea of livign "off the grid" and away from other people has a definite appeal to it.


Not even a thought. There are lions, tigers, and bears out there!

Loved it a point, when city friends from the hood would visit me in the woods - Oh My! Seemed a cougar was perched on every limb, a snake across every trail, a bear behind every stump ...and as one friend put it, “Bugs going back 3 steps on the evolutionary scale” 😀

@Varn very funny!


You can live off the grid and still not go full Amish.

They build most appliances to run on propane.

i intend to go small house one day and do this.

I have no cave man intent.


The quiet simplicity is tempting but the work load is daunting. Especially with Michigan winter's.

Winter my Ass.

@LoriMcAfee ?


I think its either completly off or stay on but england doesnt offer itself to doing this and im disabled but I can dream.

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