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Well I'll be! Level 8 gets you a t-shirt!!!
Thanks Admin!!!

KKGator 9 Mar 13

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Congrats! Some deserve it, because they worked hard for it. I'm confident with growing slowly. I don't have all the time in the world to spend.

Gert Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

3500 Oak Street Apartment 8, Myrtle Beach, S Carolina 29577 please send me my Level 8 shirt as soon as I climb that great height of postings and likings


oh, getting exciting now! this tshirt i'll definitely wear, just to confuse the local airyfairy community 😀


748 more points until I hit level 8!!


I have a new goal in life...
And it's a little sad that I'm not kidding. 😉


Cool I will wear mine with pride

As will I!!!!

where is my T-shirt?


Pffft. I'll probably kick the bucket before I get there. I can't even get past 6.1!


No cake? Forget it then.


Oooo is it a glowy, shiny pink t-shirt?...

Pretty sure I ordered the purple one.

@KKGator we can choooose?..yay!!

@Charlene Purple or black.

@KKGator coool..hmmm


Woo Hoo, I am at least two thirds of the way there!


Do they post to the UK?

I have no idea. You can ask Admin.

@KKGator I only have like 39,000,000,000,000,000 points to go, no rush lol


Whoo Hoo! I think it'll be a while here. It's like a million points between seven and eight.

yep, tooooo righto 🙂


That's good to know,,


eyes widen RIGHT. The quest begins. I will get that goddamn shirt if it kills me.

I'm sure I'll reach level 8 eventually.


It only took me about 4 months. I didn't even realize it until almost a week after it happened.

@KKGator I don't post or comment enough to get points that quickly.

@JosephHarrison Not your fault you aren't as verbose as I am. 😉

I just hit level 7. I thought the Tshirt was a joke. Something to strive for now lol


I've heard at level ten you get a brand new car!

@pthomas59 think a matchbox car

At level 10 you have to go into hospital and get surgically removed lol

i'll have solarpanelled van, thanks!


Nice T-shirts too!


Much appreciated. 🙂


It does? I've been waiting for weeks. Congrats on Level 8.

I just got the notification today. You, too!

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