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I think I'm dyslexic and I didn't noticed that until now.

I sometimes will put the wrong words in the wrong places when I write. (The last post on liking this community) I did notice a long time ago, but disregarded it as I can't write nicely, that my B's, P's, Q's, and D's get mixed up. I have good handwriting if I slow down and write neatly. I have problems wording my sentences correctly too. I grew up knowing English. I speak it very well. I do have to edit and proofread a lot. Idk if that is dyslexia or not? What do you think?

Sarahroo29 8 Mar 14

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I mix things up more now that I'm older. I usually have to edit things to get out the extra letters that do not belong in the words. If it continues and I end up in a nusing home my kids can say "dad finally got the holy ghost."

Oh, wow.


You may be able to find otu how to get tested for that or related learning issues through the disabled student center at your locl commuhnity college or university. It is probbly a lot of hassle to get certified/diagnosed, but you only have to do it once.

There's a disabled center at a college?

@Sarahroo29 Most colle4ges has disabled student services, which are there primarily to make sure that their disabled students get teh accomodations they need to get an education.

Also, most state governments have an agency to help disabled persons get education, although the name of the state agency varies from one state to another. In California, where I wetn to college it was called the Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation.

In any case, if you look up your local college or university on the internet, if they don't have the number for disable studetn services listed, call their main number and ask for it. If they dont' have a specific dept at the college, then go through their student counseling department. It may take a few phone calls, but evenutally someone will know about what you need to do to be tested for learnign disabilities like dyslexia or related conditions.

When I started to lose vision (I am partially blind), and lost my job, I got out the phone book and literally called every government agency that seemed like they may be able to help to try to find programs to help me.

There are probably many national organization who you can call as well to find otu how to go about beign tested.

I just googled "national dyslexic" and a whiel list of different groups came up. Here is one tht seemed o good place to start []

@snytiger6 Okay.


Sarahroo29...that sounds very possible. One of my sons is dyslexic. It has nothing to do with intellengence, but a brain to eye problem. I don't know where to find it now, but somewhere on the Web, they show exactly what a dyslexic person sees as they read (or write). The letters jump around and the dyslexic must focus to nail them down. It is for sure a challenge, but don't allow that to color your participation in anything! Tell people if you must!

Actually dyslexics usually have a higher than normal IQ. I wasn’t diagnosed until college but I think that’s because I have a high IQ and over compensated.

@LauraUU that is usually the case, they work harder...because they have to and that is a good thing.

@LauraUU Hmmm... I don't have an issue with reading. Just the writing part.


D.A.M. ~ Mothers Against Dyslexia

Dyslexics of the world untie!
Actually read that wrong for years before I got the joke.

@LauraUU Lol.


I deffinatly am though I can read really well my spelling and grammer are terrible. its lucky I have a keyboard as my writing is even worse. a lot of dyslexics are very inteligent

Oh wow. I didn't know that.

yes, but it doesn't stop me doing what I want. there's an app I use called Grammarly that I use which would help you too.

@LeighShelton I heard about that app/keyboard.

its very good


I learned at an early age that I suffered from dyslexia, I mixied b's and d's, and p's and q's constantly as a consequence I learn spelling by memory and still have problems with it. I tend to read and write very slowly as well this can become a problem since I think and comprehend much faster than most people.
You need to discover the tricks that work for you as I did to deal with this problem, as you are headed to school one simple one might be to start writing assignment as soon as they are given out and to find a good proof reader.

Thanks, I will be taking my laptop to school as well.

DXed in third grade. We do tend to adapt when we know what's going on. Funny thing, everyone kept telling me academia was not for me. I walked into the my first anth class at the school where I eventually got my BA. The instructor spelled out the subject by writing "NTHR" on the board and then putting all the other letters in place around them. I knew I was home.


I'm that way with numbers sometime. I can really screw up a check book. I have to be very careful. I only write 3 checks a month.

I write 2-3 a month.

Sounds like discalcula (sp?) which only effects numbers.

@LauraUU I haven't heard that term before.

Dyslexia (reading, and sometimes memory), disgraphia (writing) and discalculia (numbers) are related. You can have one or all.

@LauraUU I take door number 3! 🙂

@LauraUU It's only my writing that is effected.

@Sarahroo29 The brain is a strange and wonderful thing.

@Sticks48 It is complex.


I wasn't diagnosed as schizoid until adulthood. I think you can absolutely not be diagnoised until adulthood.
I confuse 4s and 5s when I write. Just don't get down. I don't know if what you descibe is dislexia, but your concern is legitimate and and your experinece is valid.

Okay, thanks.


Inym casa itscjuust fat finugerson aI tiny keeypasd


Think that i might be morephlexic.

What word is that? Google didn't have it.

@Sarahroo29 Made it last night was on my kindle can't type good on there. Thought we could make a definition and submit it to the dictionary. morephlexic: abslute logic (just playing w)ith ideas

@azzow2 Oh okay.


Maybe, maybe not. I’m dyslexic and most dyslexics have fine handwriting. If all you have is poor writing it’s called dysgraphia.
Mine showed up most as poor spelling and slow reading. But it gave me advantages too. I’m very creative and have been making patterns for clothes since I was 5 years old. I sort of see in 3D all the time.

Oh, perhaps I'm not dyslexic? I can read fast. I just have writing issues.


I think you probably do have mild dyslexia. It's actually super common.

I was thinking that too. I can read fast. I can't read out loud well though. I don't have issues with spelling on my phone.

@Sarahroo29 I can read super fast too lol

@LadyAlyxandrea Cool.


I`ve never been diagnosed but I thnk I have mild form too. My handwritting is terreble and I cannot spell well at all. On top of that I never learnt my times tables (it sounded like brian washing). I know I am not thick I used to work in a bar before tills added up for you. I could serve 3 customers at once and add all their drinks up in my head. Plus when I played chess I could remember the Ruy Lopez opening to 8 moves including all popular variations.
How are you on left and right, do you get confused?
Btw proofreading is always a good idea even if your ok. I wish that more would do it lol

LOL I can relate to the right/left thing.

@LauraUU What is that?


There are various degrees and forms of dyslexia that people can go their whole lives without noticing. I have dyscalculia where I flip and invert numbers. Did not know that until I was 25. If I had caught it early, I might have done remarkably better in math with proper assistance.

Yeah, that would've helped.


If you went through school and were not diagnosed, then if you are dyslexic, it would be a mild form. Do you have issues with typing as opposed to handwriting? Do you get numbers mixed up? How about telling right from left?

I have to stop and think out left and right all of the time on the good side having it has given me a great memory.

@HeathenFarmer I sometimes have to pause and consider which is my right hand to determine, but I am not dyslexic.

@Gwendolyn2018 I have been tested and I have dyslexia.

I can type really well on my phone and computer. It's my writing that sucks.

@Sarahroo29 In my experience, my students who were dyslexic had issues in writing with a keyboard, as well. As I understand it, it is an issue of recognizing the letter, not writing the letters.

@HeathenFarmer Any feedback on differences in writing by hand or on a computer?

@Gwendolyn2018 Handwriting is hard for me. I can type with no issues at all.

@Gwendolyn2018 I type extremely slowly and failed high school typing, even now I constantly need to correct letters in words. My hand writing skills are better but, I write slowly as well and have been told that I draw my letters rather than merely write.

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