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I have learned that rejection is just another lesson in life. I never doubt myself. How have you been rejected ? The pain is only temporary.

Wildgreens 8 Mar 15

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Even Publishers Clearing House has stopped talking to me.

I've gotten 3 entries in the past 3 months. I think they only reward people who have money already lol

@Piece2YourPuzzle Did you order magazines?

@BufftonBeotch No lol. I never buy anything from them.


I now look at rejection as a clear message that this wasn't meant to be. It's information which will help me to finally find success.

This is no different than Edison knowing, definitively, 999 ways to NOT make a better lightbulb. Eventually he found the right way to achieve that goal. So, with each attempt, he was one closer to success and he knew a wee bit more than before.

That's a good way of looking at it.

I'm Team Tesla myself but Edison contributed what he could.

@BufftonBeotch I am a Tesla fan too. Though, their rivalry, I think, pushed Tesla, and team Edison (Edison ran a shop full of indentured geniuses, HE didn't really do the work, though he DID do some of it, and certainly some key elements, his tack was to buy anothers work and take credit wherever possible... I really need to read more on him as I realize that this is based on snippets of readings that may or may not be reliable, so, caveat emptor... that said, several sources coming out with eerily similar pictures so...) to achieve more than either would've accomplished alone.

I love the macabre irony of Tesla 'losing' the war for the electric chair, proving that Teslas form of energy transmission was safer than Edison's. 🙂

@Gnarloc That electrocution of the elephant breaks my heart.

I forgot about that angle of the story. sorry if I hit a sore spot.


I've been rejected in as many ways as you can think of. Eventually it stopped bothering me.

Yeah... There comes a point when you just stop caring.


I don't get rejected a lot. I tend to play it safe. Im pretty reserved. The closest I've been is being stood up or we just stop talking.

It's pretty hard to take an interest in someone in the first place (at least in my case). I like to think I have an eye for people who are special. If you've taken a chance, you've done your part. It's out of your hands and up to the world


What other people think of me is none of my business. If I groveled before the opinions of others I'd never do anything in life.


My fav rejection came from an Art School I had applied to.." You have No Talent, Don't apply again"
2 weeks later I recieve an acceptance letter from an art school in is an adventure!!!

I agree 🙂

Wow! They really had the nerve to say that?

@Piece2YourPuzzle. Yeah..It came from the Museum School of Fine

@Piece2YourPuzzle. Yeah..It came from the Museum School of Fine


I do my best not to impose on people and just be myself. I hate the way a lot of woman are treated by a lot of men I really do. I love sex and women im atracted too but im very aware of who does and who doesnt like me even from a glance. I don't get rejected though either. I respect prostitutes but couldnt do that myself because I wouldnt want a women pretending to enjoy something that she probably isnt and I want them to fancy me or im not interested. I don't understand rapists etc and men intimidating women especially if there in a position of power. its fucking creepy. I know im not young anymore and I know im at best average to look at but my moral code is fully intact. im realisticly going to stay on my own but its ok because id like some female company but don't need it.


The pain is "only temporary" if the rejection is not constant....but if you are being constantly bullied (yes, bulling is rejection) it will mark you deeply and maybe forever.

I had a student who was called "narigueta" (big nosed) during her four years of HS. Once she told me: "I will do anything to buy myself A NEW NOSE." Two years after she graduated, she went to the school to show me her new nose. She looked beautiful and said to me "Please, don't ask me how I got the money."

As I said, the pain of rejection not always fades away.


Best thing you can do from that standpoint is, reflect and learn. Do not mourn you mistakes. Build on your strength. Dust yourself off and try again. Every person is a different adventure.


Of course I have been rejected. It hurts for a moment. Maybe 2. But then you start to see the lessons, begin to let them sink in, and then, move on


I doubt myself in questioning whether I am right. I find myself checking my facts and sources a LOT now, not to mention my motives. 😉


The worst rejection might be separation and divorce. It's not just the separation, yet how the other caused it and when he/she says they are done and never want you back. And other things, like they never gave you a chance to fix it. The pain is temporary, yet while in it, it feels like it's gonna take too long. This is me right now.


I have been rejected. It's not that bad.


I have been a gluton for punishment, but I'm beginning to learn how to move on and forward, it gets easier with age and time.


My friend of many years this past year openly picked a fight with me online while I was posting about the history of confederate flag and it's 1% of all history flying over the south. While 99% of everything else done in the South was under the Stars and Stripes. She came demanding I honor her nazi grandfather. She came claiming "switzerland" over what was happening in S.Carolina. She came accusing me of posting for equality as trying to "piss off my friends". I had NO IDEA she was a nazi sympathizer.

It was the first time in my life I was PROUD to be rejected. PROUD to be told how negative I was for standing on the correct side of history. She ended the friendship telling me I was a very "negative" person. So I march on, proud of my negativity. I'm sick of ignoring wrongs, and I'm so not caring that I have few friends. Better to not hate myself than be accepted by the worst we can be as humans.

I fully agree with your stance on that issue! I,too, have lost friends who exposed their racist and proNazi opinions they had kept well hidden (until the election of the present government (British) and the efforts of the mega-rich to keep us in the European Union. Yes, they are all crawling out of the brickwork now! I like your 'can't stand crap' attitude and the courage and determination you showed in facing up to some pretty raw deals that 'life' threw your way. I'd like you to consider me as being a friend, albeit a long distance one as I live in South Cumbria, UK if you don't mind conversing with an English 'old timer'!


Had a girl tell me she wou.d rather have sex with a shaved possum. I thought that was a little brutal coming from my wife on our wedding night.


Ouch !


It is hard. That is why I don't put myself out there anymore.

I am reminded of lyrics in a song by one of my favorite bands (Above & Beyond).

When the big wheel starts to spin
you can never know the odds
If you don't play you'll never win


The tendency to reject is human...but is our duty to allow the others the honest and silent chance to change our minds about them. SSC


Your question reminded me of this TED talk.

That was fabulous. Thank you for sharing.


Wow, have I been?? It's so common to me I can't even stress about it, now I just take the rare joy when Not-rejections occur


Everyone has.


For me, rjection seems to be the default position. I've rejected a gazillion times. Acceptance that lasts is the needle in the haystack.

Zster Level 8 Mar 15, 2018

I really love the attitude of the people posting on here: "You don't care about me? Then I sure as hell don't give a damn about you, pal!" (Note the non-generic 'pal' 🙂) And the steely resolve not to take crap from anyone. Brilliant. It's a hell of a shock to be dealt a shitty hand by someone you have trusted for years, isn't it? Bravo, folks!


One more opportunity for personal growth. Recently rejected by someone who I should have stayed away from. Learning from that right now.

it's kinda been a life long thing for me
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