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Yeah, we need her to live a good long life with all her faculties.


We need her.


I am for changing the Constituion in regards to the Superme Court: TERM LIMITS, ten years and no more. Also have them run for office. Appointing justices can and has led to so much chaos in regards to laws. One court says this is right and the next says no, this right.


Why should she?


My daughter and my mother share her birthday, and mom would have been 91 this year. Last year I gave this daughter a Nortorious RBG t shirt for her birthday, she loves, loves, loves it! We are both huge fans of RBG.

I am not. She spends much of her time on the bench asleep.


I hope that woman stays on the supreme court until all her detractors are dead and buried.


Thankyou RBG!!!!


May she lIve forever!


I hope she lives to be 105 and still on the SCOTUS.


Obviously she's waiting for a change in occupancy in congress & the her..


An incredible woman!


She's wonderful but should have retired during the Obama admin. Too damn old!

Hell, of course it applies to men! We don’t need Trump appointing more right-wing ideologues! I thought all of the likely last presidential candidates were too damn old: Hillary, Bernie, Trump, Biden, ... I’m 72 and I know what it’s like!

@evestrat She's 85 and we need her to make it to at least 88. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. made it to 90 before retiring, but it's a risky proposition. I don't know that it's a sexist statement. Trump will appoint 32 year old Stephen Miller if anything happens. I'm rooting for her... and with the crap they did with replacing Scalia, I doubt her early retirement would have helped, so I'm grateful for her staying on. I just hope we can flip the Senate in 2018.

She is wise beyond her years. so valuable!

why is she too damn old. mabe you think some people are too old to live.


I hope she lives another 30 years! And stays just as sharp!


We need mandatory retirement

gater Level 7 Mar 15, 2018

@evestrat We have minimum age levels for driving, drinking, buying guns, etc. - why not maximum age levels too. 80 sounds good to me.

for others not for her


What a justice! What a woman!


The GOP would have one of their num skulls voted in before she had a chance sign herself out She is no fan of 45's and knows how much we need her until this Congressional Corruption of Corporations and Lobbyist Groups gets put where they truly belong.


Oooh ahhhhhh

misha Level 2 Mar 15, 2018

Hope she hangs in there till Trumpty Dumpty is long gone.

Or at least until the senate gets flipped. We need to push for that.

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