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Do you believe in a HIGHer power?

When I was thinking about mock religions the other day, I wondered if anyone had made one for pot culture. Jesus being a stoned Messiah or something. lol

So I did what a millennial would do and Googled it.


What a business plan! A pot dispensary disguised as a church. Hahaha

silvereyes 8 Mar 17

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I’ve seen so many videos that show some of the amazing things pot can do. I saw a video of a man with Parkinson’s disease suddenly calm down and be able to relax. My friend is in hospice, and it helps her deal with the side effects of the medicines she’s taking. I sometimes get all bungled up mentally, and then suddenly I’m thinking non-linearly, and enjoying it. And let’s be clear, it makes Beethoven’s Ode to Joy nearly come out of my head and spill into the world.

My wife had cancer and I got some Cannabis for her when it spread to her breast. It was an aggressive form of cancer (small cell) that required aggressive chemotherapy. It help with the nauseousness and vomiting. It even helped with improving her appetite.


Sometimes I get the deepest and cooolest ideas when Im high, although I have trouble remembering them later 🙂

gater Level 7 Mar 17, 2018

@gater ... and from what many have told me ... they have trouble being impressed with them later 😉

@mordant lol that's probably true!


But at the same time I'm convinced that true knowledge can be a form of higher power. In my own sense though.

I agree!




@silvereyes I could definitely use some spiritual assistance. 😀


So that's what the bible meant when it said to stone people? Duuuuuuuuuuddddde.


And all this time I thought they were called Rastafarians. 😉

Rasta, mon.

@TaraMarshall British Pastafarians were linked to the church of the invisible flying spaghetti monster.

@jacpod, the FSM hates me, I have severe Celiac Disease.

@TaraMarshall I can't 'like ' this can I ? Sorry about that try 'the invisible pink unicorn'

@jacpod, I'm used to my dietary restrictions. I've been gluten-free for 16 years now.

@TaraMarshall "gluten free pasta goes all gloppy on me - I am definitely not cooking it right - I'm wheat and dairy free but as I get older I am less intolerant and can get away with more -though I don't overdo it. But very used to plain-ish cooking.

@jacpod, I mostly eat grain-free, so I really don't use gluten-free pastas. I make my version of lasagna with zucchini sliced long-wise.

@TaraMarshall sounds good I will have a go at this thank you !

@jacpod, Spaghetti squash is my other go-to when craving pasta.


Went to a dispensary while in Nevada. Didn't look anything like that-lol.

I read the article and kept thinking "My dispensary only with religion". lol


You know, a stoned deity would explain some of the fucked up shit humans do

@silvereyes Mellowed out god....

@silvereyes Bwahaha!


I believe in Steve Winwood lol


As good as any other religion.



That might bring me back to church🙂


Even the colours could trigger an out-of-body experience already. Imagine what happens when it is helped by cannabis.

Gert Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

In Jamaica, some people practice Rastafarianism. It asserts that marijuana is a holy sacrament. The Rastas call it, "ganja".


Yes, Gravity, the Laws of Motion, Theory of Relativity and many others!


yep, The Universe...


I belief in the destiny created by our individual gene pool.

John, you hit on a major theme of my book. The Lord of the Flies is one of the most important books of the century as it looks at human nature under a microscope, scientifically. As in the story, if humans continue to live under biological determinism, according to our selfish genes, we will destroy our island and ourselves along with it. We have to behave according to our intellect and not our genes. Jack, the alpha male, didn't care about his followers at all. That's what we see now and in history.


I like the general idea of Karma as explained by Earl J. Hickey "Do good things and good things happen. Do bad things and bad things happen." 🙂

I agree with those word exactly but the actual idea of karma is simply "doing." Karma in its pure form is doing. The logical assumption is that we should do good things. The idea of doing bad things biting you in the ass is logical but also a far step.

@DenoPenno, karma can be understood on the energetic level as "whatever i send out will reflect back on me eventually". in oz we say: what goes around comes around. the principle of the ouroborus.

I think doing good with an expectation of reward, ie the good returning to you would not be my thoughts. I do good by others because I am that sort of person. 🙂

@Johnrico I don't think there's an expectation of reward. In fact, often times, the only "reward" I get is the feeling of having done good, having made somebody else's day a little bit brighter... However, I have seen several examples of "do bad things and bad things happen" in my life...

@Shawappa44820 This is in my book, strange coincidence. Several pages are devoted to an anonymous philosopher's statement: "The worst punishment you'll receive in your life will be self inflicted." It leads me to believe there's still hope for humanity. Even for psychopaths life corrupt political and corporate kingpins the harm they do to people and nature doesn't just fade away. it stays in the subconscious and eventually erupts to the surface. The self destruction of Richard Nixon is a good example. Many others.


I always liked poet Allan Ginzberg's line in a 1969 Playboy interview: "What the world needs is a hip pope."

Do you think the current pope fits the bill?

@idoubtit He's a step in the right direction but that's all. When he goes to Africa and tells poor people to start using birth control at least it will show he's human and not just a bureaucrat. The population of the continent is 1.2 billion and Nigeria alone is 190 million. Fifteen million people, mostly children, die of starvation every year. Think of it, starvation is a horrible death. If I were in charge I'd tell to pope to find a job like everybody else. I think Pope Francis would make a good truck driver.


I've yet to hear this in a'd be awesome though.


Here's a church for HIGHER power in Dayton, Ohio

jeffy Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

i might still joint them 🙂


Looks pretty cool to me - unhappily if I do pot I just fall asleep there and then I was told I had a pretty receptive system.. I'll have to find another kind of hifh but just being in that place would be a turn on!


He did apparently show himself as "burning bush" to Moses


A higher power is a euphemism for god.

@silvereyes sarcasm wasn't my intention, but I'm glad it caught your eye. I honestly don't think much about gods and higher powers in my life. there are people who act like angels. they are most often nurses, nurse's assistants, caregivers, physical therapists, and EMTs.


If there is a low.. there also has to be a high. Therefore if there is a lower existence.. there has to be a higher existence. Where am I going with this? Basically if we exist on a certain plane there has to be a higher plane.. that higher plane could be defined as the higher source,power etc but where on the scale do you start? Well we know were in the third dimension so is there a higher? That's how I look at it

@Raythelastjedi Well that sounds like hermetic ideation "as above, so below", etc.

Why does there "have" to be a higher OR lower plane? What evidence is there that this IS a "plane"? How would you determine that?

Isn't the simpler explanation that there is one existence, and this is it? There's a lot of presuppositionalist thinking going on here.

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