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Do you accept the possibility of a god, but reject man’s perspective of one?

This was something I had to think long about. I mean the possibilities are always strong, but I do reject man’s perspective of all gods such as in all holy text because the people that wrote those books were only just trying to make since of the world back then when they didn’t understand the physics of the physical world and universe around them. This question just came to mind, though. What does any of you think?

EmeraldJewel 7 Mar 17

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If there is some being out there that created 10^24 stars and is controlling the interaction between the 10^86 elementary particles in the universe in a way that is completly undetectable to humans, that being will not act like the mentally ill teenager that is portrayed in the Old Testament of the Bible.

BD66 Level 8 Mar 17, 2018

True. The very question of a "possibility of gods" comes from our recognition that we cannot explain things and we have this need to explain. When will we be OK with the idea that we cannot know everything?

The existence of a "god/gods" does not preclude that the entity would be omniscient or controlling the universe. The idea of a deity who knew everything or controlled everything is relative new in myth. The Egyptian and Sumerian gods could even die, as could Norse deities.


No. I do not accept the possibility of any god. Under any conceivable circumstances.
Also under any inconceivable circumstances.
The entire idea of any god-type being is completely absurd to me.


I don't even want to talk about a God because if there is one hes a fucking prick.

Exactly! If one indeed exist, he’s a cruel one for sure!!!

at least you know where you stand with the devil if there was one.


If there is a god of any kind, that created the universe. What created the God?
If the universe is everything and everything is in the universe, then the god would be as well, so would have created itself.
We will never know, and it makes no difference that we will never know.
But I would like to see a theory in my lifetime that is not full of holes.


I see no logic reason or need for a god or gods. I never seen any evidence of any gods. I say there is the same chance that gods exist as there being a magical invisible flying pink unicorn that protects me from invisible trolls.




no. I accept that mother earth is our creator. I have long accepted that humans will make up all sorts of stories to explain what they don't understand.


I try to emulate Jesus. I don’t believe he existed. I don’t worship and I can’t stand Christianity (or any other dictatorial religion)
Basically, he’s an imaginary friend that delineates many of my actions... my secret, personal compass in how I treat others




I am 99.9% A-theist so there is that 0.1% to deal with but it is just not enough to cause any doubt. I think the possibility of a supernatural creator being is absurd. Your milage may vary.


I will never again believe in the Bible's God, however we have no idea where evolution will lead us, if we ever encounter a "supreme being" - they will just be far more evolved than us.

gater Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

It doesn’t have to be the god of the Bible. It could be any god and the possibility of one existing. If one do indeed exist then he’s a sorry piece of shit and is unworthy of worship.

@EmeraldJewel I remember hearing that God created man so man could worship him. - If that were true then God must have some messed up ego issues.


Yes. Yet my perception of god significantly differs than what is written in the "holly" books.
Actually I do believe that the humanity's ultimate direction is to become "god" on its own right someday, provided it does not destroy itself first. The more of the univererse's mysteries we unravel and the better the perception of our own nature becomes, the closer our own godhood is.


I call myself atheist. There is no evidence to prove or disprove that there is a god. I am open to the possiblity, but do not believe there is a god. If there is, I will find out when I die. But now I just can't imagine a god ... especially one who would create Humans, knowing in advance that the Humans would hurt each other.

SKH78 Level 8 Mar 17, 2018

I like aaron ra on youtube. He was one of the first people that convinced me god is impossible. If God has a physical affect on the world, there should be physical evidence.
No god should be able to do something physically impossible. We have no record of anything acting outside the laws of physics.
If you define a god as omnipotent, there are obviously contradictions any time you have an infinity. Can god make a rock so big he can't lift it? That kind of thing


What about the possibility that the "higher power" is ourselves? 🙂

marga Level 7 Mar 17, 2018

@atheist Nope, just asking.


Yes, I cannot comprehend the vastness of the universe and the reasons for why all life exists. The concept of God does not have to be some gray-haired man playing pocket pool in the clouds., there is no scientific proof that there is not something that is Beyond our comprehension. Even Richard Dawkins can accept the concept of what he calls the god of gaps.


I used to, but find there is no longer a need. Why appeal to any mystery with a bigger mystery. I Don't know, but more to the point I don't care up to and until I have sufficient evidence to believe and furthermore it is even relevant to me.


To quote one of my favorite authors:

“What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”
― Christopher Hitchens, god is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

It is possible that all the air molecules in the room I am now sitting at will at some point in time only occupy the space on the side of the room leaving me in a total vacuum. Given this unlikely (but possible (yes, possible, I am basing this scenario with a Phd. in physics where were discussing the term “impossible&rdquo😉 scenario, sure, there is a possibility that a god exists but lacking credible evidence for a presence or need for a god, (despite thousands of years and god definitions (names and characteristics) over time) I find the god assertion too unlikely to waste time considering it’s existence.


The microbes in your body might have a 'thought' they have a creator...I have as much control over them as 'god' possibly does with me...thats the only version of god I would subscribe to..I know I'm part of something unfathomally big, whether its classed as a life form or not, I believe it would be pretty unaware of my tiny existence.


No god No proof To much hate and killing by the religious i n his name


if by god, you mean a bieng that either (A) created the universe, or 🍺 created life (or human life), then no I don't. There is overwhelming amounts of scientific evidence which suggests that the universe not only works in a naturalistic way, but through the laws of quantum mechanics could arise from nothing also. I don't say that there is definately no god, just that any evidence that I have been presented with has failed to stand up to any sort of scrutiny


Not really. "God" suggests a diety that others give themselves up.

But I believe in species more highly evolved than us, humans - relatively speaking, of course.

Even in regards to Earth, is it hubris to claim to be the most evolved species on Earth? Can the metrics of technology and understanding be applied to other Earthly species? E.g. the hive-mind of the ants which not only developed their catacombs, but also plant and animal farming, a way to build themselves into bridges and boats, and also societal structures which include medic ants to treat the wounded. They seem to live in societies as complex and wonderful as ours.

What about the largest living organism on Earth - a fungus? That one individual has grown across 4 square miles without the need for plant and animal farming, building bridges and boats, or even needing to live in a society with others fungus'.


I think its not necessary to have a deity or God , cause , really who created them or apointed them to that position? , i say nature and the universe are what they are cause they need to be. Everything in Nature has its place and reason it exists..


I would suspect that most agnostics do. As a young believer in catholic school, I questioned man's limited vision of their god. As an agnostic adult, I find man's image of their god to be a ridiculous distortion of any omnipotent god and mostly devised by individuals who were seeking personal gain by selling their particular image of god.....throughout the centuries.

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