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She really is lucky they didnt shoot her or her son.

My 14 year old grandson is mixed but dark skinned in addition to being well over 6 ft and 240 lbs.

I'm scared every time he leaves the house and find dumb reasons to text him just to make sure he still lives


We pretty much know our police officers around here. Plus, two live in our neighborhood...I can't imagine having to call them for an emergency and fearing for my life or the lives of my family and pets...what a terrifying story that I am sure many have encountered...she sure kept her cool and kept the problem from escalating...not sure I would be that cool...

I think she needs to keep hammering them for accountability...things need to change...


Don't trust the cops. Even the honest ones have to turn a blind eye or be vilified by the others. There needs to be rewards for whistle blowers.


This is just terrible,and it happens every day......


Do a youtube search of bad police searches and incidents like this. There are hundreds. What is sad is that police know there are other police who are power hungry and prone to violence, but that blue wall stays silent. I know lots of great police but they also go into, 'we are always right' mode a lot too. Check out the videos.


The police 's function is not to protect and defend. Their function is to upheld the law. If you don't defend yourself, your problem.

zesty Level 7 Aug 19, 2019

Defend yourself ... from the police? When you didn’t commit a crime??

In this situation the police violated the law - the police are clearly in violation of article IV of the bill of rights.
What type of defense do you recommend in a situation like this?

@zesty - I'm not sure you understand how police function in the US? They are called in to try to prevent violence from happening - or to end a violent confrontation. That is the norm.

I imagine there are places where that might be a bad idea. But so far it's what we have. This our plan. (Faulty though it may be at times).

If you think a woman or man being beaten on should be prepared at all times - I think you have an odd view of the world. No one can be 100 percent prepared all of the time. It's why we have a police force.

There is a high rate of couples turning on each other - it's why it's called "A crime of passion" - that's why a neighbor would call the police in and not go over and bang on the door themselves. You can end up dead.

And when people are "prepared" that's how you end up with murder suicides. The couple themselves commits murder.

I like the police plan way better. I am a tad curious what your "plan" involves though?

@RavenCT Fuck the police. If this is the best they can do I'd let the neighbours kill each other before I called the police in America

@MsDemeanour This is one instance. I could tell you where they got plenty of domestic disturbances settled peacefully.
This is one terrible story.
However I'll still call police if need be.

So, when I see "To Protect and Serve" on police vehicle the cops idea and my idea of what that means are different? I don't think any person in this country should be subjected to the sort of behavior this woman experienced. That is the topic of the post.

Yes their function IS to protect in this country.

@Lucy_Fehr Theoretically. Amazingly, it is not a legal obligation.


Underpaid, undertrained, and militarized against the public. No wonder they screw up too often, draw their guns before asking a question. Whatever happened to. "To serve and protect?"

To serve and protect is not part of their job description. It is a cliché spray painted on their cars.


Zest, Zest. When I was growing up, "To serve and protect" was not a cliche. It was real. Bush militarized the police by selling police spare military ordinance and equipment after Iraq began to wind down.

As a consequence, a paradigm shift occurred in this country. Once they obtained the military equipment upgrade, feeling their new power, they went from community protectors, to a confrontational force .

This also resulted in the uglier side of the white dominated policing force to openly exercise their racism and biases, almost unimpeded. That is until Travon Martin's death and Ferguson brought into the light of day.

@t1nick Actually it was Obama who militarized the police with the surplus machines of war. Maybe Bush started it, but here in the greater metropolitan Kansas City area, police specifically crowed about their Obama military vehicles.

Very good question 😕

I believe you are probably correct. Obama carried it forward.


Having had a gun pointed at my face I can tell you the image never fades. All the feels for these two!

I too have had a gun stuck in my face. I concur.


Just some of the insane shit going on it's wrong period




Beyond an outrage!!!!


This just goes to show you why most people do not get involved.


Why did you call the cops on your neighbors?

zesty Level 7 Aug 19, 2019

For all we know the neighbors were having some loud cosplay rape.

Because that's what people do when they're afraid someone might be harmed.

Did you read the story? This woman was trying to do what she felt was morally right.

Also it's not the OP's story.

Because she heard what sounded like domestic violence;seems simple enough to me

Ermmm... because she actually gives a shit about other people? Why is this a puzzling concept to you?


Keep your nose in your own business. If the screaming woman wants the cops, she can call them. No good deed goes unpunished.

Do you really believe this?My childhood was filled with domestic violence,and I applaud this woman's desire to help

Are you really that selfish, or is it just an excuse for cowardice?

@MrBeelzeebubbles if she didn't want to be there, she wouldn't be there. She never has to stay. They never have to stay, they choose too. There is no need to blindly defend women. They are strong and Independant remember? Chivalry is dead, feminism killed it.

@Veteran229 I used to think people who stayed with abusers are just masochists or are stupid, but have since learned that that's not the case. []

@Veteran229 Oh, don't be a twat. You seriously can't envision a scenario where a man uses his physical size advantage to prevent a woman from leaving a premises or getting to a phone in an argument?

@Veteran229 your antipathy toward women is showing

@MrBeelzeebubbles then she could pull her 9mm compact... Oh wait, you don't want her to have that either.

@altschmerz oh they are both. My sister was in an,abusive marriage. When she finally left I asked her why she didn't leave years ago. "Because I loved him." People keep,proving over and over again. They will cherish good and bad forms of attention. Just like,dogs.

@Veteran229 well, one of the wonderful things about living in a country with sane gun laws is the cops don't charge in with guns drawn. In fact, shock, horror, most of the cops don't carry guns. Because they don't need to.

@MrBeelzeebubbles which does nothing for the woman,facing abuse. Stay on topic. My reply was about the arguement not the cops. Commies like you turn women into victims. By disarming them. Then you snowflake and say how strong and Independant they are, but they are weak. Then you expect people to rush to,save them. No,sorry. People need to take responsibility for their actions and messages. Chivalry is dead, because of manginas like yourself.

@Veteran229 Bahaha! Commie?! What is this, 1955? Are there reds under my bed?
Women are smaller than men on average. I'm a fairly mediocre kickboxer, but given the fact that 187cm tall and weigh 94kg, I am pretty confident that I could overpower 95% of the ladies. So, unless you're suggesting that every woman carries a gun at all times, they are reliant on a social morality that treats them as fully autonomous human beings with the right to exist unmolested. And this morality needs to be backed up by the rule of law.
In the age of chivalry, women were treated as property.

@MrBeelzeebubbles yes I am,suggesting every woman carry a gun. Women gave up chivalry, when they wanted to be treated like men. So now they have the same low value as men. Expect no sympathy. And they can expect to hear" handle your shit." Because that is the only sympathy men get.

@Veteran229 Oh, woe is you. Won't somebody think of the MeNz. How about this: if we nudge society in a direction of baseline compassion towards everyone, where people are judged on their behaviour rather than the colour of their skin or the size of their wallet, maybe the world would be, I dunno, better?
It always startles me that Americans can't seem to see this, when they have an example right across their Northern border. Canada isn't perfect, it has a pile of its own issues, but it craps all over the States on a whole pile of metrics. And frankly, of love to move to Canada, but I sure as shit would never even think of going to the States.

@MrBeelzeebubbles "if we nudge society in a direction of baseline compassion towards everyone, where people are judged on their behaviour rather than the colour of their skin or the size of their wallet,"

if we did that feminism would not exist. Nor would,the progressive ideology. The left directly teaches judging large groups of people based on skin color. Aka their hate white propaganda. The left also directly teaches certain groups can never be wrong. Women are always right vs men. And blacks can never be racists.

I have been blocked by many feminist leaning people for exposing the women can never be wrong ideology. You are arguing with me about it shows your true ignorance. This quote of yours exposes your hypocrisy. The domestic,abuse women is exactly being assessed for her behavior. Her behavior of staying. You attempt to bring the pity party, and ignore HER ACTIONS.

@Veteran229 Oh, please. The left just teaches the reality that certain groups in society have been fucked over. That doesn't mean they can do no wrong, it just means they might need a little help if we're ever gunna get near a true meritocracy.
But hey, beat the shit out of that straw man you've built in your head. Give it hell.

@MrBeelzeebubbles we have a meritocracy. You and your kin are trying to do away with it. Women are not in stem fields, because they do not chose them. Just like they choose not to be coal miners. Women gravitate to social professions. Sociology medical etc. It is not because of patriarchy, it is because of choice. What people like you are asking for is a system of equal outcome. Which is a destructive end. Effort and merit no longer apply. X person is being held down because they do not make as much as person Y. False equivalency.

@MrBeelzeebubbles also the lefts ideology is inherently not merit based with their flagrant racism. They blame white men for everything. Especially slavery. They completely ignore the 600k white men that died to end slavery. They leave no room for merit. They do not judge on content of character. Just group assertion based on the color of the skin.

@MrBeelzeebubbles "Oh, woe is you. Won't somebody think of the MeNz"

Actually quite the opposite. There is no woe of men. What you are seeing (and you are performing), is the woe is women. They got what they wanted. To be treated equally. Because the reality is. They wanted to shed traditionalism, but still want the benefits of traditionalism. Things like chivalry. Or being placed on a pedestal so to speak. They got their equality. They now have a,low value just like men. The pity party for abuse or anything they want to cry about is over. Handle your shit, do not expect or demand someone else to do it.

@Veteran229 Bullshit. 'Everyone should handle their own shit' is just a mealy mouthed justification for the powerful stomping on the powerless. It's rank cowardice that does nothing to challenge established patterns of privilege and disadvantage. You can cop out with your libertarian fantasies, I've got the balls to accept the world as it is, and do my little bit to try to make it better.

The only thing needed for villany to triumph is the inaction of the virtuous. Thanks for telling us you are a garbage human buddy. kindly fuck off now.


I guess this isn't a good time to be doing the right thing.


Fucking disgusting.

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