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Boundaries? If you could only set one rule about an aspect of your romantic relationship, what would it be?

Deb57 8 Mar 18

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Do NOT limit each other's social or friendship relationships unless acceptable amounts of mutual time (which is finite) are not available. One either trusts or one does not. Without it, there really is no bond in the first place; probably just a trade deal.

If a 'relationship' lacks understanding about who the other person is, trust will also be lacking. An intimate bond can only exist with that kind of 'knowing'. If deficient or absent, the pair has a lot more problems than any social activity can jeopardize.

A bond should have primary importance over all other relationships but not exclusionarily. Anywhere one partner goes, the ought be welcome to choose to accompany or not; not due to mistrust or having to prove anything, but because there are -short of business- no healthy environments in which either person should feel uncomfortable with the other's presence.

My clumsy way of putting it is you can't lose what you don't have in the first place.


Abe was right..Honesty is the best policy....Besides, once you tell one lie, you have to remember what you said & cover it with more lies in the future... I am too old for the drama, I recoil from it..same thing I do with people who take my kind heart as a sign of weakness or gullibility...Not to mention, you must have a sharp memory, something that has dulled in me a bit in my older age...LOL....


Don't bottle all my transgressions, talk to me as they happen. Don't wait for a fight and then throw each of them out at me like you are checking off a list of why we should no longer be in a relationship.


Please leave the seat up! 🙂




Can't come to my house. I'll meet somewhere.


That's easy. Don't lie to me. In fact that's really the only rule I have. You can't cheat without lying. I can get past anything else if I trust you. One day you may need me to believe you even when it looks like you're wrong. You can lie to your friends, lie to your boss, but don't lie to me. That's my rule.


No cheating


A romantic relationship is surely about mutual respect, understanding and, where necessary, compromise. No need to set boundaries.


All else being a given (i.e., love, trust, common interests, mutual respect, a shared world view, etc.), I think it’s imperative to establish that, in the event of having children, both parties are in agreement as to the fundamentals of how they should be raised.

One never knows with whom they will fall in love. It could be theist (though, not necessarily religious). You’d want to be sure from the onset that any children who may result from the union, either by intention or by accident, are not subject to religious indoctrination, as one’s search for “Truth” is that particular individual’s prerogative, and no one else’s.


If it has to be only one it would be "mutual respect", the rest should flow from that.

Kimba Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

It's one simple rule. Don't lie to me. Trust is essential and once it's compromised, there will always be suspicion and doubt.

JimG Level 8 Mar 18, 2018

No deceit!


Don't expect me to make most of the compromises (accept standards that are lower than is desirable). I'm a fairly flexible and giving person, but when my offerings of love, in the form of compromises, are taken for granted---become expected---that will kill it for me.


Don't lie, that's powerful. Can manage allot of things better with honesty.


A Romance without Boundaries because We will Enjoy it all.


You donc't try to control me and vica versa. Respect each other for who you are individually. Don't try to change someone. Make decisions as a team.


Honestly and affection are requirements.

@pthomas59 Even though I put no credence in astrology, being a "leo" I am like a big cat. Give me some light, finger tip rubbing (the kind that gives chills) and I am putty in your hands. I'll do almost anything for you. lol!

It's the simple things that matter the most.


I think honesty would be the only one for me, be a refreshing change from previous relationships


Truth is a paramount requirement. Intentionally misleading behavior is the boundary.

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