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If time were to freeze for everyone except for you, for one day, what would you do?

Mea 7 Mar 18

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Look for the incongruous Police Box, because clearly something broke physics and if I'm the only one moving, I certainly don't want the monsters to find me, first.

Beware the Weeping Angels.


wedgy trump and take the snap when time unfreezes


Catch up on sleep

miffy Level 5 Mar 18, 2018

Wow, some great answers. And here my sophmoric brain went to tatooing a penis on Trumps face, and shaving off whatever that is on his head. Then it got darker. Rounding up all the crooks in DC, zip-tying them together back to back in a circle and delivering them to Mueller's office.....or Gitmo. In my defense, I have the flu.


Pray to God, because stopping time for a day is clearly beyond the scope of science. 😉

Which God. Could be the devil or that evil villain in batman with that stopwatch.


Would that include cameras and other surveillance equipment? 🙂

marga Level 7 Mar 18, 2018

Yes--let's say they're also frozen.

But wear gloves and a hair net.


Acquire financial stability so I can quit working.


Sleep in


I'd probably go to a secluded beach and pamper myself with no tan lines, good music, a good book and some lovely drinks for the day. Just me, the beach, the waves and the sun enjoying some one-on-one time together. Afterwards, watch the sunset, go home and eat a nice meal and take a bath. Just a decompress day all to myself.

LizL Level 5 Mar 18, 2018

You bunch of virtue signalling liars!
"I'd go to the library and read a book"
"probably run a bubble bath"
Yh right mate.
More likely to purge, perv, rob or do some other unscrupulous act.
You wouldnt just do some normal everyday sh!t
I'd spend half the time plotting where to hide all the sh!t Id take. :]

@Shawappa44820 now THAT sounds genuine!!


Definitely improve my financial situation


Steal... Everything


Borrow a car, acquire as much cash from banks as possible, hide it, and slowly start improving my financial status. Get some expensive groceries I rarely indulge in. Grab a bunch of premade sandwiches and stuff, and distribute them to homeless people I see in my journeys. Smaller home decorating items that are a bit luxurious.

I'd definitely be tempted to put some "holes" in the local, Teapublican dominated political establishment. I'd probably be unable to actually do it, since I have morals.

I'm being realistic. I don't know how to fly an airplane, it would take to long to drive to DC or NYC to do significant damage to the national political establishment and banking sector, even if I stole a Lotus and a bunch of caffeine pills.

No time running gasoline would not burn.

@azzow2 , I'm assuming there has to be a field of entropy/time still functioning around me and possibly some close items.

  1. Become rich
  2. Make everyone lose their keys
  3. Take selfies in tons of places that I would normally never have access to.
  4. Study how time being frozen effects atomic particles.

Shave tRUMP's head.


Channel Stephen Hawking and ask him WTF is happening?


I'd do all the cool crimes. I mean why not! They're cool crimes. Especially bank robbery, the coolest crime of all. Or I'd rob a mormon temple and take all their gold.


I would Google, "What to do if time stops for everyone but you", and hope I get some tips on it.


I would just enjoy the silence


Release Trump's tax records


The possibilities are endless.


Self improvement day.


Play a crazy elaborate prank on a bunch of high-profile people all at the same time. It might involve a bit of light theft to accomplish, which I'd be hesitant to do, but I could probably like label stuff and who it belongs to or something so it could all be returned.


Go to St Louis, find a Porsche dealer and drive the most expensive 911 like a mad man.


I can't say. My machine is almost ready!!!

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