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Would you agree to be shrunk down to five-inches tall in order to live a wealthy life?

The synopsis for the movie with Matt Damon, Downsizing, had a really interesting concept. I'm disappointed that it got mediocre reviews, so I haven't seen it. However the synopsis is this:

"A social satire in which a man realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself to five inches tall, allowing him to live in wealth and splendor."

In the movie, this was supposed to conserve the Earth's resources, by allowing people to be miniaturized.

Would you accept being a mini-you and living in a tiny people's community in exchange for wealth?


silvereyes 8 Mar 18

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Could only imagine what I could get away with. lol


No. I would agree to be shrunk down to five inches tall so I could be effectively invisible, and a creepy spy.


Can you imagine how "insecure" some guys would be at that size?



No, I avoid wealth at all cost.

skado Level 8 Mar 18, 2018


Yea wealth tends to avoid me

Yeah, I'm a wealth repellant!


looks like a thoroughly funny movie to me 🙂

but on a personal note: no, No & NO way would i want to wrangle bull ants the size of cows, run from eagle-large mozzies or put up with being a scientific curio.

Hahahahah -- exactly!

Turned it off after 30 mins bland as hell movie


Nope. I have no desire to change my life.


I am already only 5 feet tall. this doesnt seem much different except I could be stealthier


It would be cool until some full sized people decided they want to stomp me.


Nope...think about the size of garden spiders.


I don't know. I think it would depend on how safe it's supposed to be. I would want to see some long-term studies.

On another note, I do think if governments had access to this tech, they would force the poor to be shrunk down to a "more manageable" size. Perhaps first would be prisoners. It's easy to foresee that all but the wealthy and powerful would be shrunk down by government mandate. I think this would make for a darker and more realistic movie. 😕


Sure, sounds great. And then a snake eats you.

Your weight would be the same. Your strength would be the same. And if your atoms are closer together, the only way to make you smaller, your skin would be like armor so you’d be pretty safe all things considered.

@Tagurrit Oh, dear. Weight staying the same would not be a good thing.


I would rather identify the negative behavior that motivated us to shrink ourselves, and change that behavior. Otherwise we will just repeat that same negative behavior, but on a smaller scale.
On a personal note, wealth and splendor has never been a priority of mine. Shrinking oneself does sound like an interesting adventure, but I would never do it simply for wealth and fame..


eesh - like good sex isn't hard enough to come by already ! ha


I think that it prioritizes a social construct (money) over all else. That seems very odd to me... though people do it all the time. Unlike most other things though, it’s quite permanent. So no.

miffy Level 5 Mar 18, 2018

The down-sizing in the movie is permanent?

@bingst I haven’t seen it, but I believe so, yes

@bingst yes its permanent


I already agreed to this but forgot to read the small print. Shrinking down to 5 inches was a completely different thing altogether. 😟


No... you asking me to be smaller than my Penis? You really, really Crazy. You are not making sense.


I have no need or desire to be wealthy.
5 inches tall is manageable in the wild, learn to sleep in tiny spaces, but in the civilised world it would mean foregoing everything.


Iwould in order to save the planet but its still a cop out


No.Can't see being happy as a miniature rich guy


Umm. No.


I’d do it just to do it. Malibu Stacy here I come.!!


With my luck I would be steped on frist thing and never enjoy anything.


I wouldn't do it to be wealthy but I would definitely do it out of curiosity and what an adventure that would be! (Until I got eaten by a cat 😛 )

Well shrinking you wouldn’t change your weight and your skin would get like armor plus you’d be just as strong as you are now. Cats better look out.!! Lol

@Tagurrit 😉



Maybe that's too short an answer.

Resounding yes.



Does that include 4.5" bad bitches? Then maybe.

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