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What did Satan do anyway?

Serious question for some of you who know more about the bible than me. I was raised atheist and only know basics I picked up from culture. Sorry if it's a repeat.

Why exactly is Satan evil? What did he do that was wrong? I only see the posts from atheists here and elsewhere that seem to make him an abnormally moral character than others in the raping torturing baby murdering text. Am I missing something?

MsAl 8 Aug 29

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Once upon a time, God created Satan as Lucifer, the highest ranking angel of all. Lucifer, however, refused to worship and serve this god, and was cast to earth, becoming Satan.

How many did the Abrahamic god kill? Here’s the total, if you use only numbers that are provided in the Bible: 2,821,364.

How many did Satan kill in the Bible? Ten, and even these he shares with god, since this god allowed him to do it as a part of a bet. []


He probably had sex with someone. Christians hate it when people have sex.


all I know is he went down to Georgia lookin' for a soul to steal. I heard he was behind on his quota and rather desperate.

The best! πŸ˜‚

I'd forgotten that one😊

He was way behind, he was in a bind


I think he owned a chain of hotels, and golf courses.


Satan is a plot device in a contrived, convoluted story.


What did he do? Well, he murdered 10 people. God murdered 2,038,344.

It's a mystery to me why all the fuss. Thankfully it's fiction, so it matters not.

I remember reading that! Also, if Satan was the snake in the garden then he was the one that didn’t lie. The snake said if you eat the fruit you will have knowledge. God said they would surely die!


He went down to Georgia to enter a fiddle contest and lost, or so the story goes.

Sumpthn like that.

@Winkiedink54 I don't know what Charlie Daniels take on that would be.

@Winkiedink54 Maybe Duck Dynasty would have something to say to that. They seem to be into bird calls.

That fiddle contest was rigged. I can tell you as a musician, the devil's fiddle playing was way more impressive.

Was that before or after he had the flat on his Chevy?


I'm pretty sure he invented Rock & Roll.

Thank him for me, would you please?


So the story goes, The Archangel and most beloved of God, Lucifer attempted to usurp the throne of heaven and led a rebellion of one third of the other angels in a war in heaven, thus mass expulsions, to earth for the renamed former Archangel, Satan and his legions. Nice garden spot to drop the lot off, don't you think?

I do believe, as many stories in the Bible go, there is more than one version of the tale. The Muslims have their spin on a similar tale.
Then there are another 200 Angels, that get cast out later, Thus the tale of the Watchers.

So basically Satan, Lucifer, the old dragon and few other names get blamed for most if not all the evil in the mythos. As there are many denominations and traditions, lots of other non-canonical tales get added by various denominations and cultures. Our modern mishmash of tales about Satan don't really add up. If that helps much. lol


satan set up the electoral college and banking!


Told a dictator "No".


I have never understood if we are doing the things the Devil wants us to do, why would he torture us for doing so. You would think he would welcome us with open arms and a party.


Satan (Lucifer) was the most beautiful angel of all, but he wanted the other angels to worship him rather than God. He lead an unsuccessful revolt to overthrow God and God kicked him and his minions out of heaven. His only satisfaction now comes from subverting God's will, tempting God's human creation to do evil. His first success was Eve and Adam but he's still at it tempting you and me and everybody else. That's the story I was taught--but I think it is more from Paradise Lost than from the Bible.


Is not what Satan did but what Satan does. What does he do? Privides a service. Which service is that? Justify God/religion crap existance. You're welcome.


Satan starts out in the Bible as an advisor/confidant to Yahweh, but over time is depicted as more of the "adversary" and eventually the wicked tempter and deceiver. It isn't until late in the New Testament (Revelations, I think) when Satan is retconned as the serpent in Genesis β€” but there's no reason to think that was the intent in Genesis. One of the early references to Satan in the Old Testament is in the Book of Job, where (at worst) Satan helps Yahweh torture Job, as Yahweh is proving a point for his own ego. It's speculated that Yahweh, a god from earlier traditions, originally maintained his good and bad traits, but over time it was necessary to paint him as benevolent and that meant having an adversary. So, gradually, the evil was attributed to Satan and death became the suffering pit of Hell over which Satan presided over the damned. With the New Testament, Yeshua (Jesus) has that message of peace and love, but there's the insideous introduction of eternal, agonizing punishment for those who don't believe. Satan here becomes a much more formidable character, with great power and influence. So, to me it's less about what Satan did than about what the Hebrews and Christians needed him to be over time. They wrote his story arc as they needed more conflict in the plot.


Every good piece of literature needs an angst driven villian with father issues and an asshole father, who only later, realizes he is to blame.


Well....After the contradictions made me an unbeliever, i continued to study the bible finding more and more absurdities. i noticed that the book had god doing things that we were specifically told were evil, sinful, and wicked. So i wondered how many...and kept finding more. Then I wondered...does Satan do any evil. And the worst thing i could find him doing was smiting job with boils. Everything he was accused of, GOD is found doing. So, WHO created evil, brings forth evil, speaks evil, has evil thoughts, sends forth evil spirits, murders, threatens to spread poo in his people's faces AND make them eat their babies, has smoke coming out of his nostrils and fire coming out of his mouth, and horns????? Not Satan. god.

This is exactly what I was getting at! I just don't have quite the background in knowledge to back it up but that's what it always sounded like.

@MsAl I have a HUGE list of bible verses where god is doing the very things the bible calls evil... studied this a while back when I was debunking the bible..the perfectionist in me couldn't stop, lol. I will be glad to share. Just message me if you are interested.


I could be mistaken (I often am) but I don't believe Satan appears in the Bible at all. That character could be implied by the snake in the Garden of Eden story, but it isn't clear.

I thought Satan was invented by DantΓ© or Milton or somebody.


"Satan," and "God," are mythological figures created by MEN who had NO concept of science. NO concept of how everything came into existence, and so they feared everything, and began to create answers to explain the unexplainable (we still do that today. It's a Human thing). In their understanding there must be powerful figures who created and control everything. They didn't think in terms of "A" God, but in terms of "gods." So volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, plague, WHATEVER, must be the work of these "god's" that man has angered somehow.

Modern day phony "Christians" STILL try to use that argument (but of the ONE "god" ) to convince people that homosexuality, for example, is evil, and that hurricane that just devastated your state was caused by an angry (vile) "god" as retribution for trying to implement gay rights. And so on.

These "true-believers" NEVER grew out of that ancient mindset and religious indoctrination ensures that they never will.

When I was 12 I was looking through my dad's bookcase for something to read, and I happened up a catalog entitled "The Hunter's Bible." WHOAH! It stopped me dead in my tracks! That sacred book I carried every week to Sunday School was the only "Bible" I had ever heard of! This was a catalog of books or other catalogs, etc. that you could order.

Hmmm, in that same bookcase was a Webster's Dictionary, so I looked up "bible," and read the definition, and the scales, as they say, dropped from my eyes. It said "Bible: A book of books." It was then I realized the cherished "Bible" was not a sacred book, written by the hand of "God," but a book...of BOOKS! Written by MEN! scientifically ignorant men, thousands of years ago.

Sorry I digressed, but, in reality, in order to keep people in FEAR and in CONTROL, leaders must have an evil force that can be presented to the masses. "God" and "Satan" and infinite pain and punishment and suffering in "HELL" filled the bill for centuries. Today it still exists, but along with more realistic, believable evils, such as "Communism," "Socialism," WOMEN! GAYS! MUSLIMS! Brown and BLACK people! In all cases, "people" should be in quotations, because, as we see, especially today, the very humanness of these evil enemies are called into question on a daily basis. It's nothing new, it's just a return to 5th century thinking, in the (certain) knowledge that the "poorly educated," "happily stupid" citizen will fall for it. And they DO! Over and over and over again!


As a former Mormon, I was taught that Satan was selfish and wanted to take all the glory of God on himself and he would guarantee every soul would return to heaven. Jesus had other ideas and God chose Jesus plan over Satan's.So Satan rebelled against God and was tossed out of heaven (or pre-heaven). Satan then vowed to do everything he could to frustrate and disrupt Jesus' plan which God accepted. Sounds so silly explaining it now.

Since leaving Christianity, I have read that Satan was not really a significant character in Judaism until after contact with the Persians and Zoroastrianism. This Persian religion has two opposing deities one encouraging mankind to do good and the other to do evil. This concept was adapted and Satan was assigned to the evil deity. Prior to this contact God was good and rebellious man was evil. Satan didn't factor into the equation.

Some other concepts adapted from Zoroastrianism are the idea of the end of the world and the great judgement of all mankind. According fo what I read, the Hebrews didn't have an end times scenario in their religion until this contact with Persians.

@RussRAB Yes, but what do you call an Zoroastrianism Believer? A Zoroist? And, are there many out there nowadays?

@twill - Zoroastrian numbers are estimated between 110,000 to 120,000 most living in India and Iran according to Wikipedia. The numbers are believed to be in decline in the present day. The decline began in the 7th century with the expansion of Islam.


I won't repeat what others have said about Satan trying to usurp god's power (and disobedience IS a sin--just ask Eve and Adam) but I propose a different scenario. What if Satan were in charge (aka "god" ) and Yahweh the usurper? What if Yahweh won the battle and kicked Satan out of heaven, stealing his throne? After all, "history" is told in the perspective of the winner.

What if men trying to concoct a narrative to control others just made up a weird convoluted nonsense tale and Satan - God where just charactiors they made up for that narrative.

@creative51 Of course--just offering an alternative to the traditional tale. Myths are often historical allegory.


He's another biblical creation of man, I'm not a bible expert, but I think they use that to bring cristians to obediece through fear of eternal damnation, I've heard that people have had nightmares from that, that would be part of the psychological damage that it causes.


Satan might be an anti-hero, but god is the true villain of the story.


What I was taught was Satan decided he was equal to God. God didn't like that, so he cast Satan and his followers out of heaven.


Satan, the "fallen" angel created by a perfect god?
Well, apparently he questioned god and tossed up the B.S. flag a few times pre- creation.
Lucifer (the most prized angel, also had followers)
They say Satan's favorite song was "Anything you can do, I can do better". God got pissed and tossed him (SATAN) and his followers out of heaven.
Long story short.

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