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What was your favorite thing to do when you were a child?

I loved to sit on the porch and color with all of my crayons. I'd make stories about what I was drawing. Got in trouble a couple of times for drawing on the porch instead of the paper. I liked the way the crayons smeared on the texture of the concrete. My mother was less impressed. lol.

silvereyes 8 Mar 19

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My very favorite activity was to walk into the forest shortly after breakfast and only return around dinner time.

Those are some of my best memories.

I too spent a lot of time walking in the woods. The reason was because I constantly got lost!

@JackPedigo lol


Reading. I was a major bookworm. Still would be, but music and work keep me pretty busy.


I grew up in an old coal mining town, and before things were built out, we had a lot of woods and culm banks (big piles of mine tailings). In the summer, me and my posse would find isolated areas and build forts in the woods, and mess around on the big culm banks, looking for fossils and throwing rocks off the top. In the winter, we went sledding and built snow forts for snowball fights. Rode bikes everywhere. It was fun!


I was always outside - running around playing games like tag to capture a prisoner, getting beaten at chess in the garden with the same moves, or showing off my traced drawing of Batman or Superman. But I climbed trees a lot - which I miss most.


When I was little, coloring was a favorite pastime — and I was yelled at for going outside the lines and for coloring people's faces green and purple. When I got older, reading became more entertaining, and I'd stay up late with a book light under the covers just so I could read a little longer.


Reading, drawing horses and chasing anoles then getting them to bite my ears and wearing them as earings .( It's a Florida thing)

Love carolina anoles. I used to make temporary "day" pets out of them in Texas. I'd hunt the biggest males I could find, put them in my grandparents bathtub to get them used to handling without escaping, then find them flies and stuff them LOL. Good times.


As a young child, my favorite solitary activity was to play with toy soldiers in the yard. I could do that for hours and hours. As for group activities,I loved to play any kind of sport, and most summer days played in "pick-up" games all day long. Times were different then, and beginning at about the age of five, on nice days we would go outside early in the day and not come back until we got hungry. That was okay with me.


i used to sit in the rowan shrubs around the corner of our home, watching the critters (& people passing by), collecting beetles, snails & feathers & dreaming of the freedom of running away.


An uncle gave me a metal detector when I was about eight. Since I lived very near to two Iron Age forts and a derelict 18th Century mansion, going out with that and digging stuff up was my favourite activity!

Jnei Level 8 Mar 19, 2018

I grew up with a river across the street and a huge park half a block from our house that butted up to the river.
The park had some Weeping Willow trees that we would climb then grab a bundle of the hanging vine-like branches and swing to the ground like Tarzan. lol

The river bank (levee) was built up to about the height of a single story house and there was a path worrn into it from bicycles and motorcycles.
This path meandered from one side of town to the other. Always something to do or see along the river. Fishing, spotting or catching turtles, toads, frogs, etc. Occasionally seeing muskrats or beavers.

There were also a lot of kids living on our street that were around the same age so finding someone to do something with wasn't hard at all.
Most of the time just walking outside I would find one of my friends.


Started walking in the woods and nature at a very young age maybe 8 or 9 years old. Had learned alot from the animals and plants. Then as I got older fishing was the best, I had never went fishing with intent to catch a fish, was the best excuse to be out and feel the free of life.


Two things -- reading for fun and fishing.


When i was really little, I just liked to st outside and feel the sun on my skin.


Picking wild blackberries and walking them to grandmas so she could bake me a blackberry pie! Building forts in the woods. Hiking all over the hills and valleys. Exploring old coal mines. Walking across old train tressels. Swimming in the local rivers and streams.


lol, skinny dipping in a pond that was not far from our house and out of view from a lot of peeping neighbors.


Getting my $5 allowance and going to go get food! ?


I used to shoot hoops and hit the baseball with my little bat. I would pretend I was Jack Jackson, the best basketball and baseball player in the world. I had an older brother, John Jackson, he played both sports also but was not as good as me.


Making forts and water sports.


Playing with my STAR WARS action figures, for sure...


Camping. I became a member of the Boy Scouts (before it was religiossified) and Explorers and camped all over the place. From Texas an Californie (Yosimite and Tahoe). I only made it to 2nd class but wasn't in the group to advance just have fun. When I finally left I was given 5 merit badges because the leader was sure I had earned them!


Getting up early Saturday morning to watch my favorite cartoons.


Ride my bicycle as far and as fast as I could


Run from my parents..REDRUM!


Avoiding my stepmother.


Model rockets, building and modifying them, launching them. I loved learning about the science that went into it.

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