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Is the RDIF chip sign of end times?

I don't believe in the Revelation account in the Bible, but friends of mine would say it's a prophesy that it is proof that the Bible is real. What is your take on it?

Biblebeltskeptic 6 Sep 5

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There’s no mention of RDIF chips in the Bible. It’s mostly buffalo chips.

skado Level 9 Sep 5, 2019

Oh geez!
Bible is false
end of discussion


I think you mean an RFID chip... Standing for radio frequency identification. They have been around for years. They are not proof of end times...

Donald Trump being president is!

I was wondering what this RDIF thing was. 🤣


every current event that happened in the 60's and 70's and early 80's was the end of humanity according to some segment of the Baptist church.

Is that the 1960s etc, or the 1860s, 1760s, 1660s... wait, how long has the Baptist church been prophesying the end of the world, anyway?
Since the founding of the Baptist church, would be my guess.

@Paul4747 exactly LOL. I'm sure it's been just after whoever printed the first copy of the revelations.


Sure, why not? Oh, yea, the bibly is bull. The end times may be written in a melting Greenland, that is science.


If a unicorn lands on your roof, circles the chimney three times, farts, then flies away, does that mean it is a sign of end times? Both your question and this question are equally weighted.


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometime, especially if a bunch of Nuts are pushing it in the direction of weirdness! PS you need new friends.


What "end times" ? There are almost as many end times are there are supernatural belief systems. To accept a definition of end times is to accept at the start that there is an end time to begin with. Is RFID a sign my refrigerator light is on? Maaybe

Yep. I'm just scared scared of mandatory implants...

@Biblebeltskeptic What is voluntary may become mandatory, that is for certain. Always in the name of convenience, safety or "fairness".
No one seems to worry about the personal tracking devices they will not leave their homes without and pay top dollar for. You know, the one you are not supposed to be using in the car? If there ever were such a thing to occur, it would be in one place at a time, theoretically at least, one may leave such an area.


I'd say your friends are grasping at straws to try and keep thier ancient, outdated, bunch of lies belief system somehow relevant to today.

1of5 Level 8 Sep 5, 2019

If it is, then it's the first time in 6000 years that a Bible prophesy has been right.... except for those specifically written to refer to one another. (Such as, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a mule or ass or whatever, specifically because a book in the OT predicted the Messiah would ride in on a mule. Or ass, or whatever. He read the book and then fulfilled it. It's not that hard to do- for instance, the prophecies about false prophets leading believers astray with their criticisms; well, here we are.)

The Bible seems to give it's open insurance.


In the US many of us grow up in these repressive christian atmospheres and lots of these myths just merged into us through that culture such that you really have to try hard to learn past it later. Every day I find more and more nuanced spiritual influences with their claws dug into our culture demanding that we call them truth. And they are NOT.


I know dog shit when I see it. But that is some Bullshit there.


One can predict ANYTHING and it would eventually occur. Easy to see the Bible was not inspired by any higher intelligent being. If YOU were God and you wanted to communicate very important instructions with future people, would you do it with a book written by primitive people, who have far less knowledge than the future people will have? One that is easily misinterpreted and filled with claims of things future people will know to be false? If you were God, what would your most important commandments be? Surely they would have nothing to do with diets or fabrics. Either God doesn't exist, or we are more intelligent and righteous than he. Why would anyone worship that?


When I read something like this I am glad that I live in a secular country. People with beliefs like this worry me.



Just sayin.


That's the beauty of prophecy; if you make it vague and or cryptic, every generation will see signs that it is coming to pass.

Here is a list of end times predictions:


I'm sure it's not comprehensive.

JimG Level 8 Sep 5, 2019

I'll go and look that up. Thanks.


This is an odd question to ask on an atheist site. how you get from RFID chip to end times in the bible is a mystery to me, but then I don't believe most of the bible anyway.

@MissKathleen i don't have a problem with some of the words, but when they are organized into sentences I have trouble with them.

I don't either. But that "prophesy" is the only one to me that almost seems convincing.


CongressBOY STEVE KING NW IOWA is proud to say no woman should be allowed abortion if raped and incest girls is how earth was populated in his bible


The genocidal rapist misogynistic anti-science bibles are 100% fake Genesis 1:1 to the liar ass last amen....Nero coins with 3 snakes are marks of a beast....all religious bullshit ....delusional xians are not friends, they are dangerous personalities easy to go off like the radio show WAR OF THE WORLDS or racist boys burning crosses for geebush jeehobah ghostholes then shooting up people with bullets....bibles are terrorist manuals instructing believers to : " rip open the bellies of pregnant women dash the little ones against the stones let not anyone live but keep the virgins for yourselves to can anyone be friends with readers of 2nd Kings 8:12 ?

I don't get why people don't see the horror in those stories!

@Biblebeltskeptic greed and control inside all cults evaporate when bible stories are critically evaluated....greed and control continue when believers vote in CongressBOY STEVE KING every 2 years news media CENSORS Atheist opposition to King


Its the same old, tired, worn-out, useless and stupid tendency of people believing what they want to believe. People's heads are simply too stuck deep in wet sand they can never get out and see the real world around them.

I just read an interesting book report on a new book, "This Life, Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom" by Martin Hagglund. "It's only because life is finite that it has meaning. Religion's mistaken concept of immortality robs our life of real meaning." []

What a good blog! Thanks for sharing that!


I wouldn't worry about the RFID chip in your driver's license. Worry about an implantable cell phone.

The implants kinda scare me. Not sure yet if it will ever be mandatory.


I was baptized twice, went to 9 years of Catholic school and have been an atheist since I was fifteen. Ten commandments work pretty well for me to this day as do the Seven Deadly Sins.
But prophecies? Revelations? You got to be kidding!


I just love how when you ask someone how they can prove the Bible is true they quote the Bible! LMFAO or they say it is true because God says so. The Bible was written by an assortment of 35 to 40 people over a period of 1500 years. This group consisted mainly of prophets, a priest, scribes, a king, a tax collector, shepherds and a cupbearer. I am not a Biblical scholar but I would place a large bet that they thought the earth was the center of the universe. That should tell you how much credence I give to their phantasmagoric writings.

I know! You can't use the same source of what you're trying to prove. I learned that in English class. 😛

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