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He thinks his desire is a powerful magnet. On what planet?

"If I kissed you, you would be my lover forever," a man bragged this week.

"Nice try," I replied. "Men typically think they are great lovers. Delusional."

I looked at his grungy, dark teeth and fat belly. A motorcycle enthusiast, he doesn't exercise. He has a terrible diet, is always overweight and has diabetes. We have nothing in common.

For years, he's had the hots for me. "You have a beautiful body," he says. Ugh.

We volunteer for North Central Washington Democrats. I have known him for years.

Hit the brakes, buddy!

Your thoughts?

LiterateHiker 9 Sep 14

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I'm great in bed. I sleep well and I have never fallen out of one. πŸ™‚


Multi-level creepiness.


You probably need to be blunt with him.


"Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I'm not attracted to you," I wrote in a email.

@LiterateHiker You were very nice and polite, I would just have been rude and obnoxious probably, he, he.


That's a good one, got a laugh out of that......


Cripes, he sounds like a barrel of laughs. Take him up one of your mountain, that should sort him out

@LimitedLight Just banter with LH. As for LH you’ll need to ask her.

@LimitedLight Thanks for the clarity Limited Light!

@LimitedLight I think they are allowed to. America is the β€˜land of the free’ after all.


I don't like Bernie. He's an angry old man.


Delusional as usual for self proclaimed gods gift to women . Not all of us are like them but the good one's are usually overlooked, we may not be pretty but we are nice to women and others, so check out the nice guys for a change

bobwjr Level 10 Sep 14, 2019

Ya know, I am acquainted with and have met lots of nice guys; just because a guy is nice is no reason to date him. Many nice guys are boring and that is why they can't get a date. No offense--just my experience.


stick with your vibrator.


Hope lives eternal in the human breast. Either this guy is out of touch with reality or he believes "Nothing ventured, Nothing gained", or he was kidding & putting you on. It's just a matter of how much of an asshole he is

The issue of "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is spot on. When I was getting my MA, I lived in a rural area but a gas station was about a half mile down the road. The manager begged me to work part-time during the summer. I finally acquiesced. I had some interesting "propositions" during the evening hours including a guy who wanted to know if I wanted to drink his paper gallon box of wine with him under the bridge. Another guy had his friend ask me if I wanted to camp with them. I asked my then boyfriend if these guys really thought there was a chance I would agree; he replied, "They have nothing to lose by asking."


Your a class act ,surprised he even tried


Obviously you have grwat taste in men


He lost me at his grungy, dark teeth, and he wanted to kiss, freakin ewwww . The rest I can overlook.


Everybody has an ego, most of which doesn't match reality.

Just because someone likes motorcycles doesn't mean they don't exercise, though.

1of5 Level 8 Sep 14, 2019


For years, he and I have volunteered for local Democrats. I know him. He doesn't exercise and has type 2 diabetes.

@LiterateHiker so that one particular motorcycle enthusiast doesn't excercise, gotcha.


Next time just look him in the eye and ask, "You think?"

Then punch him in the esophagus! πŸ˜‰

No reason you can't have fun with it!


I have had this type of experience quite a few times! A guy once said to me, "If we had sex, you would never want it to stop." Dude, like I would even let you touch me! SOME men cannot seem to understand that if they find a woman attractive or desirable, it does not mean automatic reciprocation. I dated my last boyfriend off and on for a couple of years, but when his weight ballooned to over 300 pounds, I no longer found him sexually attractive, but it was not the only reason I broke off the relationship. He still lets me know that even though we are not "dating," he is quite willing to have sex; it NEVER occurs to this man that I do not want to have sex with him.

It seems as though some men think the word "sex" is the magic way to get a woman to want to be with them. These type of men don't seem to realize that a relationship is much more than just that one thing. Their intelligence, kindness to others, self care so they are attractive to the opposite sex, listening abilities, I could go on. These type of men are fixated on one thing, SEX!!!

@Redheadedgammy Oh, yeah! And some men think that older women in particular are sex starved--old and young men.


Sounds like he is not in touch with reality as he is far below your physical and intellectual league. Face-Palm.


I'm thinking he was kidding. Sounds like sarcasm. He must know by this point of his life that he's not one of the world's great lovers. Otherwise he's just really fucked up.

Having had this experience, I doubt that he is kidding.


For years, he's had a crush on me. "You have a beautiful body," he says. Ugh.

He has a terrible diet, is always overweight and has diabetes. We have nothing in common.

@LiterateHiker So you're going with the "really fucked up" option.


Well, he certainly doesn't suffer from a low self esteem does he????? LOL


That's my usual luck. So I don't look anymore


Hahahaha, hubris is a wonderful thing, dripping with sarcasm.


He might be a great kisser or lover, but with grungy, dark teeth who wants to try?

CS60 Level 7 Sep 14, 2019

You give him way, way too much credit. Delusional requires a higher level of functioning than he is demonstrating.


I have a belly, but at least I know enough to not approach attractive women. Actually, any women.


Wishful thinking.


Used to go clubbing with a few friends. One was crude as hell, his pick up line was, β€œhey, wanna f@$k?”. He didn’t look much different than the rest of us ( who followed the polite approach) but we all scored fairly well. Go figure...

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