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Diversity training let the controversy begin

Does anyone else feel that diversity training is only directed towards non-minorities? does diversity training take into account that just because you are a minority does not mean that you are not racist towards non-minorities? How do we better teach that all people may have cultural differences that should be respected?

Kojaksmom 8 Mar 20

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This is a very good question, and one I could personally relate too. I usually keep to myself on this topic among a few others, as based on my observations through the years I've noticed a majority of people who debate this issue tend to get rather emotional, and when emotions run high logical sense goes out the window regardless of one's background or personal lifestyle.


Had diversity training and found it very useful. It's not perfect, and I've known bigotted arseholes from many groups, but the power in most places does sit with Old White Guys. That's changing as the repeal of explicitly discriminatory legislation starts to flow through. That change is also being strongly resisted.
All this means that "diversity" training, a one size fits all thing, has to address the point where the power is most likely centered. This means it's going to miss most minorities (I had one trainer tell me that gay men can't be misogynists) and focus on OWGs.
The best programs I've been in have spent time and effort trying to make people concious of their own biases. Including the bias that means men over forty will wear a harrassment complaint for behaviour ignored or written off in younger, sexier men. (That one was explicitly addressed by my VERY feminist tainer. She was not in favour of any discrimination.)


Do you suppose they will be including asshole tolerence training to the diversity curiculum. The way the current atmosphere is with christians whining that they are persecuted, and the politicians whining about fake media all the while lying their asses off, and men crying that men are unfairly targeted by the Me Too ladies that have finally had enough and the raging fucking idiots that are creating blue, white, all lives matter when the whole concept began because Black Lives matter was formed for people to be aware how fucked up law enforcement unfairly targets and kills black people and then justify it, and if they take their knee in a peaceful protest statement they are blasted by everyone from Cheeto on down, and the gun toters, who must stand up for their right to carry and have mass murdering weapons because they have a second amendment that somehow overshadows anyone elses right to life, oh unless its a little embryo life then it has more rights than the host body it is growing in, because otherwise it is murder........ and on and aaaurrrghhh!!!! FUCK! I think ill end my rant on that note, and go poor myself a drink. Those diversity trainings are going to have their hands full.

I second your rant, and the drink.

Seriously I haven’t gone off my meds Rob. It’s just every time I pull my head out of the sand it seems to have gotten worse.?


people are people across the globe, good, bad and everything in between.

True ,and if you ask me, most of the time it's religious bullshit that usually is at work making people assholes

So much death and shit brought on us heathens and the religious alike because of fucking religion


The only diversity training that I had was growing up and having friends of different races and ethnicities. I discovered that there are good people in every group and assholes as well.


That stuff makes me glad I left corporate America 11 years ago.

BD66 Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

It is also quite common on college campuses as well


Of course... of course... the worst part is when they tell you that minorities can not be racist. That is when I walk away. So happy to be retired. A lot of bullcrap in diversity training... a lot of bull crap. It is mandatory training just like harrassment on the work place is. They kind of combine them all together. Not saying they don't have a lot of valid points, they do... but it is all... "Compliance in the Work Place". Expect new additions in the future... how to handle the elderly forced to work into their 70's, and the overweight, and the ugly, and the religious or the non believer, etc, etc, etc. Honest... If you teach Diversity on School... won't be needed to be taught in the workplace. It is nothing new.


Oh no you didn't!! 🙂. The problem with diversity training around these parts is, the way it is presented, ”the good old boys" see it as being talked down to. Allow me time and I can come back with an effective way to present it in the sticks. Wow!! I like my new found confidence. Hope it isn't a manic symptom.


the only thing that will ever actually cure our diversity ills will be homogenization. being suspect of things that are different is the very nature of our mind. we will never completely educate our way over that hump. the trick is to not destroy ourselves before that happens. Truth is I suspect at some point our population will dwindle to a much smaller size and many of these diversity issues and such will disappear for more pressing concerns.


Why not start with the justice system. One can try and teach all you want but when you allow bias in court for sentencing and bail what kind of out come can you expect? It's like the parent, do what I say not what I do. In America we ended the civil war but we never ended the racial divide that was maintained for decades after the war. Change is still needed and fear still rules in many areas of our country and the world.

you need to focus that diligence away from the courthouse. we're not the problem. the reason for disproportional impacts is the numbers, not the treatment. we have truth-in-sentencing requirements to meet as well as 3 strikes rules so the sentencing isn't in our hands ... it's all a product of the recidivism.

@kauva No if you're black you are treated differently. Seen it with my own eyes and experience.

been doing this job for decades and thats not the problem.


I am pro-diversity. Are you talking about diversity training in the workplace? I do think its a good idea. There are a lot of bigoted people in this country. Ignorance of other cultures is the main cause-education could help.

I agree ,but as a white woman I have my own culture .perhaps it's at odds with Hispanic or middle eastern culture and some understanding is in order. .is that not diversity training? Do minorities have a responsibility of understanding and learning about our culture as well? I have known Hispanic man that really do hate white women. I've also known some African Americans that are very negative and believe very bad things about all white people. I see this as a problem, because I see this as the rise of the asshole Donald Trump.

Thats why we need to promote diversity. We need to get rid of this prejudice and hate.

@sassygirl3869 we do but it must be all inclusive


good point

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