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Finished the jacket I made.

You guys asked me to post a photo of the jacket I sewed. First time I made notched collars.

"It looks like velvet," people say. It has a soft shimmer.

No-wale corduroy, the fabric is a cotton-spandex blend. The stretch makes it comfortable. I did insanely time-consuming, Hong-Kong finishing on inside seams to stop fraying. Was ready to commit Hari-Kari with a seam ripper. Take that, corduroy!

The hair stylist curled my hair for a glamorous look. My thick hair is so heavy, the curls slumped while driving home. So much for glamor.

Breathable and comfortable, I will wear this jacket in fall, winter and spring. It fits perfectly. What do you think?

LiterateHiker 9 Sep 16

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Great job!! Looks FABulous!


Has taken a while, and sounds like a difficult job, but the finished jacket does look great and is unique to you


I eliminated the large patch pockets on the front of the jacket.

Instead I aimed for simple, elegant lines.


Well done. The finish on shop clothing is inferior to properly home-made clothing.


Hey, what's wrong with candyland?? Lol
That's an impressive feat there. Looks great


CandyLand was mind-numbing.

@LiterateHiker I completely sympathize. I have 2 little girls that enjoy it immensley


Very stylish. Are you taking orders ?


You look great.

The jacket doesn't look bad either.


I'm making a Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket for a friend for Ren Faire in the next couple weeks here. Good job on yours!


Very nice! I made a coat once. Funny how a garbage bag fits all.


Looks great! I used to make most of my clothes--except pants--but now, I only quilt.


You and the jacket look absolutely fabulous!

CS60 Level 7 Sep 16, 2019

What a great talent you have!! It looks great on you, and your hair looks so pretty.


It does fit perfectly, you have done a wonderful job on that jacket. I had a good chuckle about committing Hari-Kari with a seam ripper. I have been there. Lol You look fantastic.💫


Thanks, dear! Glad you had a laugh.

I felt that way playing boring CandyLand game with kids. "Kill me now."


Looks great.


You did a great job. It’s very nice.


Beautiful,,well worth all your hard work and maybe a few choice words as your made it,,You are an extremely talented seamstress ,You certainly can be very proud of it ,Fits you like a glove as they say 🙂


Jacket is nice, I need your weight secrets. You don't eat at all right??? I have to throw my scale out a window.

@ K9Kohle789

With an ectomorph body type, I have a high metabolism, narrow frame and small chest. It's hard to gain weight and muscle.

"If I stick out my tongue and turn sideways, I look like a zipper," I joked as a kid.

My father died of colon cancer at 51. I was 24. Immediately, I stopped eating cancer-causing preserved and processed meats: bacon, ham, sausage, chicken nuggets, etc. Don't miss it. Stopped eating fast food 35 years ago.

I cook at home from scratch with natural, fresh ingredients. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. For protein: organic chicken breast, nuts, eggs, 99% fat free ground turkey breast and lean pork. Don't eat beef.

Over 30 years, I have baked whole grain bread. Rhythmic kneading is meditative. I practice counting in Spanish while kneading 500 strokes.


A lifelong athlete, I love hiking, running, weight lifting and stretching. Endorphins are my drug of choice.

  1. Never drank soda pop. Don't like beer.

  2. I avoid alcohol. It dehydrates and gives me a headache.

  3. Eat 5-6 small meals per day, pushing protein (nuts, yogurt, whey protein powder) for muscle development.

@LiterateHiker In FL I used to ride a bike on flattest land in the country, swim in the ocean a block from my house, the water being 80 freaked me out cuz in NH it's so cold you come out bright red. I also went to a gym, so I lost weight but here I got nuthin'. I walk the dogs a small way on the highway then a little patch of grassy area not many places to walk. No gym 5 mins from home, no bike riding (I live in the Mts) I can't even walk uphill without losing my breath after 5 mins and my 11yo dog wants to go home after he does his business. Turns and heads for the car. LOL He must not care how chubby I'm getting. You look good! Wish a jacket could make me look that good!! haha. Magic


Thank you, dear. I tailored the jacket to skim the lines of my body.

With long arms, I'm glad I cut out the sleeves with enough length.

Rapid interval training builds muscle and endurance faster than a steady job. I start off jogging, sprint- pretending a mountain lion is chasing me- until I can't stand it, then drop to a fast walk to catch my breath. Repeat.


It is absolutely stunning. Fits you perfectly and probably goes with everything. You are so talented.


Thank you so much. This is the first time I made notched collars.


It's lovely, looks like a perfect look peachy. 🙂

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