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LINK WATCH: UAW Kid Can't Get Cancer Treatment after GM Cuts off Healthcare Off to Strikers

Child receiving treatment for cancer cut off by General Motors. GREED KILLS - BOYCOTT GM NECESSARY? What do you think?

sassygirl3869 9 Sep 18

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This pretty well blows out of the water Biden's argument against single payer and Bernie that the union workers can always count on their great health insurance and have nothing to gain with Bernie's plan. Hope Bernie is bold enough to bring this up at the next debate while the news is fresh in people's minds.


I think the strike was the choice the workers have a right to make. GM has chosen to act in an immoral way, disgusting and truly mean spirited way. If I were in the market for a new car I would really be thinking twice about purchasing a GM product; not a fan of promoting a boycott but I would not buy GM, that's just me.


That would not only be unethical it is also illegal cancer is a life-threatening ailment the hospital can not just stop treatment. If it was cosmetic that is different. The people that reported this story need to be sued for false reporting. If the treating hospital denies care they will be fined.


I think it sucks that GM Stoops that low.

@slydr68 Union YES! ❤


I would think the kid could continue to get treatment, but the healthcare would not pay for it, the parents would.

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