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We see a lot of religious hoo-woo masquerading as "spirituality" in the New Age.

Much of this nonsense is as dangerous to sanity & common sense as the specious dogma promoted by organized religion. Do you agree?

Remiforce 7 Sep 18

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Give them time and a chance and they will be committing atrocities with the best of them

If they develop any real power, they will commit atrocities. We must divide & conquer


Can't say that I have ever heard of this concept (disorganized religion).

Go to a New Age conference like The New Life Expo--you'll see plenty of disorganized religion

An alternate term is privatised religion in the sense that believers make up their own doctrine and no two members need believe the same thing.
Unfortunately Privatised as a word has heavy socialist connotations when used in politics or economics and so has given way to Disorganised (or disorganized in the USA where ize and ise are treated simply as alternate spellings and not different suffixes as they are in the rest of the world -ise, indicating quality, condition, and -ize added to adjectives and nouns to form transitive verbs meaning “to render, make” )


Woo is bad. It's as contaminated a thought process as organized religion.


I certainly agree. As a younger man I studied all kinds of nonsense that was a part of the supernatural. Today I see it all for what it is. It is all "woo." There comes a time in your life that you have to openly admit that "you do not know." If this is not done you just keep on making things up to attract others.

There is a lot of mind candy out there to attract the naive. A lot of charlatans are selling their special brands of secret or sacred knowledge. Beware the Fool Bait . Often it is very seductive

@Remiforce I wonder if these people were previously church goers who fell by the wayside and instead of having no belief system felt a gap to fill with nonsense. If you were filled with something and leave with nothing there is a hole to fill again. Most religious people I find to be easily manipulated.


There are 3 parts of this issue that matter to me. New Age or conservative religion are equally irrelevant otherwise.
Whether I personally am subjected to their beliefs: wishy washy random thoughts treated as truth can be harmful and just plain stupid. I don't want to be forced to do anything just because of their delusion. I don't even want to hear crazy made up BS.
Whether people I know and love are duped into believing something false: Not everyone in my world is as enlightened as I am. In fact, I fear that I have some loved ones in my life that are easily led astray. Don't mess with them.
Can they affect society as a whole?: Public policy ought to be based on objective reality and benefit all equally or not harm or bias any group, at least with the benefit of the whole taken into consideration.

There are only two sensible people in the world--me & thee, & sometimes I wonder about thee.


As far as holding a dogma, particpating in group rituals, and congregating with others who share the same beliefs, theres quite a bit of religion in this world, and that includes many athrists, sgnostics, humanists, etc...

Rejecting theism doesnt always mean rejecting religion


Did not cared then... not caring now.


bad for whom? i am not in charge of other people's sanity and common sense unless they try to push it on me (or others -- or legislate, execute or adjudicate it). it has nothing to do with how entrenched they are. the organization is important; organized christianity and, where it is also sharia law, islam, tried to control what other people do. local woo doesn't.



I think they are as bad, as far as leading people to believe untrue things, but not as bad for the country. The reason is because of the things happening today in our government with the anti women's rights laws, and "in god we trust" being posted in schools, bathroom bills and a president who is anti science. All because of mainstream religion.


I agree with @jlynn37 they promote the same supernatural nonsense but they aren't as entrenched (haven't accumulated as much power) (yet?) in our society.

Additional: There are always splinter groups. Some grow big enough and last long enough to call themselves mainstream religions. Lol.😎

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