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QUESTION New evidence for plume beneath Yellowstone National Park

For all you interested in earth science, Yellowstone, or those who've read Harry Turtledove's disasterporn (actually, it wasn't-it was rather factual and a good read) Supervolcano series....

By BookDeath8
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If Yellowstone blows, it will not be good. Not one little bit.

webbew1 Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

I've heard similar information over the years. And it certainly could blow - which would change life as we know it now, forever - for those that survived.

I'll just add it to the ever growing list of possiblt endings for us all ! Eh.

evergreen Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

Hope it doesn’t go off before I go. One of the places I must.

Cwag515 Level 5 Mar 20, 2018

Yes, I have visited Yellowstone and enjoyed more of my college learning about it being a caldera. I have read a few things that have talked about it doing its thing again.

gsiamne Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson has a bit about Yellowstone I found memorable. In it, he says Yellowstone has erupted about every 300,000 years. The last time it erupted was 320,000 years ago. Sleep well. ??

Anonbene Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

I'm going there this summer.

BD66 Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

Still TBD. My ex-wife gets first choice for vacation time, so I have to schedule around her choice.

Just booked it. We fly to Salt Lake City on 7/11, drive through Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, See Yellowstone, Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, then fly out of Rapid City on 7/22.


What more evidence does one need than the Yellowstone area itself.

jlynn37 Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

That sounds horrible.

Donna_I Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

An incredible place to visit; and potentially dangerous in many ways, from geysers to thermal pools to grizzly bears. Nature can be quite unforgiving, yet spectacularly beautiful.

Condor5 Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

@arronpaul46, yes, I believe that happened late last year, or early this year. His body just basically dissolved. You can't dick around in those places.


This makes me think of finding out New England has all kinds of fault lines under it....

RavenCT Level 9 Mar 20, 2018

Yeah, I know what you. Abingdon, though it seems solid, being in the mountains and all, is actually sitting on a lot of underground caves. We get little quakes here sometimes. Basements fall into hitherfore unknown caves....


Guess its on my travel list early.


Impending doom or not, Yellowstone is very stunning.

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