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Weekend plans

Do you have plans for the weekend? Will you take it day by day? Or simply resting at home?

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ashortbeauty 8 Mar 23

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Theater duty this weekend. My kid is performing in a local youth community theater production of Addams Family so that's where I'll be tomorrow.



I have a partner who's been gone for a week. He returns late tomorrow.

My plans are to be spontaneously happy at home!

Sooo, this?...

@ScubaWags No.

Board games, bingo, and hot chocolate.

(Hot Chocolate is his nickname.)

@Donotbelieve you're doing it wrong...

@ScubaWags Trust me, I'm doing it right.

Yay you!!

@ashortbeauty It's going to be a great weekend!
Thank you

@ScubaWags LOL


can't wait for a date with my new sweetie! It's going to be intense!!

Congrats. I hope it's a great date!


Going back to the B&B with books,beer and coffee!


I'm in the process of moving. I've been painting my new bedroom and I'm pooped out! But I'm excited over decorating. If it rains...I'll self medicate and watch Star Wars...

Sounds like fun either way

there's such a love / hate relationship with moving.


The March is tomorrow. Have no one to go with - see how the weather is tomorrow.


I'm working Sat & Sun. šŸ˜Ÿ Tue & Wed are my weekend


@ashortbeauty sometimes but I'm strangely cheerful on Mondays as its the end of my working week šŸ™‚


Getting my filter done for my fish tank but it's not set in concrete especially with a bad back.

Well go slow and don't push too much

I bet you say that to all the boys lol. no on a serious note I always have to. thank you.


Reading and relaxing.

Sounds nice šŸ™‚

What are you reading?

@ScubaWags the portable atheist

@Teslacoilsmith that has been recommended to me a few times. I really should pick it up.


I live about 80 miles from the nearest city with a Walmart in it. Also am a single parent with 2 kids to be responsible for. I do not drink and my home is kind of cool for me to hang out in any way. I have a huge yard full of petrified wood to look for, I big garden, well right now it is just a lot of manure and dirt. I have chicken and ducks. I have Netflix and Amazon Prime with big TVs to watch. I have a projector that the DVD player can be hooked up to so I could hook it up to watch a movie outside, just need to paint a piece of plywood white and the kids will have their own personal outdoor movie theater. I do like the occasional N/A beer.

Sounds like y'all are all set out there. Nicely done pop

@ashortbeauty Going to put in a greenhouse soon to that will be exciting figuring out how to grow plants all year round.


I will be at home, I really don't like going away that much. I have visitors for the weekend, weather is overcast and rain, so little beach. Maybe some reading, board games, computer games, possibly a movie. I mowed and gardened yesterday, so all is up to date.

damn, now I have even more visitors, too many. wish they would all go home.


I am retired and most of my plans are during the week when most everyone is in school or at work and usually just stay home on weekends.


I like to plan sometimes, but mostly fly by the seat of my pants as they say, making decisions on a moments notice.


Que sera, sera....

Sounds chill


If all goes well tomorrow i will meet up with an old co worker tomorrow, havent seen her in many years

I hope all goes well šŸ™‚

@ashortbeauty thanks alot šŸ™‚

It did, it was fun , thanks for the good wishes ashortbeauty


Saturday night, I might go to a fire-spinning gathering just north of Denver in Ft. Collins.

It is pretty cool. It is a bunch of hippies playing with fire. ?

The weather should be awesome for it!

Hippies and meth heads, I lived there for a few years. I miss my friends in FoCo. šŸ™‚

That sounds awesome!! Take some pics to share šŸ˜Ž


Netflix and chill alone.


I will be working 12 hour shifts until Monday. I will sleep in on Monday. Tuesday, my plans are dependent on the weather. I'd like to spend some time as far from civilization as possible.

JimG Level 8 Mar 23, 2018

Here's to those shifts going quickly

@ashortbeauty that's a sweet thought. Thank you.


I'm putting the roof on my tiny house (if the wind doesn't blow...again!).

You have a tiny house?!? That's so cool šŸ˜Ž

@ashortbeauty it's only part way framed up.


Resting I had a cancer spot removed today so Iā€™m taking it easy this weekend.

Yes, do rest up. I'm glad they found and removed it šŸŒ¼

@ashortbeauty thank you. It was very small but now I have to go back every 6 months to get checked again what a aim in the ass. But it could be worse I have a cousin with bone cancer he is younger than me he has to take chemo pills every day just to keep the cancer at bay. So I count myself lucky.

@Donto101 those six months will fly for you. And yes you're very lucky, chemo does suck


I may well go to the Cherry Blossom Festival, may buy a car, would like to do some photography, want to read some, have to do some house work, may buy a new yard fireplace (old one is cracked), want to get in my "therapy time" (a few brews & tunes around the campfire with the Cats), but have to do some yard work. No matter what I think, the cat will get in her lap time!

Sounds like a full weekend that ya got there


I really want to stay home and chill this weekend. I didn't get a chance to last weekend. I had too much going on. Good and bad..

balou Level 8 Mar 23, 2018

I hope you get to rest


I'll be at home this weekend. I have no plans and doubt I'll do anything but chill šŸ˜Ž


Most weekends I hideout behind closed doors in my outdated electronic universe. I'm digital and do all that I like but I do not have the latest devices. (How would you keep up?) Last weekend I watched the big march on DC from a private channel and even made a few comments too. I have entertainment and TV from all over. If I have a significant other present we can bar-b-que and do the togetherness thing. If fair weather friends call me my attitude is like "go away Charlie. I'm not home again until Monday morning." My movie would be called "Doctor Jekyll Hides."


RestIng and healing. I just started a new job and it's abit gruelling on me since I really haven't done work in years. Just polished a couch with my butt.
I found muscles I forgot was there and they don't seem happy about it.

Yeah you'll probably feel it for the first couple of weeks but then you'll have it down pat

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