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QUESTION A Georgia Mom Crashed Her Car Into a Concrete Pole to Show Her Kids God Exists – Friendly Atheist

This is how I was raised, that god would protect and heal me just so long as I had complete faith in him. For decades I thought my faith wasn't strong enough because I had seizures. I truly do hate religion, especially Christianity. 😠

ashortbeauty 8 Mar 24

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"Warren told her children to buckle up their seat belts just before she accelerated into the pole." Sooo...... it wasn't really faith in god - it was faith in the seatbelts! If she REALLY believed god would protect them, why buckle up??? People are so stupid. I really think you should have an IQ test before you are allowed to procreate.

I agree 100%

Unfortunately, sex is the easiest thing on the planet to accomplish. Anyone can do it so procreation is a given. I laugh at what people believe. If there was a god he would've moved that pole at the last second, right?


There are levels of stupid. Hers are around level 930.

@Aralt Out of 929. lol


It's fucktards like this that make me want to picket churches on Sundays (and Wednesday nights). They're ALL lucky I don't have a dragon.


I always wonder about people like this who have something horrible happen to them, like getting an aggressive cancer. That must be emotional torture. They either have to believe they were wrong their whole lives or that their faith was weak. And still face the cancer.

Circular logic really is its own cancer, isn't it?


Life is stranger than fiction.

Especially when people believe, rely, and life their life according to that fiction...


Didn't she get the memo? Just suppose to pretend God exists. Not really supposed to believe that shit.


There’s got to be more they can charge her with. Those kids should be taken away from her as well.



I hate all religion because it is all the same. We are taught to believe in imaginary beings and told what this/these beings want. The idea of this is ridiculous.

Not all religions are the same. Bhuddists don't worship a god. They just try to improve themselves through diet and meditation. There are probably more, but I'm too hungover to think right now.

@AncientNight I'm too non-caring about any religion of any kind. Been there, done that. Done!

@DenoPenno Me too. I just thought I'd throw that out there to see what kind of reaction it would get.


Xianity is horrible.


I hope that mother goes to jail for a very long time. Ten years?

It's Georgia if she pleas out they'll kill her for being black and if she goes to trial all the jurors will be as evangelical as she is and will find her not guilty


The little girls sound cute. Thankfully, they were not injured!


This woman is mentally ill. I hope they put her under psychiatric care.

I hope that they are keeping the children safe...away from her!


Can't say I blame you. I feel the same way. Most Christians don't practice what they preach anyway.


It is very embarrassing to be living in Georgia, sometimes.


Yeah, I grew up in a creepy Pentecostal snake kissing cult. They really don’t seem to think much of women....


I think she may have converted her kids to atheism then and there with that stunt.


She must have been dropped on her head as a baby.


Christians always seem to test 'god,' to try an prove his existence to others and themselves! That alone may be a sign they 'really' don't believe! If there was a 'god,' I can't believe he would be compelled to answer the call of one desperate mortal in all the universe! If he did answer all the calls of mortals, I suspect that most people would still be alive, today and in perfect health!


Looks like she proved her point lol

Ya, that's what I was thinking.
I don't really wish harm on anyone, but it might have been better if she had been banged up a bit, maybe not dead, but that would have worked too.
(Does that sound callus?)

@scurry She will get another chance to prove her point.


It hasn't done me me much good eith


How fucking stupid can you get??

balou Level 8 June 8, 2018

Apparently highly stupid


Unfortunately this is not that unusual. I know several christians who have done stupid things because rthey thought fictional god would protect them. It didn't end well. The biggest fake were the faith healers.

Like committing an exorcism on someone with epilepsy. That one bugged me worse than the others I had to endure

@ashortbeauty have to feel a little sorry for the dupes but not that much.

@lbusche when the dupe is a child sorry is felt. In my case being stuck in a dumb religious family and having epilepsy sucked royally

@ashortbeauty I was referring to adult dupes. Shouldn't be going anywhere near children.

@ashortbeauty Religion is mental illness!


Llet's hope that bat-shit craziness is not hereditary


Ugh. That's awful. And happened in my state too. Jeez. It's sad how gullible people can get.


RelIgIon Is lIke a fuddle of weed, make a person to belIeve In god then he wIll help you to loot hIs/her everythIng.

FAIZ Level 5 Mar 26, 2018
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