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Jesus can love them all he wants... I think they are all assholes!


Well KKK is a hate group, I was chase around with my black girlfriend and they kill her son.

Just look at Christains criminal rap sheet. They lead in divorce over all other groups. They killed more people in the last 1700 years in the name of God. Christians per capita have by far the highest of criminals in prison. They hate gays and try to convert them in every state in America. If they tell me they are a good Christian, I think your a good hypocrite.

Well said

There are a small number of 'good christians' around. I generally call them 'authentic'. They never share their faith, or try to pull you into church, and they follow the new testament example, and leave the old testament in the dirt. I actually found one here in the Ozarks, and bought half her property. She is a wonderful neighbor. I always have eggs and garden fresh veggies. She has what she considers a computer guru. And we both house sit for each other. We help each other out, and feel mutually indebted to one another. Those are the kind of christians I tend to keep around. Most everyone has blind spots in their logic, and if they are good folk, then I don't fault them for what I view as a willful ignorance on their part.

I don't mind them as good neighbors and most of the little stuff or surface topic, maybe better than a Atheist. It's when you want to go deep into the bigger pictures is when it hits the fan.
My brother is a Pastor.


Almost unbelievable! Their tax-exempt status should be revoked at once!


I agree with @Athena. Christianity is a hate group.

Why else would you use your charitable money to promote divisiveness and discrimination?
They're incapable of just doing good. They have to push their tribal agenda.

Not all are there are a few honest helping ones that do good charity

Nobody sees themselves as evil.
And I won't deny at all that they tend to be honest.

But their groups are organized around we-vs-they mentalities. They do some good -- even a broken clock is right twice a day. But even their charity tends to be aimed more at promoting the group than just doing good.

An example I saw a few years ago was when a guy a worked with went with his church group to help in Haiti after the earthquake. He came back with a bunch of pictures of the two new churches they were building.
There are always strings attached to their aid.

Big Brothers / Big Sisters for example is quite the opposite. They are all about the kids. They support the intended people and carefully avoid other activities.


The KKK was founded and still is a Christian group

Yup southern Baptist


Such hypocrisy! According to the Bible, Jesus taught that we must love everyone.



The Evangelical right has been mobilized for decades as a political entity, one where in they believe they are correct, and that both drives their actions and provides a justification for their actions against all others in their own minds.

The Evangelical right has covert organizations including secret societies. Ever heard of the annual prayer breakfast all the Potus attend? Run by a secret Christian society which is designed to groom politicians and convert other politicians.

Read "The Family" by Jeff Sharlet, hell they even made it into a netflicks film recently.


No, you don't say. How simply unusual. Hard to believe.


Wow.... ameriKKKa being ameriKKKa.


Without hate, there is no fear
Without fear, there is no need to believe
No beliefs means no 56.1 million to share

They are just keeping the myth alive to keep their wallets fat


I really like the line. "Donor-advised funds allow individuals sending the tax deductible contributions to remain anonymous from the IRS and instruct where they want the payments to be sent." So in other words you can donate to any hate group you want, and get the tax relief, as long as you do it through a registered middle man. Wonderful world isn't it. (That's called irony, for any of the christian right who may be reading this, funny word, if you have a dictionary you can look it up. )

We seem to excel at this kind of nonsense here in the US (not familier enough to comment about anywhere else). The Kochs were a very wealthy and conservative pair of brothers (one die recently, I believe) who set up a network of so called charities designed to hide where donations came from. The "donor-advised funds" are the same kind of set up but appears to give the donor more control where their money ultimately goes. It's a system to promote anonimity - donating without accountability.

The NRA was caught in such a scheme with political donatons if I got the story correctly. US law prohibits political contributions to condidates from foriegn sources. The NRA accepted a very large contribution from Russia which the NRA subsequently donated to Republicans (the party of Trump). Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Moscow Mitch) and former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan decided with Republican races to distribute these Russian funds to. It was an insidious scheme desogned to skirt around our laws to protect American integrity of our election processes.


Well to be honest. almost all groups gather funding from outside sources.
And I will grant that there are a lot of so called "Christian" organizations that are fairly harmful. That said. There are good and bad people across the spectrum. I know for a fact that there are some great "Christian" groups that do a world of good to people like Vet's, Homeless, disabled, and many others. In fact I volunteer at a homeless shelter that is run by a Christian group, ant they have helped a lot of people, including me. I really don't see them as Christian, I see them as good people who want to help. And to farther. Iv'e also known quite a few non-believers that can be ass hats as well, yet I also know quite a few that care, and do a lot for the same Vet's homeless, disabled, etc.
I don't really see it as a believer/non-believer thing. I see it as a good human thing. JMHO.


When you dehumanize other people, and picture them as being unworthy, i.e. ("do not throw your pearls before swine" ), "swine"? . . . that is clearly and unambiguously a form of hate. This is just a manifestation of that whole attitude.


Doesn't surprise me in the least.

SAMae Level 5 Nov 15, 2019

This is appalling, craven and blatantly un-Christian.


I'm not remotely surprised by this. It's been reported before.
For years.
For my part, I do not donate to ANY "christian" charity.
I know what most of them call themselves, because I looked, and I avoid


Christian charity is a double edged sword, part of my reason to be agnostic, the dubious nature of organized religions!


I'm glad to see others, beside myself, are starting to do background research and fact checking of sources and references, both Left and Right.

One fact checker used right wing sources


We are not seeing many Conservative / Republican posts these days. I like to believe that our source checking is discouraging them as their sources and references do not hold up to any serious scrutiny.


Aren't they also a hate group against LGBTQ?



I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

Your winnings,Sir.


This doesn't look like a hate group to me.

It looks like a group that promotes adoption rather than abortion.


BD66 Level 8 Nov 15, 2019

Bullshit they steal kids from parents then illegally adopt them tha that's a hate crime and felony

@bobwjr It looks like they are in disputes with the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled them as a "hate group". Could you please explain why you believe them to be a hate group?

@BD66 see new response not all are some are the epitomy of good deeds others pull children from parents and funnel them to their adoption agencies. That is illegal and international hate crime against humanity. Betsy Devos is one doing that


Link does not seem to work sorry.

@Grahame Thanks will try again.

I get a brief glance, and then the page goes blank. Here's another article about it: []

@BestWithoutGods Yep that's what I got too. Thanks.

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