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Most common/ridicuous argumento pro religion?

What is the most common and the most ridiculous argument that you hear from the religious people?

Pedrohbds 7 Nov 26

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We are God's children and he loves us all. He put us in a universe that is unbelievably hostile protected only by a very thin and fragile layer of atmosphere, on a planet that is constantly trying to kill us with earthquakes and an assortment of storms, plagues, and diseases. He will punish us with incredible brutality for showing the slightest disrespect, maybe for eternity. If you treat your children that way the authorities will take them from you and even put you in jail in some cases.


Most common: my holy text says so!

Most ridiculous: all of them!

common, the pascals bet upgraded is not that ridiculous
There are many serious philosophical works over it to improve this argument and they are very complex and persuasive.
Of course they all have some fundamental flaws, but they know how to shield and protect those flaws, it is a funny exercise at least.

@Pedrohbds I don't know what the upgraded pascal's wager is, but if it's anything like the original then it should be able to be countered easily.

@Happy_Killbot It just expand and shields the original pascals wager* saying that if a god exits needs to have this and this characteristics otherwise the universe is not possible (of course this concept is elaborated on many pages of argument), this in principle would close the wager to only 2 possibilities. But of course there are flaws.

@Pedrohbds Like the fact that it is already a false dichotomy?

@Happy_Killbot yep, they try to shield this flaw making an argument that a good like the yhawe is the only that results in a stable universe...


In Mahayana Buddhism the idea Avalokiteśvara will stay in the world until all sentient beings are freed from saṃsāra.

Hinduism is awash with all manner of claims, where do you start?

For Sikhism The Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred scripture and declared to be the final Guru, being given its own chair in the temple and the idea of society being organised along the lines of divine justice.

I confess I am completely ignorant about those religions and as India and China (and other countries in those areas) tends to become a significant power in the world I should inform myself


That you can't raise responsible, ethical, kind children without it.

Guess what? I've done it.

@Tharpa me too.

@Tharpa many have.


That one needs religion to avoid misbehaving.
Um... no. People were cooperating, being kind to their children, and in general avoiding antisocial activities long before any of the world's religions came on the scene. Otherwise the human race would have died out long ago. Our humanity keeps us from being monsters, not our mistaken beliefs about metaphysics.


You need the ten commandments to know right from wrong.

there is no commandment against slapping the idiot next to you, so... enjoy!

@Pedrohbds Yes, shows the ridiculousness of the commandments.


"You'll go to hell". Lololololo


" It says so in the bi-bull ! "

Well yeah ... then I'm just SO automatically there ! ha

  • The Kalam cosmological argument
  • Pascal's wager
  • You cannot be good without God
  • You cannot prove that God [of the Bible] does not exist
  • All other gods are false gods

And all the variations of them


The first mover concept, what put the first object in movement? The religious say it has to be a god, but the next question is from me: "What put God in motion?"


When you ask them if there is a god then why did god create man with the capacity to destroy ,harm others etc.They usually say it is because god gave people free will . I then say if god is all knowing he would know the consequences of giving free will to people and if god knew the consequences and still gave it to people this god would evil and demented . They never have an answer for this logical question

The old dilemma - a deity cannot be both great and good, at least by our standards.

I’ve found it quite pointless to argue with those people about their religion.


I often hear Pascal's wager. "If I believe and there is no god, I have lost nothing." That is nothing more than wishful thinking. Besides, I really do not think you can believe in anything just because you want to.

Nuke Level 5 Nov 28, 2019

Pascal was wrong - believing does cost you things. Like the ability to think for yourself, and make your own moral decisions, not to mention the chance to develop personal bravery by facing the fear of death rather than hiding behind metaphysical speculation.
Believers are intellectually and morally stunted in my experience.


Their faith transcends knowledge, rational thought, the need for incontrovertible proof, logic, reason and science.


"You are going to Hell." that North Korea in the sky!

@QuidamOutrepont I was just thinking about North Korea, a place where they have no "organized" religion, but, still, maintain a god like family only allowed to rule. The Kims are, supposedly, descendents of the Unicorn Kingdom and are near to living deities. And in that country, their expert scientists have found evidence in fossils of real unicorns. Maybe tRump will revive the old show In Search Of and go there (to hide).


The best one is something horrible a christian friend told me over 10 years ago while having an friendly argument over God:
Me: What do you mean God is Good?
Him: God can do no wrong.
Me: ANYTHING he is does is good?
Him: Yes.
Me: Even things we consider evil?
Him: If god does it, it is Good.
Me: but it's evil-
Him: evil for us to do. Not for Him. Everything he does by DEFINITION is good.
Me: by definition?
Him: Yes, He defines good and evil. God is good. Anything He does is by definition good.
Me: even if we personally think its evil?
He: God is beyond our comprehension. We cannot fathom why He does things. I have to believe anything God does is good even though I can't understand it.
Me: So, literally nothing he does can be treated as wrong or evil.
Him: That's right, God IS Good. He literally embodies the nature of good. Everthing he does is by definition good.
Me: [speechless]

If an absolute being like a god described in the bible exists, who are we naked monkeys to judge him.
Good and evil is irrelevant for the guy who controls the universe from micro to macro scale.
So the argument of your friend is valid (of course it does not say anything if god exists of course).
God is the definition of good, we are not in position to judge. (if there is a good so powerful and absolute.)

Aw, jeez... here we go with the "mysterious ways" cr*p...

Christians: God's plan is beyond the comprehension of humans to understand.
Also Christians: God's plan is revealed by the structure of the universe.

Which is it?


So many to choose from, God's will be done


Personally speaking, one the best I've heard is the old one, " Without God/Jesus to guide you through life you have no morals, no ethics, you are just like all the other the animals,you are nothing in the eyes of God."


I don't really believe anymore, but I go for the children and family values.

SAMae Level 5 Nov 26, 2019

Religion... pure and faultless is this: to help widows and orphans in need and avoiding worldly corruption. James 1:27

Read a book to see it defines religion as helping people in need and avoiding worldly corruption as acts of religion, but what do people do they worship pasta in the sky with meatballs as if it were really floating around making sure no one was hungry.

Word Level 8 Nov 26, 2019

Religious person once told me without God what keeps us from would be rapists and murders. I told him prison and that in the name of religion there has been a front for murder and rape.

Polls say about 99% of prisoners believe in god.


how can you have morals without religion, How can you find the purpose of life,


Had a guy I worked with use most of these arguments to try to turn me toward his make-believe sky daddy. Of course, it didn't work, and I countered every one of his arguments. He finally gave up... more or less... his last argument was that he couldn't save me and I would go to Hell. My response? That threat -might- work, if I had even a shred of belief in God, but since I don't, I don't believe in Hell, either.

"If you don't agree with my personal mistaken beliefs about reality, then you will burn" - yeah, the thought police weren't dreamed up in the 20th century. This nonsense has been around since Constantine.


How about the

“ If I’m wrong then I’ve lost nothing but if you’re wrong you’re going to hell”. That is a purely manipulative argument that doesn’t even make sense. You provide no evidence just a big if. What kinda argument is that?


Nothing remotely valid.


We wouldn't be here, if there wasn't a god! LOL!!

Bump Level 4 Nov 26, 2019
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