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When did you realise u can't believe anymore?

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Ramone 5 Dec 2

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So 'one year after questioning' or 'no idea'?

Those are the only two options?

Congratulations, you have won the big, gold 'crap poll' award.

It's limited I should've added more. My apology

Yes, it was harsh.

Excessively so.

I apologise for the harshness.

@Athena it was my 1st post on the site so it wasn't my best attempt.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

I was born an atheist. We ALL are.
Indoctrination didn't take. I always knew it was ALL bullshit.
When I was in my teens, I admitted it, out loud, to others.

Your poll needs more/other options.

I agree the poll need more work. I was religious for most my life though and yes it's bullshit


At age 13 I became an atheist when I realized the Bible is just a book of stories written by men.

Your poll only gives two choices. Try again.


I never believed in the first place. No option for that?

The poll is limited I see that now. I should've added that option


It was a gradual change until one day not believing was the only thing that fit.

This was the same for me


I stoped believing God for the same reason I stoped believing in Santa Claus ,it’s just common sense and logical thinking


About age 12, after reading the OT, and also being horrified by the depiction of "heaven"...singing praises 24/7 forever?!? No thanks!


It took me a decade to go from leaving organized religion to realizing I am an atheist. Learning more about the Bible led me to realize it is not the word of any god. Learning more science led me to realize there is no evidence for, and no need for, any gods of any kind.


How about "I have never believed" option for those of us who were brought up as atheists?

That's options was left out mistakenly. The poll need work


Can't answer the poll. Not sure I ever believed. Never made sense to me in catechism, and my questions were not answered. So, I guess I've always been a non-believer, though I tried. My intellect, such as it is, simply wouldn't let me believe any of it as true.

I didn't start actively declaring myself as an atheist until I got ready to become married, and decided to visit a few churches, to see about getting married in church to appease the in-laws. Nope! No way was I going to have a worship service for a wedding!

I didn't get really vocal about it and asserting my secular ways until I had children and had to fend off a lot of people telling my kids they were going to go to hell if they didn't start going to church and declaring Jesus as their savior. Save them from what? We had a great life!

I started composing a solid statement of beliefs to that would withstand the assault on our chosen way of bringing up the kids without religion. It ended up becoming more of a book, which I hope to publish someday.


Being born into a non religious military family and the first born, born in an occupied country, even though I was baptized, my family never attended any church my whole youth!

god(s) to me is on the same level as the tooth fairy, santa clause, ester bunny, and Dora the explorer!!!

Like Abbott and Costello meets Frankenstein, all in fun and a way to profit off of others!!!

All fun imaginary make believe idols used to teach some sort of cultural, moral, and ethical trait to enhance you value to the tribe!!!

You should had ask the question: "I never have believed in god(s)"


Those are two rather limiting choices. If it wasn't a year from questioning that means we don't remember? We necessarily questioned? What if we had nothing to question? Can't believe anymore? What if we never did? What if we could but chose not to?



When I was 5 years old in Sunday school.
No timeline. Just a “this is bullshit” moment.


I was a small child.

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 3, 2019

not really a good selection of options. i always had questions, but it took me about three years after having some really big doubts to finally stop believing.


When I publically acknowledged I was an Atheist, it was not in any way popular.


A bit short on the options in my opinion, I'm fairly certain that I never actually believed the mumbo jumbo they ( my mother, a when convenient Faithfool) were trying to shove down my throat from the age of about 8 years old.
I was, literally and physically EXPELLED from every single Sunday School that I was FORCED to attend by the time I was 9 years old because I insisted upon asking questions, I was branded as being a Heathen, Pagan, Heretic, Devil's Spawn and just about everything any Priest/Minister could think up and even now I wear those names with Pride.


Believe what?

I still struggled with Father Christmas until I was 35. The tooth fairy was an obvious con. What the fuck does a fairy want with a human tooth? Easter bunny. Well I’ve read Alice so he’s easy to believe in.

Brotherhood of Man. Don’t make me laugh. Now that is the biggest fantasmagorical red herring of all!


I went to a Parochial Catholic school until fifth grade. I really got into all the stuff, the texts, but I never believed any of it as it never actually made sense to me. The older I got the more interested I became in the texts and what they meant but never believed. I always found it interesting that it seemed others were reading texts that were totally different than I, as the meaning was never the same.


14 yo when in some stupid bible class at church
beginning with echoes of god having no response to saving my sister, she was 5 and I was 6


My exit from belief in the Sky Fairy started 10 years after being psychologically abused by a religious fundamentalist, and took a decade to complete.

It takes a lot of skill and effort to construct polls that work properly.


Not sure i ever did one of earlies memories is asking a rabbi about something in the bible..and i was told it wasnt my place to questions god plan Well to make a long story short when i was told it was no ones place to question god plan i was done..just done


Fishing for points?

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