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Have you ever been misunderstood by someone else?
Has your body language conveyed something you didn't mean?
For example, with guys they can sometimes be stoic, and not show their emotions.
So, when someone is sharing something importent to them, they come off as not interested in it or they dislike it.

Also, the opposite can happen.
Let's say someone suggests they do something fun and adventuous, and the other person gets really excited.
For example, I once went on a date with a younger woman who was in orlando for vacation. We were talking about future possibilities, and she brought the idea of going to the UCF for graduate school.
Well, she quickly what that ment for us, and a possible relationship would look like.
Some men might see that as a rad flag, but knowing she is a dreamer.
I actually joined in on the story. Talking about places we could go, and how she could work and Disney world part time.

Back to my main point has your body language or general vibe in a siuation been misunderstood?

By bubinf6
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I have to come out now as weird - I have D.i.D and probably give off loads of signals unbeknownst to the core me- I havent yet freaked anyone out too much and I keep our selves on a tight rein when ever I can and I don't have a baldie what my body language is saying at any given time - So yes many times misunderstood (by myself as well).

jacpod Level 8 Apr 3, 2018

Personally working on my body language, and being aware of what I'm doing.
I like to cross my arms a lot, so I notice it easily.
In dating I try to be aware of what she is doing, so if something changes I can just ask what's going on.
Also, I use words to express my intentions.

bubinf Level 6 Mar 27, 2018

When I play poker I use my body language to give conflicting messages, for instance, about half the time I have a winning hand I lean foreward and don't look at the other players directly. My face is too easy to read so I try to look angry when I am not while playing, I fumble with my chips like I'm getting ready for my turn to bet then throw the hand in when it's my turn to confuse the others. The idea is to confuse the other players and get them emotional.


Often. I have a stare. I stare at everyone.
I speak loosely and open, most aren't ready for that.
I stopped caring about what people think of me so I say things about me that most wouldn't.
In England that really confused the shit out of people.

MartinG Level 6 Mar 26, 2018

I had a bloke the other week who I have known for about 30+ years ask me if I was bisexual. he has a girlfriend and child and I never picked up any gay vibes off of him at all even when he asked matter of fact like. he left saying don't tell my girlfriend she doesn't know. I can't think what I said to make him so sure at all.


I’m constantly misunderstood.


Yep. I used to be cold all the time, so I always had my arms folded. I move around a lot in order to prevent sleep attacks. And I think eye contact is uncomfortable and creepy. Because of this body language bullshit, people think they know what I'm thinking and draw all kinds of negative and false conclusions.


Ambivert here.

When I'm introverted and shy, it's mistaken for being stuck up and snobby.

When I'm outgoing, I tend to be sarcastic and a smartass so then I'm just an a$$#0le.


Just being myself, uninhibited and mouthy. Guys thought I was 'easy'. Quiting jobs due to unwanted advances gave parents the appearance of being irresponsible. I once had a supervisor ask me, "DO YOU believe in GOD?" I said yes cause I thought if I said no this fucker would burn me at the stake for being a witch!! Maybe I am irreverent and enjoy off color jokes: life is too short to take things too seriously.


In situations in which I was misunderstood, it was due to (1)my choice of wording, or (2) the other person wanting to find something to argue about. It was never due to body language.

wordywalt Level 8 Mar 26, 2018

Misunderstood while texting. Talking about the future when there is no present.
Body language: yes as a teenager by another teenager. I was a late bloomer with boys. Led to a scary situation.

Teenage years... oh damn... those had some awkward moments.
Nothing too bad. Mostly, missed opportunities like being shown her room and not doing anything about it.


Every. Single. Day.

Autistic living in a Neurotypical dominant world. I can't read typical people, and they can't read me.


I no when I'm trying to hide a reaction my face gives it away

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 26, 2018

I always have a tendency to laugh when I am suffering or uncomfortable and it has led to a lot of situations where people either do not believe that I am in pain or I have flat out insulted somebody with my laughter. Think I'm sorry that your husband died hahaha

Me too. I once laughed at a story of a toddler knocking a TV over.
I missed the part about it falling on the toddler and him breaking his arm.
I also have dark since of humor.

OH YEA!! I can certainly identify with that. I have a girl friend who is a riot when nervous. I think Robin Williams owed much of his comedic talent to sadness or inner demons.


Being Six foot four and about two hundred pounds of brown native american heritage with long black(well it was, now mostly grey) hair and a goatee with scars on my hands and face, I get that "look" ALL THE TIME. My patients are taken aback until they engage me in conversation. Folks have crossed the street when I am walking towards them. I have actually inspired a woman to clutch her purse at twenty five thousand feet while I was walking down the aisle. So yes.

Sorry to hear that, Jay. It's unfortunate.

@Bierbasstard Folks like you sir, are helping to negate the idiots that conduct themselves this way. THANK YOU SIR.


Strangers tend to come to me with highly personal stuff. It's really quite annoying. Apparently I don't have the standard "I'm not interested| look on me, so they feel free to unload.

At other times, I will say something humorous, and people will react with "I can't tell if you're serious or not."

So I know what you are going through.

This happens to me all the time. I am always incredulous, what are you telling me THAT for?


I'm INTJ, which means I'm constantly misunderstood.

To wit:

On the surface, the ISTJ and INTJ similarities can make them appear almost identical to one another. Generally speaking, ISTJ and INTJ both exude a flat affect with a lack of warmth and congeniality.

They are both cerebral and phlegmatic in their temperament and may act a bit robot-like. Maybe this is why ISTJ, ESTJ, ENTJ, and INTJ account for roughly 78 percent of middle grade to flag rank officers in the United States military. [source]

A study found that the two predominant types among male atheists were ISTJ (41.4%) and INTJ (14.4%), compared with 16.4% and 3.3% respectively in the wider population. [source] Upon first impression, ISTJs and INTJs may come across as self-absorbed, arrogant, anal-retentive, hypercritical, joyless misanthropes who’s [sic] only pleasure in life is popping other people’s idyllic balloons.

I've come out as both INTJ and ISTJ at various points in my life.

That is very true!

OK! Could you translate the alphabet soup you just spilled all over the place?

@TaraMarshall I'm so solidly INTJ I've pegged the meter each time I've taken it--including the professional, paid-for-by-work ones.

But, there is significant overlap between the two so someone in the S/N valley could flip either way.

@AncientNight I could!

But that'd spoil the joy of discovery. smile009.gif

@WileEQuixote, well, I am a misanthrope, and I prefer books, cats, and music to most humans.

Also a lot of overlap in characteristics with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. One of my many diagnoses.


I feel like I can come off as being stuck up but in reality I'm shy in new situations, especially around crowds and people I don't know. I've really worked hard to smile and look more friendly.


I was in middle school and my favorite teacher asked me something, and my response was "Just a second". For some reason, she heard half the word and she flunked me, and sent me to the Board of Education. (An actual board on my ass). I never forgot that.

Leafhead Level 8 Mar 26, 2018
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