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How do you stop swearing?

For years, I have been trying to clean up my potty mouth. I blame my old boyfriend, Willy, who swore like a sailor. Bad influence.

Note I have not used swear words in my posts and comments. So far.

At my friend Cheryl's house (a Baptist minister and counselor), I used the bathroom. No toilet paper. "Some jackass left an empty roll," I thought, "probably Dave." (her husband)

Sitting on the can, I stretched to get toilet paper out of the cupboard way in the back, of course.

"The toilet paper holder spring went 'Sprong!' and it exploded apart all over the room," I told Cheryl. "What did you say?" she asked.

"Motherfucker!" I replied. She laughed.

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I heard a Carlin interview (so long ago that I don't remember the specific words) where he described why he used colorful language in his routines.
He said he did it carefully for emphasis. His wording was chosen purposely -- to communicate.

Obscene language doesn't bother me at all. Ignorant language annoys me.
People who swear constantly -- fucking this, fucking that -- because that's the best they can do to express themselves disappoint me and I have to admit they lose standing in my eyes.
An exclamation reaction to a surprising or ironic event isn't necessarily improper. It depends on what you're trying to communicate and to whom.



It offends me when ignorant, loudmouth guys blare the "F" word in public. It shows their stupidity and rudeness.

At the local college, loud young males gathered between classes at the central fountain. Posturing, they bellowed the "F" word constantly.

I asked one young man to stop swearing loudly; it offended me. He respectfully apologized.

Language is for communication. Conveying the message to the intended audience is what's important -- not the exact words.

I visited Boeing for a fairly high level presentation years ago. There were several million dollars salary around the room.

The speaker happened to use the word 'irregardless' and somebody stood up to interrupt and say that wasn't a word. The speaker handled it perfectly.
They asked for a show of hands in the room if there was anyone who thought they didn't understand what he said. Of course no one raised their hand. 'Apparently it is too a word. Sit down.'


Who wants to fucking stop?


"How Do You Stop Swearing?"

I don't. I won't. You can't fucking make me.


I use it strategically πŸ™‚ would never stop but I am from NYC where swearing is an art form.


don't stop, it's one of life's greatest delights if properly used


You don't. It relieves stress. I am a tradie , I know.


You people are hilarious! Love your funny comments.


I read somewhere on the Internet (And everything on the net is true...right?) that folks who swear a lot are more intelligent. So I guess I'm just going to have to live with that I'm a fucking genius.......


How can I disagree with Stephen Fry?

Indeed! Who could disagree with a charming and brilliant man like Stephen Fry.

@Serenityseeker any woman, when you hear about some of the daft things he’s said about them in the past, but yes, he’s still a bit of a national treasure πŸ˜‰

@girlwithsmiles Aw, he's had his problems and said some things, but I think he's definitely still a national treasure.


I don't swear when I'm sleeping lol, many intelligent people swear relax bet you are cute when you swear


I do a lot less swearing if I don't watch the news.


I see no reason to stop swearing if you have thre good sense to know when you shouldn't- like at work. The way I see it, they are just words like any others, deemed "bad" mostly by religion.


I have no need to stop swearing. I have fairly good self control, which helps in the classroom, but let loose when it is okay to do so.



My second reply


For me it has a lot to do with who I am around. I grew up with the father that could make any sailor blush. My husband of 38 years may have said dam or h*** once or twice in our whole marriage. I cussed a lot before I married Kenneth and very little during our marriage. Now that he's gone shit seems to happen more frequently.


I think it is great that you want to stop swearing, or do you? Some people say that people who swear are more intelligent than those who don't. I think it is just justification for using bad language. When you get angry with someone you want them to know why you are angry, if you start swearing it gives them a reason to stop listening to you and it escalates the issue. So lose, lose, instead of win win. Besides it make you and you fellow swearers look ugly and you have such a lovely face, don't make it ugly.


I use this as an excuse:


Also... I've been practicing and refining my potty mouth for years. No way I'm stopping now. Fuck that.

Not only is it a sign of intelligence, it is also good for your health. []

And, there's this: []


Fuck nose!

As in Cyrano de Bergerac as portrayed by Alan Adrian?


I find women who know how to creatively string together a series of obscene and vulgar characterizations to be very attractive. My mom could do it due to decades of factory work. It's one of the few things I miss about my ex-wife, lord could that woman swear. When she had someone on the phone giving her the runaround, she could back down a mother grizzly when she started going. Once she gained momentum, the rest was simple physics, and I always thought that was a beautiful thing. One of my favorite bartenders could do it with gusto as well. We all loved it when she 86ed some drunk who stepped in a hole with her, that was very entertaining. I enjoy any good swearing, but some people have a definite talent for it.

I wouldn't fucking worry about it if I were you. πŸ€“


Why? I refuse!


I wouldn't want to - at times, nothing else works quite as perfectly !


I am a reader who loves words and also loves trying to use the most appropriate words when possible. Searing tends to limit word usage or the vocabulary one uses. However in some cases only an expletive will convey exactly what you mean.

My suggestion is to simply take a second or two to form the thought and words before you speak. Expletives tend to come out quickly and seemingly reflexively, while more appropriate words tend to take a little more thought.


A situation like that for me would have just ended with the word FUCK.
In general I try to be aware of my surroundings.
I pity anyone around if it involves self inflicted pain for it gets rough. 😱
We always have a backup roll above the throne. For just such an occasion. 😁


a number of years ago i saw a study that said, basically, smart people cuss. something about the appropriate use of the most appropriate word in the appropriate situation. the best word to convey the idea at hand is how i take it.

not that i am claiming to be smart, just no plans to stop. not if it makes me seem smarter anyway.


Stop swearing?!? Da fuq??? Echoing @GreatNani, in NYC, profanity is recognized as its own official language and fluency is essential. I personally have launched streams of profanity that remained in orbit over Manhattan for months.

However, I do agree with posts below - it's about the audience.

I don't swear in church and don't pray in a pub.


My first husband was a truck driver; second husband was a biker. Oldest son's father was a carny (carnival worker). I'm afraid I'm cursed forever now.

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