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Agnostic wicca

Ive been practicing wicca without the use of dieties for awhile. I get the same benifits without them. I believe in souls/ energy that encompasses everything. However this is my first post here so i figure lets get the overly opinionated ppl out of the way. Thoughts pertaining to the agnostic witch- and go!

RowanGypsie 3 Jan 14

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There are ways of telling if you are a witch.


I am a pagan atheist--it is not a term or idea that I made up. Pagan atheists revere nature but do not worship it.

Not sure if you've had occasion to meet @Atheopagan here on this site, but you'd likely have some things in common. He's not on here as much as he used to be, but he has an active blog and FB group, I think.

As for myself, I'm sympathetic to the atheopagan approach of recognizing the human utility of ritual metaphors without believing that such rituals qualify as magic in the customary sense. But I only dabble slightly on that side; it's not intellectually persuasive to me but it speaks to my aesthetic sense.

@vertrauen I have not met Atheopagan.

Humans need ritual and create them unconsciously if not deliberately. Ritual speaks to my aesthetic side, as well, and it can help me focus. "Magic" is psychological. When I was a practicing pagan, I had a run-in with a manager at Walmart (where I worked for almost two years) who was a bully. I refused to back down. A week or so later, it got around to me that he was convinced that I had cast a spell on him because a heavy door swung shut on his foot and broke his toe--there was no reason why the door should have closed as it did.

He finally got enough nerve to ask me about it. I smiled and said, "You'll never know, will you?" He treated me with respect the rest of the time that I worked there.

Had I been able to cast spells, his foot would not have been the target!

Does that mean I could be a sausage atheist because I love them but don’t worship them?

@Geoffrey51 If it works for you, go for it.

I see can understand that.


Meh. Sounds like another term for "hippie".

If you believe you're in touch with souls, knock yourself out. I'll be over here, gnoshing on pancakes.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.


To make the comment ‘overtly opinionated’ is probably a bit strong on your ‘first day’ if you want to be taken seriously.

Fill out your bio then you may be given credence but at the moment you come across as rude and entitled.

You are the only one coming off rude, he’s just being honest

@Esot-Eric Sorry to offend, but it happens. Best block me because it will probably offend again


I will pass on the souls part but energy is another thing. We have barely scraped the surface of what the universe is or the underlying energy involved to hold it together.


I am am a "hard" atheist. My girlfriend is a 5th generation witch that she knows of and does not believe in dieities. She is a wiccian by title only. She knows that I don't believe in anything magick or spiritual. We simply accept our differing beliefs and do not tey to change one another. I do however accuse her of putting me under her spell though!


Most of us here are critical thinkers, skeptics and require empirical evidence. If by wicca you mean some belief in a supernatural world you aren't likely to find many allies here.

I can't see the point in saying one is an Atheist but still believe in worshipping the sun, the zodiac, unicorns, witchcraft or voodoo.

Oddly enough there are many that do.

@DavidLaDeau Oddly enough there are many that believe in worshipping gods.

My take on Wicca is totally different than yours.


Well what do you know.. a Tricca... trolling wicca. 🤣


Life is a journey and I can respect your location on that journey while not agreeing with what you think while you're there.

gearl Level 7 Jan 14, 2020

An’ ye harm none, do what ye will.

Very witchy of you! LOL!


What sorts of benefits do you get from this Wicca stuff?

Probably nothing you would understand. Not trying to be condescending one either gets it or they do not. Read some books, there are many out there. If you are in Portland, Oregon go to Powell's and hang out in the women's section as that is also (or used to be) where the good books are.


Worship nature, spirits, elves, the great Drictmins, the void, whatever you want. Just don't expect me to get all excited and supportive and shit about it, cause I think it's all bullocks.

1of5 Level 8 Jan 14, 2020

Energy changes forms but I can pass on the souls part. You are the soul. It does not mean that you have one or have been given one.


Why does anyone else's opinion matter to you, though? Do you!


Before I met Kate I dated several women who considered themselves to be witches. They were all great people, smart, honest, compassionate, and political (basically how I met them). I would do this again without question, (I am Married and have no agenda on this) You will get many posts saying any number of things, Hopefully I will get to read some of them. Good luck and remember what they say tells you more about them than you.


"Overly opinionated ppl"😀


Define the soul. And how do you quantify and/or measure this soul?

Sounds like New Age woo woo to me. I prefer the scientific method and empirical data to drive my worldview.


I use the wheel of seasons to force myself to acknowledge and celebrate the passage of time and seasons. Other than that I don't believe in anything...


Believe what you want but ensure you recognise it as belief and not knowledge. And please don't tell us any "truths". If it floats your boat, good onya!
Like they say, belief is like your dick; Be proud of it by all means but best to keep it in your pants rather than shove it in peoples faces, trying to ram it down their throats.

Guess that analogy works for men, eh? Women, not having dicks, have nothing to be proud of or shove down that the throats of others.

@Gwendolyn2018 You have dicks, just innies. Us men have outies. Admittedly harder to shove down peoples throats, but can be done 😉

@powder No, women do not have "innies." That belief went out centuries ago. I am sure that you are trying to be amusing, but you are failing--except for guys who think that dick jokes are funny.

I don’t think anyone has the right to tell another person what they should or shouldn’t talk about. If someone wants to talk about their beliefs they should feel encouraged to do so, not threatened. Maybe talking about it with friends can help them understand why it’ may or may not be logical. I say nothing should off limits!

@Gwendolyn2018 When Powder was using that metaphor he was addressing the original poster.......who is male.

@MsDemeanour I understand that, but it was still a poor and tasteless analogy, especially in a forum where posts are general and open to comments by everyone.

@Gwendolyn2018 You understand comedy is an art form, and that no art will please everyone. My statement was confronting. It obviously confronted your sensibilities and you took offence.
Life. No-one need apologise here.


Oh, and be sure to remember to turn out the lights and lock the door when you go...



If you practice wicca without are you doing that?... are you just asking archangels for help in rituals and blessings then? That would be like a catholic not embracing god---praying only to the son and the holy then would they be a catholic? and you a wiccan?


Just trading one type of woo for another. Enjoy.


Have you found that many wiccians are not true believers, that is they are like " ooh i am spiritual and love nature so I am a wiccian! Yet they don't really know much about it or actually practice it as if it is a fashion statement? Just wondering as my girlfriend really is a wiccian yet she does not obsess about it.

Wiccans are not Christians and so have a different point of view.

@dalefvictor I am aware of that. It just seems that many are not as serious about their pretend as christians. That os the ones who just say they are christians or wiccians.

@DavidLaDeau I am done with this line of conversation. Who cares, who should care about the beliefs of another.

@dalefvictor I like my head atrached to my shoulders.

@DavidLaDeau Who is saying they are going to separate these?

@dalefvictor The radicals that brag and post videos of beheadings.

@DavidLaDeau I have no knowledge of this happening, that is if you are talking current times. In the past, it is estimated that about three million have been killed. I may have underestimated this number, I can look it up, I think I still have the book. I just looked this up in Google and apparently, in India, they are killing women by the thousands for witchcraft. This is beyond terrible. What is happening in the minds of people, we are not going to make it as a species if we do not get just a little smarter - but then it may be too late for us.

@dalefvictor When anyone or group causes harm to another due to mythology it is bad. I wish you the best.

@DavidLaDeau I hedged on the number of women killed for being witches instead of three million the number is closer to three hundred million. That is a lot of hate.

@dalefvictor My girlfriend is a witch. I hope culture does not change in a way that could hurt her.


" I believe in souls/ energy that encompasses everything."

To me that is an undefined and extraordinary claim.
Might as well call dark energy your God. Its supposedly everywhere and we cannot detect it. Now why would you think that Dark Energy would care about you or anyone any more or less than Cosmic radiation?

If you are asserting some kind of eternal soul. what is it, where is it, how much does it weigh? How could you even begin to prove a soul?

I am sure your practices give you some comfort, or you would not undertake them. personally I do not care what people choose to believe. I care only if they assert it is in fact, Indisputably reality, or worse, if they decide to legislate based upon a belief they have which all others do not share.

Do you see these rooms as some sort of competition to be won or lost?

I do not, I simply seek to let believers who are willing to, attempt to understand why what so utterly convinces them, does not come close to convincing me.

Believers are free to have whatever Pink Fairy suits them.

  1. To believe in God without evidence is a matter of Faith, and anyone's right to do so.
  2. To insist it is a fact, and not just Faith, is to require proof of your assertion.
  3. To force your Faith onto others by Law is Authoritarian Theocracy.

No one can provide the second point, as it is a supernatural claim.
I will always stand opposed to the third point in the interests of Liberty itself.

YOU are free to believe whatever you desire. YOU may believe the entirety of existence depends on the efforts of little pink Faeries which fly out of your butt. I do not care, it does not affect me. It neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket.
IF YOU want to insist that is reality, YOU need to prove your faeries are real.
If you want to make laws about your fairies without proving them, YOU are practicing a form of THEOCRACY, like the Talibhan.

"But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg"
~Thomas Jefferson

I think belief in a god is only a matter of faith if its religious. I believe there is energies more powerful than the rest and that is how I define god. Surely you don't think all energies are equal in power? They could not be or the volcanoes would never melt rock and water would never carve canyons. Faith has nothing to do with it for me. So theres a difference between belief in god tied to religion and belief in higher power (god) defined by whatever has the most power/energy/ability. For all I know that god could even be a human, like Bill Gates, although I would never make a religion out of it or worship him.

@Desertcactus "I think belief in a god is only a matter of faith if its religious." By that I take you mean organized religion. However you cannot have an idea of God outside religion, as the ideas from religion are what you inherited from previous generations. the idea pre-existed you or I, and it came from religion. So in that way, all ideas of God come from religion. People just re-interpret them to suit their own understandings.

"I believe there is energies more powerful than the rest and that is how I define god."
Electrical? Heat?
Since when does energy think, feel, or act? You are anthropomorphizing enrgy without defining what the hell it is.

"Surely you don't think all energies are equal in power?"
SFW? Of course there are variations in power in nature, how it is expressed, in wave or fire or wind.
"They could not be or the volcanoes would never melt rock and water would never carve canyons."
ALL natural actions by forces of nature.

"Faith has nothing to do with it for me."
Sorry, but from here it seems all faith, it must BE a faith. A belief without evidence. "an energy" is not a definition, a "most powerful energy" is not either, they are ideas.
You seem to have a belief in a mystery energy you can neither show nor define well.
That is faith.

"So theres a difference between belief in god tied to religion and belief in higher power (god) defined by whatever has the most power/energy/ability. "
Yes there is, you do not accept their definitions or explanations of God or about God, but yet retain the idea of God YOU approve of, with exactly the same amount of evidence. I did the very same thing for years, until one day I asked myself why I assumed there was this undefinable thing to begin with, and that came back to "I was raised that way", I had no evidence and no solid Ideas, rather I accepted a mystery because I was taught to as a child.

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