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Have you ever entered an eating contest?

Lol I just never had the stomach to enter one.

EmeraldJewel 7 Mar 28

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I once entered a swim suit competition, and won it. I ate 23 swim suits


When I was a a kid, my cousins and I would compete to see who could gross out the others in order to make them lose their appetite and stop eating. The price would be the dessert. I always lost.


I once ate an entire McDonald’s family box by myself with a large drink in 27 minutes at work then went back to work.


No its just greedy, I used to be able to drink a pint of lager in just over a second and got many a free drink betting I could drink faster than someone else. loser pays and I'm only small or was lol.


Nope , i would not last long in that at all?! So no point in it, personally i think its absurd!!


Yes. and it is disgusting.


No but I do eat like a horse, typical Jack in the Box order for me is the bacon ultimate cheeseburger an order of bacon cheddar wedges a large strawberry shake and 2 chocolate overload cakes and I stand about5'10" and weigh 130 pounds, my Dr can't believe I eat the way I do and don't gain weight or have a cholesterol problem.


No. I eat small amounts, very slowly.

But I would willingly enter a monthong durian eating contest, eat one, then take the pile of uneaten durian home with me!

Pic is of me eating monthong durian on Penang Island, Malaysia.


In high school. Ate a whole watermelon in under 2 minutes without using my hands. In college various contests: pie, fried shrimp (206), ravioli (don't remember much, didn't win despite having "the munchies." )


No, when I was younger, I was always self-conscious about my weight.

Now, the very thought makes me feel ill. 🙂

marga Level 7 Mar 28, 2018



Is that like a see food diet?


Not a formal one however [anecdote alert]:
I worked with a petite girl, one I could quite literally lift in one hand.
I'm six foot, over 100kg, and still do lifts around 150kg in the course of my work.
The physical disparity could not be greater.
In the inevitable eating contest, while I managed a greater absolute quantity, pound for pound she ate three times what I did.


@EmeraldJewel She's an impressive wee human.
And not merely for her eating ability.


no, I was at a Lone Star ribs joint last year, all you can eatc etc, I couldn't finish my 1st plate.


No-tiny stomach - trouble managing buffet.


Ew no.



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