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The only ones concerned with other people's sex lives are perverts like that asshole.
Wonder how long it'll be before he ends up getting busted for some sort of sex crime?

Are we taking bets? I give it two months.

Let's plave bets: I'll lay $50 on 6-9 months from now for jacking off in the Boys section of Walmart while wearing women's underwear.

@Sgt_Spanky 🤣🤣😃🤣


Some people are really STUPID! Doesn't any Republican see the serious damage the Fake President is doing!? 🙄


That should come as no surprise. The Republicans, many of whom are strong Christians, have shown time and time again they are morally-challenged. So much for "Christian morality."


So they're already personal friends that know one another's dirty little secrets.

Here's to him and everyone like him ...


They have certainly lost all future ability to claim that morality matters in our leaders.

Completely. They are absolutely vile.


That's a trump supporter.


So this asshole will support Trump no matter what because he hates gays so much? That means he feels that Trump's presidency is aligned with his gay hate. This is why Trump is so popular with a nation of dipshits who hate gays, hate women, hate foreigners, love guns, wear the flag and have a room temperature IQ.


Brain dead.


Unfortunately most Trump supporters are a loyal as loyal can be.

Unity Level 7 Mar 15, 2020

The stoopid is crazy in this one....


Never understood the fascination some people have with what random, anonymous, no-power, no-relevance individuals have to say about Trump.

The majority of comments are about trump and not hypocrisy.
So no, it's not about hypocrisy but Trump to the majority and it's this majority of whom I speak.

Only to you and FSMgirl and Joanne, as of this writing.
Not to the majority, as evidenced by their responses.



bobwjr Level 10 Mar 10, 2020

I strongly disagree that both are the same.
Al Franken is a good decent man and was thrown under bus over accusations that were completely spurious.

Democrats defense of Franken's obvious, egregious, and photographed transgressions goes to show you that supporting someone doing wrong even in the face of damning evidence is not the sole prerogative of trump supporters. 😉

@TheMiddleWay How is destroying a career support?

Franken's mistake was attempting goofy visual humour in front of a camera. He was railroaded, IMO, but his own antics kind of did him in.

Trump talks, just talks, about grabbing pussy and he is the devil incarnate.
Franken actually grabs a sleeping woman's tits on film... and it's just boys being boys being funny. 🙄

Defending the indefensible because you politically support a person is EXACTLY what we hate most about Trump supporters... and yet here we are doing the same thing.

@TheMiddleWay Please be more responsible with your words. The claims you are making here are completely dishonest and incorrect.

I stand by everything I said in my post as accurate and correct:
There is clear evidence of Trump saying he grabbed pussy; no photographs of it though.
There is clear evidence of Franken not saying he grabbed tit; but a photograph of it though.

The denial of Trumps misdeeds from his supporters is no less vociferous, nor misplaced, than the denial of Franken's misdeeds from his supporters.

@TheMiddleWay There are numerous sexual assault charges against dtrumph. Including one by a little girl who was 12 at the time.

@TheMiddleWay Actually his hands were hovering over her "tits" being a goofy smartass FOR a picture. Not touching them. Even so the Dem resigns and the GOP pussy grabber, multiple raper(according to multiple women) and sexual assaulter is still right there. That's exactly how it alwats works. "Indefensible"😃🤣🤣 We can only agree to disagree. Are you a Trumper?

@TheMiddleWay BTW, I'm not defending Franken. His stupid antics for the camera cost him his job and cost us someone else in there to hold Trump accountable. He was an idiot and I'm sure he'd agree.
My point was/is that Dems resign(as they sometimes should) whereas GOPers will double down and do nothing and be supported by fellow GOPers. Trump is an extraordinary example and he continues to be. IMO..
Happy to disagree with you on this.

"Are you a Trumper?"
I am not a stereotype, no.

If Trump had been photographed grabbing pussy (or tit as Franken did), I have EVERY confidence the reps would have done the same. He only resigned because he could not spin away the evidence and, further, would be an embarrassment to a party that makes womens rights it's priority, a right Franken violated on film.

@TheMiddleWay no, he pretended to grab her tits. He did not actually grab them.

@Ihavenoclue Exactly. It was staged for a joke. Given the borderline sexually explicit photos that she also posed for on this USO tour with other men, I am not convince she that was not pretending to be asleep.
And not only was he just hovering, but she was wearing a flak jacket.

Trump never grabbed pussy. He only pretended too.


Do you hear yourself making excuses for Franken because you like him?
Doesn't it sound a lot like when trump supporters make excuses cause they like him?

Sounds EXACTLY the same to me: people grasping at straws (" I am not convince she that was not pretending to be asleep" ) or victem shaming (" but she was wearing a flak jacket." )

Let me ask you, if you are asleep and I masturbate over you, never touching you, nothting dripping on your face, and then take a picture of my dick over you face as I jack off... all for a joke.

That's ok to you, right, because Franken did something similar to her as a joke and it was okay then?

@TheMiddleWay No I'm pretty sure you're a Trumper and a Fox news kind of guy. But whatever..

@TheMiddleWay Once again I'll try to make this understandable. He didn't "grab her tits", his hands were over her for a camera joke. And once again if that doesn't sink in we'll agree to disagree. Gladly

" No I'm pretty sure you're a Trumper and a Fox news kind of guy. "

In which case, everything you are sure about is cast into suspicion.
For if you are sure about me and are completely 100% wrong, one has to wonder what other things you are sure about and are completely wrong about as well

"He didn't "grab her tits", his hands were over her for a camera joke"
And Trump didn't grab pussy. His comment was just there for a radio joke. Right?

So we shouldn't make a big deal out Trump NOT grabbing pussy just like we shouldn't make a big deal out of Franken NOT grabbing tit. Right?

@TheMiddleWay "Cast into suspicion", by you🤣🤣🤣 Yeah. I'll take you word for it. Not
I'm done arguing with you Troll. Obviously you're going to defend Trump to the bitter end Trumper. So if we can't agree to disagree, I'll just disagree with everything you blather on about from here on out. This thread is now dead to me. Ciao Troll

You perfectly showcase how Reps and Dems are equally illogical in defense of their party: you defend Franken grabbing tit; them defending trump grabbing pussy.

Each side thinking they have the moral superiorty in defending the gross abusive actions and words of the person they support... while attacking the SAME gross abusive actions and words of the person you don't support.


People like this do more damage to religion than we atheists ever could.


Cult 45 Kool-Aid is powerful stuff


The insanity is strong in this one. Give him more money sheeples!!


Moron City opens up once again and swallows the totally ignorant.


Trump was right about one thing he said, prior to the 2016 election ... he really could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and not lose any of his voters. Sadly, I see little hope of improvement on this account over the past 4 years.

Are we, as a society, more educated and more discerning? Do we listen to scientific experts more carefully than we do our clergy, talk show hosts or political leaders? Are we, on the whole, more rational and well-reasoned in our daily lives? Do we even know how to reject junk science, conspiracy theories, rumors and propaganda posing as news?

Too many of us look like Jay Leno's Jaywalking interviewees, stumped by questions the average 5th grader would know. Too many of us watch 'reality' TV and the WWE and believe it's real. I've said this before, but we deserve the politicians we get, and get the politicians we deserve in this country, as we are a nation that suffers en masse from the Dunning-Kruger effect! We're simply too stupid and ignorant to realize how incompetent and brain-dead we are!

We do deserve the ones we have to vote for, for so many smart guys wouldn't touch the job with someone elses pole, let alone attempting it.
And i think T. Paine would think so too...🙂


I can't find that this was reported anywhere but on conservative, christian websites. I'm wondering if this is fake news. The only thing I can find that is close to this is a pedophile reading to children at a Houston library.

It's in the vid at the bottom of the story; that's where he says it.

@TheMiddleWay Vid??? Explain please.

Bottom of the link there is a twitter post of some sort. A picture of the guy is there and a play sign. Click play and it's there, only 40 secs of footage or so. He most assuredly said this. 😀

@TheMiddleWay Thanks for the explanation of "vid." I did watch this video (when I made the first comment), after watching I searched to see where this story had been reported. The only sources reporting this story were on other conservative christian websites, not mainstream media. Since this specific story was not reported on CNN, The New York Times, major news sites (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) I concluded this might be fake news. The only story remotely close to this that was reported on multiple news sites was about a pedophile reading to children at the library in Houston. I don't know if he is spreading fake news, but I suspect it.


trumps followers and campaign are the definition of a cult. He designed it to appeal to the religious as they are the most likely to follow irrational but popular beliefs that appeal to many common prejudice.


Enough said, for me!


I thought it did!


Trump’s a lot better choice than any of the looney Left wing gun grabbing democrats. So yes I agree with that pastor.

Speaking of insanity. Good luck

Grow a brain!

@BestWithoutGods Your the one who needs to grow a brain!!

make sure you give back your stimulus check-- keeping it makes you a socialist. BTW is that gun you have due to SDS ( small dick syndrome)
your president passed the greatest socialist program in US history



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