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Does culture ever bore you?

... I mean, like, all of it. Of all the infinite choices we have, we keep playing the same songs, eating the same foods, going to the same jobs, watching the same movies... over and over again. I guess it provides a sense of comfort and security for most. But for me it feels like it bores an ever widening hole of “durrrr” into my brain. My favorite song is one I’ve never heard before. Where my fresh freaks at? The ones who crave originality more than slick production and homogeneous, synthetic perfection?

Anemynous 7 Mar 31

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It seems to me that culture isn’t a homogenous unit. So I’m guessing when you say culture is boring, you are referring the popular Western culture. Is that what you mean? There are so many cultural elements outside of mainstream culture, that I would find it very hard to be bored with any of them. If it’s boring, do something about it and create something ?


The whole human race bores me.


I love this post, if anyone here has seen the movie "idiocracy" we've pretty much arrived at that point. im also so sick of cuture- the same stuff, so much so most movies and songs simply reference originial ideas from decades ago now. they can't come up with anything new. I predict thats what the people behind it all want...record labels, movie companies, tv. I am definitely thirsting for something new. something more real. I find it in myself everyday. depending on your location I suggest or checking out art gallieries, or google "(your city) events tonight" I live in a small city but theres still a good amount going on.


There are so many different cultures. I love learning about them, their people, their ways, their history, their food, etc. Never a dull moment.


You have no idea how bored I am. Disappointed.


I like a variety of international foods, like different genres of music, and diversity politically and socially. Doesn't bore me if I mix things up. Variety is the spice of life.


lkr? what does that mean?

@sassygirl3869 I think but I may be wrong, that it means I know right.


That is not culture. That is decay. Financed by the lowest bidder. I have been out for a long time.


That's why I travel..I crave variety and learning about new cultures!

Pic: My daughter and I in 2016 at the 99 ft long reclining Buddha on Ko Yo Island, near Songkhla, Thailand, where I currently live.


If you limit yourself to your own culture, then I suppose that could get boring. Get involved in various cultures and make it interesting.


Transcendent freak, here. Trying to get straight off this merry-go-round. Spending a lot of time in my head, getting a grip on it, and letting go of attachents and conditioning.

I'm in a weird, transitional period in which I'm not much interested in listening to music or watching movies (unless they're edu-docs) or eating especially delicious food. All that kind of worldly stuff is not really interesting to me anymore. Seeing through it all is way more interesting--and fulfilling. There's no going back now.


Mainstream culture is very dull. It also gets the most attention because it has the biggest PR budget - that's why it's always in the public eye. I make it a point to seek out things that aren't mainstream, that don't necessarily get the big press coverage, and make up my own mind what I like and don't like. There are a lot more people doing interesting things that don't get noticed.


I keep saying that we need some new holidays. I am so sick of the same old shit every year.


I like this post.
I try and learn of pre industrial cultures.
As you so rightly point out in the industrial culture we all do the same things.
"What defines a culture is the ways in which human needs are satisfied and whether we can allow for more adequate satisfaction of the entire system of needs depends on how we organise our economic system. There is basically one culture remaining on this planet, the Industrial Culture. All others seem doomed to disappear."


I love to go to museums; don't really understand "collecting". I went to sleep during Phantom Of The Opera. Love all kinds of music (even some classical), but mostly Pink Floyd, Bluegrass, and Hawaiian (think Iz, Lono, and Gabby Pahinui). And one of my newest faves is Ganstagrass.

So, that's about as cultured as I get. Never bored, though.

@MrLizard, I dream of someday visiting the Smithsonian museums.

@MrLizard, I have no doubt.

Gotta love Ganstagrass!


I absolutely do get tired of it. Culture is just another way of confusing "is" with "ought". Some cultures are grounded in well-established and sourced ideas, but some cultures are so bad, that they're inexcusable.

However, cultural facets are going to hit diminishing returns. They in fact already do, and already have. For this reason, when a person declares himself free, they have to use their inner compass, if they have one, and just decide how they are going to perform their life by using their good sense. Deciding on the next move doesn't have to be a huge time cost.

Which cultures are bad?


Good question. Cultures that attack or weakly feature things like critical things like education, health, innovation, social life, hard work, politically essential ideologies, etc. are inferior in nature because they not only perform inferior, but they produce inferior people and are already inferior by property. Cultures that fall on the less developed spectrum are far more likely to meet the criteria of an inferior culture; sometimes cultures are poor and decrepit, but still have positive values, rather than negative ones.

Really? Hitler had similar ideas about the Jews. He felt he was super progressive as well.


I'm sorry but his ideas were actually extremely different, and I don't think you are paying attention. Cultural absolutism is not nearly the same thing as Nazism, and I am leaving this convo.


Seek out diversity. Leave your comfort zone.



jeffy Level 7 Mar 31, 2018

Everything bores me. To quote the great Carlin:

"People are fucking BORING"


No, different cultures make life interesting. Personally, I love Asian culture, especially Chinese and Japanese.


There is no originality--only things to which we have not been exposed. If you dislike social conventionalities, then do not participate. I have learned to be a chameleon.

There may not be a such thing as "true originality" ... but it seems like we are in a time when the majority of what is offered does not even make an effort.

@Anemynous The majority never did: people mythologize the past and make it seem better than it was. People are herd animals and always have been. The "great" thinkers stand out because they differed from the herd. Although The Hebrew Scriptures is a religious tome, it offers some wisdom; one pearl is Ecc.1:9 and the statement that there is nothing new under the sun.


Often but it never surprises me


But we keep making new culture and recombining the old ones literaly every day. And then there's the joy of seeing an old favorite slip seamlessly into a new experience. One of my really big beefs with capitalism is its homogenising effect. But even that spurs creativity as a reaction.


Seems I can see or hear the same thing and look at it every time with a different perspective. Things that are new are good, they are usually short visited until I can ponder the concept then revisit it with an inquisitive aspect.



I mostly agree especially with food somedays everything just seems so bland. First world problems as my daughter would say.

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