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What movie trope is the worst?

Mea 7 Apr 3

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The trope I hate the most is very broad: evil for evil's sake. Why does the bad guy want to destroy the world or whatever? Superhero movies are terrible about this, but there are plenty of others, too. I prefer a villain with motivation. Far scarier than evil is the idea that evil looks morally justified to those perpetuating it.


I hate the fake computer and tech stuff. The gobbledygook that when they get into "hacking the mainframe" and all that horseshit. And when you see code flying across the screen. That's not how this works.


How the british guy will end up being the vilian... always
Dumb Dads, Dads who suck at parenting.
Killing someone off so the hero can gain the ability to win.


That the leading lady and the leading man needs to hook up at the end of the film - when they showed no intimacy at all during the whole film. I could think of nothing worse. Most, if not all American films are guilty of this.

I also find it interesting to notice that especially with older movies, the woman was pursued to the point of annoyance, and yet still falls for the guy in the end. I wonder if this has something to do with the attitudes of some men today.
Oh shucks, I guess if I can't get you to stop stalking me, I'll just sleep with you, hee!


Dei Ex Machina (singular Deus Ex Machina) are the worst, it means the writers couldn't figure out how to move the plot or how to save their characters, so another character comes out of nowhere and becomes the vehicle in which the plot moves.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 3, 2018

Oh gonna catch a lot of flack. "American" tv & film is too XTRA imo. In other words, I can't choose just 1 thing.

Emme Level 7 Apr 3, 2018

Absolutely. It's flak, not flack. 😉 I agree with your argument though.

@Druvius ?would you like me to edit that auto-correct error to ease your mind? ?


I don’t understand the concept of brats in shows. Yes, brats exist, and if they are pertinent to the show, I get it. But this need to put a brat into every show just makes me crazy.


The plotline to any rom-com.

Yes, or as I call it, "The asshole gets the girl trope."

or horror flick


The found footage concept was kind of cool at first (Blair Witch Project, [rec], Cloverfield) but it became way too trendy. Although I also loved the TV show The River.


One-dimensional bad guys who have no purpose beyond the movie's plot. Black Panther took this trope and shit on it. Great movie, if you haven't seen it.

Marz Level 7 Apr 3, 2018

Car chase. Why would they want to inspire you to take your motor driven death machine and race it around as fast as the speed governor will let it go?


They always find parking right out in front of wherever they are going. The only time that happens to me was when I had a placard and even then you were lucky to find a spot out in front.

Ha! I know a guy with insane "parking karma" he finds a perfect spot almost anywhere he goes. Its weird.


That all super heroes land on one knee with their arm resting on the other knee. No human being has ever landed that way when jumping off of something.

But it looks so cool!?

@Emme Yes, the first couple of hundred times! 🙂


The Hero always has a nice car. Never a minivan.

Hey, Scooby and crew had a


Figurative speech in a movie? A famous line like "There's no place like home" from the Wizard of oZ. Not sure what you are referring to.

A trope is something that is over done.


I think you mean trope?

Lol, ahh, yes I did.


the butler


the guy that everything goes "hilariously" wrong for. They just make me uncomfortable. And a lot of romantic comedies...

Remi Level 7 Apr 3, 2018

Dads are stupid and violence solves everything.



I do not understand this question. What is a trope

A trope is something that is overdone.

@Mea the sharknado b-horror movie nonsense lol.


Pretty much all of these: []


I will answer this, but as an aspiring filmmaker I feel the need to really think about this one.

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