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This site has been a serious disappointment and at the same time confirmation of what i have learned in years past. Not so much the site but the participants.
The truth is this. Most people on this site are seriously lacking in ability of an adult relationship. Most people on this site are in denial of the societal bias that exists against men and the destructive consequenses caused by that mistaken way of thinking.
What i am saying is most people here fail to see the corrosive and destructive results of feminism. Most people here are toxic toward men and long term relationships because of the lies spread by feminist propaganda.
Really sad because i had mistakenly thought that atheists were smarter than average and more humanistic.
Very disappointing.

DeityfreeRo 6 May 18

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Really sad because i had mistakenly thought that atheists were smarter than average and more humanistic.

And yet your misogynistic rant itself was enough to prove this false.

1of5 Level 8 May 18, 2020

@TheInterlooper Silly, that's not what I was being critical of. Most people on this site are in denial of the societal bias that exists against men...

I'm mean, that's just so far away from reality it's hard to even know where to begin.

@TheInterlooper Except they were not valid criticisms. He was talking out of his rear. So his opinions can be dismissed.


So easy to blame everyone else and avoid seeing the common denominator.


DUDE!!! Get a grip. You need to reevaluate yourself if EVERYBODY is rejecting you. Have you entertained the thought that you might be a huge part of your problem. There are some really great women on here, but with your attitude, I don't see them giving you a second look.


I bet you have been a serious disappointment to many women as well.

Makes me wish my husband of 38 years was still alive. He had some really fun and creative ways to explain feminism and the joys of being married to a feminist to people like you.One of his favorites was "You know women are really people and things are always better when you treat them like they are people."


Aaaaannnnddd, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out....


I have been on this site since June 2018, have reached level 9 and accumulated over 700,000 points, but I’ve never once even seen your name until now. How then can you label me as being part of something you consider to be toxic to men, when I have had intelligent intercourse with both men and women almost every day here for almost two years and never heard or seen any reference to toxicity until I read this today. Goodness knows where you’ve been and what conversations you have been having, and with whom. I can only say you must have joined the wrong groups and have been mixing with the wrong people if you have such a poor opinion of us.


I'm guessing you are striking out and needing to blame the women on this site for being too smart to accept misogyny in their romantic partnerships. Men who have respect for women are treated with respect by those women. Those who don't, well, they become unhappy ranters against modern society which promotes long overdue equality. Strong women rock, and you can either adapt to that consensus or be unhappy. Your choice.


This is as stupid as anything I have read in a long time. REALLY, REALLY STUPID!!! There are some amazing men and women on this site. You can leave. It is not as if you would be missed.

Sic 'em, baby!


I think you need to take a midol and change your tampon dude! LMAO!!!!


This is not the place for you. You're looking for []


Most women I encounter on this site are sweet , loving and smart . And I ve been here for 2 years .

I don’t hate men at all . But I am 49, divorced and living alone for 13 yrs , I am tired , I like been alone , and my work makes me happier than dating . How that makes me toxic or unable to have relationships Bcz I am a woman .
Every human has a story . Good or bad , smart or stupid , not for anyone to decide . If their lives don’t hurt yours , what’s the problem man ?

This site gave me an opportunity to converse here and in real life w many interesting people , men and women . Some I ve met in person too , and we had great time .
U can certainly have any opinion u want . I am here just to tell u that any woman that doesn’t care for dating , is not Bcz she is evil or toxic , or a twisted feminist , or hating men .
That’s all .

@NotReligious71 I hate men. But I'm one of them and I know them.


You appear to be a jerk on many levels.


I can't believe people still talk like this. Dude it's you


LMAO if you honestly think that toxicity towards men has to do with feminism, you have no damn clue what feminism actually is. Usually people have negative assessments of men due to bad experiences with men and then applying it to all or most men. Do not allow men that hate women to define feminism as women that hate men. Feminism is about the social, economic and political equality among the sexes. Nothing about being toxic towards men.

@TheInterlooper laughing... you have an example of a way that men got caught up in women's issues, in a way they didnt like and was hurty, and didn't feel "validating" or something, and somehow that's tied to the larger issue of feminism in your mind? Really? "Missing the forest for the trees" would be the best simple explanation, in my mind.

@TheInterlooper huh?

@TheInterlooper Has Karen Straughan actively demonstrated, without doubt, her claims or beliefs that the "he feminists actually responsible for changing the laws, writing the academic theory, teaching the courses, influencing the public policies, and the massive, well-funded feminist organizations with thousands and thousands of members all of whom call themselves feminists" are actually just toxic to men. I mean if you are to connect my comment in the context of THIS post with THAT post, then I need you to back up your assertions. Those are my thoughts

@TheInterlooper And keep in mind, the WORLD is much bigger than USA or Murica. So just because some feminists in your country are crap, does not mean feminists worldwide are crap. I know Americans get tunnel vision and heavily struggle to overcome their

@TheInterlooper Can I see this article she references? People TOO OFTEN take quotes out of their broader context to peddle their agendas. Specifically this part: "Ms. Magazine, Katherine Spillar, who said of domestic violence: "Well, that's just a clean-up word for wife-beating," and went on to add that regarding male victims of dating violence, "we know it's not girls beating up boys, it's boys beating up girls."

@TheInterlooper I am Canadian. This shit has not happened. No point in arguing with a hypothetical. It would be no different, to me, than arguing about some imaginary matriarchy that has yet to exist. "You're not the feminists in Canada agitating to remove sexual assault from the normal criminal courts, into quasi-criminal courts of equity where the burden of proof would be lowered, the defendant could be compelled to testify, discovery would go both ways, and defendants would not be entitled to a public defender."

They may have campaigned for it, but it never happened. Not to mention, WTF does she know about our criminal justice system??! Who the fck is she to call them "quasi-criminal courts"?? Tell me what you know about Canada's justice system. I'll give you a few days to research them.

@TheInterlooper I am not sure if I agree with this choice. However, I can understand their reasoning behind it. Think of the parable of the boy that cried wolf. Yes, he was an idiot and should not have done that. But, if he was genuinely attacked by a wolf, aka a woman was genuinely raped, the history of false accusations should not be used as evidence against her. She definitely should face consequences for such actions, perhaps false police report charges, but her history of false accusations does not mean she was not raped. Do the due process, get rape kit(s) done, witness testimonies, etc. and see if this time was legit. IF it was not, she also should be assessed for schizophrenia or Munchausen syndrome, because that is not a normal or healthy thing she is doing. Charge her and maybe medicate her?


Atheist women tend to be more feminist, since we don't buy into the patriarchal Biblical crap that has oppressed women for millenia. We aren't as naive as many women who can be manipulated into thinking subjugation should just be their lot in life, and many of us can spot an incel in just one post.

Deb57 Level 8 May 21, 2020

"Wanting to meet women" won't get very far if one can't respect them and their rights. Real men don't cry in their beer but try to understand why things are as they are and what positive things one can do to help!

nah real men can do both! 😉


You put yourself in a bad position by the nature of your comment. I haven't found this site to be ultra feminist. You must be ultra anti feminist. You shouldn't say that people who disagree aren't smart or humanistic. Don't judge. This is a major Trump hater site, but that would be evidence that atheists are "smarter than average and more humanistic" I will say this much, people on this site do pile on sometimes. You did set yourself up for that tho. It sounds like you want to look for dating on this site, I don't think that is good for that. A little secret, most women lean towards feminism whether they are atheist or not.


What does "most' mean? Please define.


You can define "smart" however you want, and then pick some group of people and try to decide who is "smarter than average". But the fact remains, however people on this site score in your arbitrary system, they are all smart in some other arbitrary system. And they like eachother because they have something in common. Adapt or look for something else.

Interesting aside: if this site is over run with lying feminist propaganda, is there another site that isn't? Or, is there anywhere in the world that does have the open minded women you're looking for? Because I'm guessing that you think "feminist propaganda" is everywhere, and somehow that's the reason you don't get along with women... not because women have the agency to make decisions on their own. The fact that as a general group, women arent falling over each other to connect with you, might not have anything to do with them, but maybe that you believe propaganda about women that isnt true, and they're not willing to deal with your "educational needs" in that area


Sounds like you've been busy interviewing "most people" on this site, to come to your unwavering conclusions. Guess I missed the audition. Good thing !


People on here can be nasty, so in regards to general bias I'm inclined to agree with you.


Modern society is disappointing.. Most ‘around here’ have been either fighting it, or it’s victim ...for perhaps a lifetime. That makes many of us fighters, which appears to spill over 😕

I’m sure we’ve all had serious difficulties finding a mate within societies permeated by religion. I have. You begin to give up, assume most are tainted with some degree of religion ..and just let those who aren’t either appear, or not.

I suspect many around here have given up looking, so have allowed themselves to revert to the childish ‘boy vs. girl’ stuff that appears inherent in humanity. Maybe it’s easier to blame our inability to mesh on the other gender…

I’ve also concluded, our overpopulation and the stresses of ‘making it’ has opened a myriad of divisions.. The men vs women aspect appears an unconscious form of birth control. Bickering people blaming the world's problems on the other’s gender may be all it takes to lower our numbers. Applying, as usual, to the ‘educated or aware’ portions of humanity.

I get your anger, often feeling it too.. Glad my procreation days are behind me, and, having put some magnificent daughters into the mix (both taken) 🙂

Varn Level 8 May 19, 2020

Yes, the longer I have been on this site, the more I realize that intelligent individuals with some form of common sense are an extinct on this planet, let alone this site!!!

Feminism is not the problem!!!

Tribalism is the new social norm, it uses anyone weaker than their huddle masses to victimize!!!

Older men like older women are seen as nice and stealing the resources that should belong to the young!!!

Remember do not trust anyone over thirty!!!

All that did was show us how corrupt so many institutions had become!!

So who do they blame for their failures and greed any man or woman who does not conform to their social norms!!!

Men seem to be the new victims, especially white men who are just to ignorant about the reality of life, just look who became our death president!!!

Victim hood has become the call sign of the obstructionist republican fascist!!!

If only you knew as much as you thought you were capable of!!!

Stupid is as stupid does!!!

If only people would read what is written not what they want it to say!!!




The American society has NO bias against white men. Feminism tries to level the playing field.

If you are set against women's rights, equal pay and proper treatment, that explains why you fail at relationships.

Learn to be a decent human being, and your chances for an "adult relationship" might increase.

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