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Do you love to hike?

Do you like to go hiking? If so how often do you go?

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Terohime 5 Apr 4

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I enjoy hiking and love short trip backpacking!! So peaceful and a great reconnect with nature for me!!


I was avid in my youth, did the AT in the 80's and have many fond memories hiking. I have not been hiking as I think of hiking in many years, I have been for walks.
I LOVE nature and wilderness, and having spent much of my life in it, have no illusions it loves me in return.

@Shelton I did it backwards from Kathadin in Maine (home) south to Ga

@Davesnothere a dream of mine. My cousin and his wife did this last summer

@Shelton Well I was once upon a time lol




I just joined a meet up for old hikers. It's great!


You need another choice, I love to hike and climb but, a knee injury prevents me for anything but, a slow careful walk so I am limited to less than serious hikes.
i really miss those 3 day to 3 week mountain hikes living out of my backpack.


My one New Years resolution was to visit at least one State or National park a month.


Love hiking and exploring.


"Never hike alone" has been my motto since age 21. Both times I hiked alone I was sexually harrassed and frightened by men with guns.

"Hey, pretty lady! Where are you spending the night? We'll join you!" men on horseback with guns called loudly. They were heading up for the high hunt. One-by-one, my women friends had dropped out of our fall backpacking trip. So, I went alone.

That was a long night alone in the tent. With every crackle and snap in the woods, I startled. Tensely straining to hear. I was terrifed of being raped and/or killed. At daybreak, I packed up and ran out of there.


Living in Indiana, I don't get to do mountain hiking, but I take treks out in Nature as often as I can. I have a couple of natural areas out by me so I spend 4 to 7 hours out there, depending on my mood. Once a year I go out to Starved Rock in Illinois and spend the day visiting the varioua waterfalls.

I once went to my favorite spot with a friend who didn't hike so much as meander. On one had I loved it, and on the other it was too slow for me.

As a child I used to go to the mountains a lot - Sandia Mountain in Albuquerque and to someplace out in Colorado my dad used to take my sisters and I.

I would do much more hiking if I had mountains nearby.


Yes, but opportunities are far less often than once or twice a week.


My wife got me into day hiking, and it's probably my favorite form of exercise, though I'm quite partial to biking, too. Joshua Tree and Yosemite are my favorites, but I'm lucky to live near a nature center with a decent hike in it that I can do several times a week. I suffered a reaction to an antibiotic about 10 yrs ago that damaged my tendons and left me in a wheelchair for years. I'm fortunate that I can now do some hiking again and do not take it for granted!


Real hiking, or just wandering around? I prefer to stroll through the woods, off the path at a nice leisurely pace, but I'm not too interested in difficult terrain or calling upon my non-existent boyscout skills.


I have hiked in the past and will so so again. Your poll is lacking the option I need.


So, I love hiking, but I don't have much opportunity to do it right now what with college

Hiking from class to class

@NothinnXpreVails pretty much!


In 2017. I broke a personal record by hiking 326 miles with over 63,200 feet of elevation gain (and loss).

Spectacular mountain vistas, azure alpine lakes, snowmelt-swollen, roiling creeks and gorgeous wildflowers.

Mountains are my sanctuary. I feel most grounded and centered high in the mountains.

Beautiful photos!


Living a ferry ride and a short drive from both the Juan de Fuca and West Coast Trails, I'd be crazy not to love hiking. Excited to be heading to Cape Scott in August for a beach cleaning expedition. Cheers!


Wish there were more inspiring hiking areas near my home...I live in Idaho so there are some magnificent ones close by a short drive away but for me I want to go from doorstep to nature.

boom Level 4 Apr 5, 2018

I miss Idaho and its breathtaking mountains, deserts, and fun geography in general.


I love hiking to high alpine lakes surrounded by white glaciers and jagged mountain peaks. After dark, I look up and feel awed by the glowing Milky Way and billions of sparkling stars.

After graduating from the University of Michigan at age 21, I moved to Washington State to climb mountains and stayed. I fell in love with hiking and backpacking. Hiking is an uplifting and transcendent experience for me. I feel grounded and centered high in the mountains.

In 2017, I set a personal record by hiking 326 miles with over 62,200 feet of elevation gain. My women’s hiking group has boiled down to three strong hikers. We hike each Tuesday. In the winter, we keep going on snowshoes and micro-spikes. “Don’t slog in the bog; get high on the ridges!” has been my hiking motto since age 21.

that is dedication.

boom, I love hiking! It gives me great joy. Each time I go, I have fun.

"I had a wonderful time!" I always tell Karen as we drive home. We take her car because she has a dog.


I like to hike, used to hike regularly with my family back home. These days, I never have the time, but I'll probably take it up again eventually


I like to hike up my leg.


I love to hike, but there's no one who wants to go with me.

If you and I lived close so we could meet, we would go dancing, hiking and perhaps other activities whenever we could.

@jlynn37 I wish. No atheists/agnostics are around me in the GoG. (Garden of The Gods area)


Breathing the air bring so much strength.


I enjoy camping and I spend my days at the campground hiking trails every day before noon and again after 4pm. I used to hike 10-15 miles a day camping now down to just 2-3 miles per day (thus proving that age is more than just a number). I do take a walk every day in my neighborhood.

sounds like you are doing great

@btroje Life is good.


i chose at least 3 times a week, because when i was healthy thats how it was. now i have 2 take it a bit easier, but since i hope 2 get there again soon, this is what i chose lol

Byrd Level 7 Apr 4, 2018
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