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LINK Here Are Some Common Sex Myths That Everyone Really Needs To Stop Believing | IFLScience

For one reason or another, humans are very shy when it comes to talking about sex. Coyness about this issue means that even the most intelligent of people can become msinformed about sex through hearsay, folklore, misleading media images, or – let’s not lie – pornography. No doubt, that plays a big role in the huge amount of misconceptions many of us hold about it.

jenandjuice1111 7 June 6

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Pornography has given many, especially young males, unreal expectations about sex. That and the dearth of honest sex education in our schools and homes.

I always say that too much porn ordinary women don't usually like some of the stuff they do on screen

@whiskywoman It is artificial, there is no relationship, there is just fucking.

@whiskywoman I was never a prude and I just turned 74. I don't like some of the stuff they do onscreen. Much of it is degrading. I do not like others who have to degrade you.


@HippieChick58 nothing wrong with just fucking in fact I prefer it

@whiskywoman Agree, nothing wrong with just fucking, but I like having a lover, too.

@EdEarl when I care I always get hurt

@whiskywoman Oh, that's true. Our lives are tossed by the inevitable pendulum of give and take, pain and pleasure, love and hate, ... life and death. Sooner or later we are hurt, and deal with it in our own way.


When was this written, 1946?


Not so many shy people here though.

Are you sure? I mean, we can all see the bold members, but the shy ones don't exactly advertise their shyness.

@AmyTheBruce maybe they flock in the Sexual Deviants group?

@Mofo1953 They may! Picture them just quietly lurking there...soaking up all that deviance...but without making a peep.

Sounds kinda kinky, doesn't it?

@AmyTheBruce hmmmm, let me think...


People aren't generally shy talking about sex, but people are often ignorant as to how to talk about sex. Sexting, cyber-sex, phone-sex, ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing isn't going to get anyone anywhere when it comes down to a mutually satisfying sex life. Whether with casual partners or not casual.

If you're in America, there is a definitely difference in how people see communicating about sex than in less socially puritanical.


The good news - I didn't learn anything. The bad news - women now know my big feet mean nothing 😁. I've always been honest with my lovers - I'm average.


I think this thing about being shy when it come to talking about sex is not so. Probably in the US but not in a lot of other countries in the world.

That’s what I was gonna say. It’s more a cultural thing than a human thing.


The author of the article doesn't seem to understand why so many of us are sexually repressed. Or maybe he's being cynical.


I've totally forgotten what a 'sex life' is.


Nothing new here for me - but then, I've been educated well by my experiences .

Bragger 😉

@MsDemeanour simply recognizing my good fortune

Yep, me too, had my 'education' first when I was just 12 and half tears old with my best friend's 16 year old sister, then as a 19 year old and ONLY Male nurse stuck in the Hospital Nurse's Quarters while on the Theatre Roster for 3 long and very 'arduous' months.
Oh how I wish for those days again.


No new news here.
But, thanks for posting.
Maybe someone learned something.


One interesting item I noticed "Herpes actually comes in eight forms. But you’re probably most concerned with herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2), the two forms that manifest in cold sores and genital herpes, respectively (although HSV-1 can also cause genital herpes sometimes)." hit home. My 2nd partner got mad at me and said I gave her herpes. Seemed strange in that I had no signs of it myself. She then went to the doctor for an exam and he explained how it works. Seems like the stress of having a new, close friend triggered her own herpes to become active.


Most men got their sex education from Playboy Magazine which portrayed women as always secretly wanting sex as much as men and even though they say "no", they really mean "yes", they just need/want to be pursued.


In my experience, a big penis is no indicator of how much they will please you in bed.

ya can't make butter with a toothpick!!

@Redneckliberal Well that is true. The problem is, just because you have a big spoon doesn't mean you don't need to stir the pot and pay attention to the process.


I will admit that at one point I did not know if female ejaculation was a real thing. Then it happened. I recall feeling shock and surprise... then pride.


When my sons were in primary school, I had to drag them kicking and screaming to the bath/shower. In their teens I'd be banging at the door over the water wastage of half hour showers. "I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING IN THERE!!! FFS......WILL YOU GET A GIRLFRIEND!" Having no dad, I was extremely candid and gave them tips. They still laugh and say I have no boundaries.

Incidently re article What was the point of the study of flacid penises? Husb was a grower and he'd go from nothing to eye-watering. Oh and i agree it's not about shoe size ladies.........It is about how close the ring finger reaches up to the middle finger. Check it out boys and tell me if I'm wrong. However something can be aesthetically pleasing but less than fulfilling. Wonder how many men have fallen for a big set of tits who has no imagination in bed.


I'm quite surprised that anybody thought the length of flaccid penises was an issue.

JoeB Level 6 June 6, 2020

Well this was entertaining. I wonder which has more variability of expression: the human ear or the human vagina? Looks like the only constant is variability. I think these panels are artistically pretty interesting over and above the novelty of the idea.

wow so did he just look at hundreds of them or more??? too funny now he needs a wall of peckers

@whiskywoman He did plaster casts of them all. I thought it a wonderful idea because so many women are going under the knife to have the 'perfect' vulva. Most women don't see each other's bits so we have no idea how diverse they are. And surely men don't want every partner to look identical.

@MsDemeanour none of us want every partner identical that is what makes it work what is good for me may not be good for you as it should be because otherwise one set would be getting all the men or women and all the others would go without we would soon perish.. variety is what its all about

Actually most vaginas are pretty much the same shape, etc, it IS the Vulvas (the outer parts btw) that vary in women.

@Triphid yeah, no doubt. Just as our ear canals are probably a lot more uniform than what we see.

@MarkWD It depends upon which parts of the human auditory canals you are referring to?
There are actully 2 main parts to the human Auditory canals, the Outer, from the actual ear itself to the timpanic membrane ( ear drum) and the Inner canal which houses the Choclea, the hammer, the anvil and the stapes, etc, plus the contact points for the Auditory nerves.
Plus, and I'd guess most people are unaware of this Medical Fact, ALL foetuses are genderless until the gender determining hormones are released around the end of the 1st. Trimester or early into the 2nd. Trimester.
If testosterone is the predominantly the released hormone, then the folds that would have become the female vulva then re-shape to create the scrotum, the Urethral opening and the Clitoris move together and join with the upper labial folds creating the penis, the testies are still held within the lower abdominal cavity, roughly close to where the female ovaries would be in a female foetus and only descend slowly either in the last weeks of Gestation or early during infanthood. Hence men are often prone to suffering from Inguinal Hernias where the Inguinal canal, through which the testies descend either do not close over or are torn open and a piece of the Intestinal tract can enter through into the Scrotum, quite painful, uncomfortable and often dangerous and debilitating as well.
The Prostate Gland is present in both females and males but in females it is very small in comparison to the male Prostate Gland but with stimulation during sex or foreplay can actually cause a release of a type of Pre-seminal fluid to be 'squirted' from the female Urethra as it does from the male during orgasm.


I don't really think people are shy about talking about sex. Rather some are choosy about when they talk about it.

I honestly thought circumcised males had less sensitivity as I had read about such complaints and heard from at least one guy who complained about it, though I have no idea how he could know, since his circumcision was done at an age prior to sexual experience.

I have never talked about sex with anyone until recently. My therapist, and just a little bit with some female friends. I would never try to talk about sex with any male friends.


Sex?!? What's THAT?
I do find it sad that an article like this needs to be written, although the herpes thing was a bit eye-opening.
I haven't dated in a very long time, so getting me to open up might be a challenge.
Interpret that as you will. 🙂


Fairy tales


tall guys are not necessarily well endowed often just the opposite

I'm only 5 foot 7....??lol

@dermot235 Don't worry mate, my old school mate was, and still is, only 5' 2" in height but we all nicknamed him " Donk," "Firehose," and occassionaly, " Elephant Dick" because of his rather well developed 'middle leg.'
Old Donk is now the father of 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, well they're grown up now, but accordig to his wife, the boys 'inheritted' their 'middle legs' from him.
LOL, I often wonder what her 'reaction' was on their wedding night.

@Triphid That explains it. lol

@dermot235 I'd reckon every one of us still has vivid memories of the day when 'Donk' showed our Sports Teacher WHY he could only ever wear long trousers.

@dermot235 often shorter men are better endowed but nothing is hard and fast feet are not an indicator hands are better but that's not always 100%


Sexual drive seems to be a never ending search for something new and exciting. It's amazing how quickly some can become use to the exceptional, pristine or even to what they see as absolute perfection and begin to look for something new.


A wise old saying comes to mind here.
" It's NOT the size of the schlong that rings the gong, it's how you swing the schlong that does the job." LOL.


/ According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 (67 percent) have HSV-1 infection globally and an estimated 417 million people aged 15-49 (11 percent) worldwide have HSV-2 infection. In the vast majority of HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections, people are unaware they are even infected and show no signs. /

raises eyebrow

@dante92 I feel like I have seen a drug commercial. . . on the other hand, I'm thinking of HPV

@dante92 I have no idea, but it's herpes.

@dante92 Herpes Simplex Virus.


It's an interesting piece of material, I'm sure alot went into it, would I go see it if I could maybe, but its nothing many people don't know about Labia and Clitorises but again it's a cool subject they are all different

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