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Word placement.


An ignorant man.


Fuck him

You can fuck him if you want, I'm not touching him with a ten foot pole! 😂

@altschmerz I was speaking metaphorically of course, but I'd venture to guess he may enjoy using a pole of one length or another a little too much😉

ah Len.......succinct and eloquent always! 😀


Let's not be making white people uncomfortable, I teach indigenous students and non indigenous and we have open conversations about how race affects people and how some people are judged solely on their race without any thought to them as a person, I TEACH SPECIAL ED and these kids get it, they can talk about how they are treated we talk about The Stolen Generation and why it happened and what happened to those children. One of my indigenous students has stated that he would never go to America as he is too scared he would be shot by the police, and we discuss why some of them are safe to walk down a street in America but he would not be and that is White Privilege. I guess our kids are tougher as they have all faced some sort of discrimination having disabilities so they have some idea of being judged because of that but please note they also have intellectual impairments which affect their reasoning (I have a class with 4 ASD children who are constantly telling each other not to do things and that is not the right way to do something and struggle with changes to routines) but they get the idea of White Privilege.

Budgie Level 7 June 16, 2020

I have found that victims of discrimination and prejudice can see it when it happens to others. If you haven’t experienced it you can easily be blind. I have no idea of how to educate them. My brother and his children are prime examples. Religion seems to make this problem worse.


So, let me get this straight. Some preacher wants to change “white privilege” to "white blessing" to avoid offending white people? White people need to be uncomfortable with the fact we are living under systemic racism, or what reason to improve.

However, the implications of his words are very problematic for another reason. Blessings come from god, so god condoned slavery (we know this already) to provide this blessing to white people. So, why is slavery no longer practiced? Did your perfect god make a mistake? Why is any POC a christian?

Insidious brain washing of the people of color, religion is dangerous.


I always read the comments on TFA because they're usually pretty good. I like this one:

"I had a friend from Kenya, of Kikuyu ethnicity, who sadly has passed on, who was a very devout Christian. However, he once told me, 'We Kikuyu already knew about God. If we could eliminate the knowledge of Christianity which was brought to us by Europeans, and so avoid all the abuse they visited upon us, I would choose that they've never come to Kenya and never told us about Jesus.'"


I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth from reading this vile, putrid, shit-stain excuse of a Christian and his "blessings" bullshit.

Vile, putrid, shit-stain excuse of a Human Being. Fixed that for you.

@jlynn37 Nope it is an xtian not a human being. I like human beings most xtians are scum.


To hell with that horrible pastor! 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


Said it once, and yet again, christians and all religious fanatics of their ilk ain't the sharpest tools in the shed, but this goes beyond imbecilic!


Utterly and completely tone deaf.


They never change, the whiteness is built into the core


The white gawd has needs, and wants.......

Have they never read Exodus 21? Oh,wait, maybe they have!

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