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I thought I would introduce you to Terry Pratchett.
Here is Terry Pratchett on God.

I highly recommend you read his Discworld novels or listen to them on audiobooks.

Spinliesel 8 June 16

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Religiously I describe myself as a geologist and devout Pratchettarian.


"Within the story of Evolution is a story far more interesting than any in the Bible."
"I would much rather be a rising ape than a falling angel."

Just a couple of statements from this video with which I agree ... and so would Richard Dawkins, I imagine. An excellent share, thank you!


My dad had me buy the series for him last xmas because he was always trying to get the kids to read them. He was always a fan of All Pratchett books.

I read the first chapter of " The color of Magic" to him while I was sitting with him.the night he died. Been meaning to get back to it. I should probably get the giant box with the rest of them back from my brother so I can give them to all the kids from crazy grampa for years to come ❤

MsAl Level 8 June 16, 2020

What an astounding testimony.


I love terry pratchetts work!


This guy

What a cool shirt.

What about Mervyn Peake ?

That reminds me of the time Warner Bros threatened to sue Sir Terry over IP infringements on the Harry Potter Stories.
His answer was
"I admit it, I ripped off J.K. Rowling, only I was clever enough to do it 25 years before she ever picked up a pen."


He is my favourite author, I love his work, he faced DEATH with dignity, he believed strongly in a person's right to choose their ending and even filmed a documentary about it.

Budgie Level 7 June 17, 2020

Wonderful recommendation.


I have a friend IRL and on this site @Detritus that mentioned Terry Pratchett to me once, and since then have read and enjoyed a few.

My name is a dead giveaway that I am a fan of Sir Terry Pratchett.

@Detritus 1,2, many ...lots!

@Detritus Have you gpot your crossbow handy


I do love Pratchett and his Discworld series.


We had a group of Terry Pratchett fans, it was deleted by inactivity.
He is my favorite author, and I still haven't finished Discworld (reading it intercalating with other authors to save it).

Do we want to start another one up?

@Budgie We could, but then we have to invest on marketing and posts =).
In some days I will start a new book, so I will have a lot to say.

@Pedrohbds What do you have to do to start a group on here?

@Budgie Like this


Rambles on a bit and we are not monkeys we are apes !!

Do not get the librarian started.

@Detritus OOOKKK!!!!

@Detritus Ape-shit-crazy


Great video! Thanks for posting!


About halfway through his Discworld series...would be further along, but they're not cheap.

Hint : The public library is your friend!

Really depends, the Amazingly beautiful library editions are really not cheap, but as most of them are from the 80s and 90s you can find them in second hand stores or the common edition that are cheap.

@Edgeward my public library is closed for COVID. I get it, but OMG what a crappy time to NOT have the library!

@HippieChick58 probably there are a lot of second hand E-libraries with the books


I like him. Love his collaborations with Gaiman but he himself I only like.
I want to love the Discworld series more than I do.... guess I'm more of a stright up punny guy ala Xanth or Misadventures and Discworld is "kinda" there but not quite? I don't know. Can't put my finger on it. 🙂

Ever read Robert Aspirin's "Mythadventure" series?
Very Xanthy but lighter in tone and spirit (also, less misogynist 😉 )

Maybe it was my father's preparations for a life of love of language that primed me for Pratchett's work. I was raised in the Frisian dialect on Norse mythology, rejected Christian religion at age 11 as crazy and cruel, and floated through languages and their stories. I studied physics because there needed to be a firm structure. I read Pratchett and Gaiman and Douglas Adams and Monty Python for that thread of laconic hilarity that runs through all their writings.

Adam's is another amazing one that I love. This is what kills me! Prachett is right alongside these luminaries and I don't know why I'm not into him more.

I think maybe it's time for a re-read TBH. It has been a while....

@TheMiddleWay go for small gods, it is in the "mature" phase of discworld, is a one shot and it plays a lot with religion and atheists that needs a copper roof to protect them from thunders sent by gods.

My first Discworld book was "Going Postal", which is somewhere in the twenties, and I enjoyed it immensely. Subsequently I thought, I should start from the beginning and got the first book, which I didn't find as entertaining. In fact, had I started with the first initially, I would not have gotten past that one. I think the genre, in general, is not my bag. I have listened to others and enjoyed most of them.


Love his Disc World series , especially his witches .

Yes! Which one is your favorite?

@Spinliesel nanny Ogg, of course.


If you guys haven't watched the "Good Omens" mini-series they did on Amazon Prime, it's hysterical. It's based on the book Terry did with Neil Gaiman.

Yes, I have watched the series several times now. It is a great delight.


Terry was a genius writer his books hold up a distorted mirror to out society point out the good the bad and the plane loony. I have read all the disc world several times. those books helped me through a very bad time in my ( along with being in an amateur theatre) life when things gotr bad i would delve into his books and roll on the floor with laughter. I couldnt get along with the long earth series though


I'm a big fan, and have read almost everything he ever published.


Thanks for the intro! I maintain a list currently numbering at 700+ commentators who have something interesting to say about religion from a critical perspective, and he is new to me.

He wrote books!

@Spinliesel What's presented here is fine material to mine for editing out the 30 sec to 10 minute sound bites from diverse sources which is a pastime of mine. And the new toy I discovered a year ago, text to speech engines, allows me to do the same for the printed word and long past historical figures.

@Rossy92 Sounds fascinating, especially for the American audience with such a short attention span.


He was one of the best of the British writers! There were a number of others, but each had a class of their own.


Still cry that he left me

Amisja Level 8 June 17, 2020
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