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How would you handle this?

I am this year's coordinator for a local observance of an annual event held by my alma mater. The event is called Muster, the school Texas A&M University. The local group is my classmates. Traditionally the coordinator closes the ceremony with the exact same words, year to year. The final sentence is: "The Muster is dismissed until April 21, 20xx, and may God be with us all until we meet again."
If you were in my position, what would you do?

pilotlight11 5 Apr 5

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Just add the word 'your' in front of god.


As a ritual just say the words and get on with it.


If you're looking to change the words, I'd ask to see if you're going to ruffle any feathers. I personally would go with, best of times to all until we meet again.


These kinds of things really don’t bother me. Do I like it? No, but I choose my battles.


They are ritual words. IE they are just words. If the tradition is to say them, say them. It's about the tradition, not your sensebilities, by choosing to participate you are tacitly agreeing to the ritual. That's my take, based on what you posted.

Nice perspective. Thanks. This ceremony is not about me or what I believe, it is about those that could have been at last years, but can't be at this years. Following the tradition is definitely the higher ground.


Do you have a committee or are you the head honcho and decisionmaker?. You could talk to the committee or make the change yourself.

Committee of 1 in a room of far right Christians, all of whom I have enormous respect for. This all has to do with continuity of tradition. And this one particular ceremony holds the place of highest honor of all the traditions at A&M.


Look around, and if you see God please take a picture. I'm curious as to whether we created him in our image. 🙂


"The Muster is dismissed until April 21, 20xx. Until we meet again."
You don't have to say 'god'. If they don't like it, they don't have to ask you to be the
coordinator again. If anyone asks why you didn't say it that, tell them. Do not allow
yourself to be coerced into speaking words you don't believe.

Good option.

@pilotlight11 Reinforces the notion that it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
Do what ya gotta do. Be true to yourself.


Wow.... The closest I'd wilingly come is to change the words to "may your god be with you until we meet again." In my mind that is a recdognition of different religious traditions as well as slyly lettign those who don't believe have not god, as well as slyly stting that you don't believe in god.

I assume you meant "may YOUR god be with you...." I certainly am not going to say "our god"

@pilotlight11 Yeah, that was a typo. I fixed it.


probably have a dose of the flu before going or a dose of coughing thorugh the end part


I would probably just say it. However, if you don't want to, you could just say "until we meet again" or "and may peace and happiness be with you until we meet again", or something else like it.


Let it be. Some people find comfort in those words.

Equally, some may find discomfort. It might depend on the audience.

Why is their comfort more important than pilot's???
That's part of why it's so hard for non-believers to gain any real traction in making change. We are far too accommodating to their delicate sensibilities.

@KKGator Let me suggest that if you an find a copy, read Postman and Weingarten's little bookj entitled THE SOFT REVOLUTION, written around 1972. Two important messages I took from that book (among others) are (1) if piecemeal change is not working, it is because we have not changes enough pieces, and (2) DO NOT attack the opposition's major symbols -- it causes increased resistance. Instead, take their symbol and attach new meanings to it.

@wordywalt I didn't suggest he attack anything. All I said was leave god out of his comments and ignore the tradition. That's not an attack.

@KKGator I'm sorry. It was not my intent to say that you were attacking anything. What I was trying to say was that often indirect approaches can often be as successful, if not more, without rasing the hackles of ultra-sensitive conservatives.

@wordywalt I think leaving out those few words is very much an indirect approach.


How about the sign-off line of Dave Allen (Irish comedian and atheist)

"...and may your God be with you all ..."

(Actually he use to say "... and may your God go with you." but I adapted it.)

Definite possibility because a previous line in the same closing remarks goes: "I charge you each to remain firm in your loyalty to your country and your God."


Until we meet again period

Well, the actual date of the next Muster (even though it is the same day every year) is always included. Since this ceremony is the strongest tradition at A&M we don't change much in it year to year.


Is this a prayer, that you have to do ?

Not exactly a prayer, but yes it has to be done.


I'd just end it with "...and may you all still be with us when we meet again." It's a more sincere wish: that no one in the group dies over the next year.

I agree.

Me, 2!


Another great suggestion thanks

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