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Tuesday, ‎July ‎07, ‎2020

GOD - as - ENERGY -
being One Self - thru U -
an – animal – species –
a – bipedal – life form –
a – sentient – form of Life –

an - Eternal & Divine - Spirit -
inhabiting a - body of – matter –
for a very brief - period of – Time –
occupying a mynute portion of – Space –

a - Soul - of - LOVE -
a – Spirit - of – GOD –
a – Being - of – ENERGY –
being a - Creature of - LIFE -

an - Eternal Being - Divinely - being -
a - Person - thru a - human - form of LIFE -
an Individuation of - ENERGY - as One Self -

Ones Essence – Personified –
thru a human – form of Life –
being an expression of – U –

U R & I AM – as – GOD IS –
Eternal & Divine – in our – Being –
LOVE – is our – Essence – being LIFE –
We R - LOVE in LIFE - as - One Self Soul Spirit -

Namaste – Creatures of – matter –
Spirits of Love – as Energy – in Life –
personifying & manifesting – One Self –
as a – Being – there-of – dwelling – there-in –

Know & Realize - that which is Ones – {Self Soul Spirit Being} –
and ye shall become - Aware of - that which is – GOD –
as LIFE being – All things & No thing – thru EVERY thing -

a - Spirit of Life - being - One Self - there-in -

I AM & U R - as ALL is - GOD - as - ENERGY - being - LIFE -
in as thru - an infinite # - of tellurian forms - shapes & sizes -
comprised of - {matter mass liquid & gas} - U & I - as humans -
being - Magnificent yet mortal - sublunary animal - Life forms -

I AM & U R - as ALL is - an expression of - GOD in LIFE -
U R & I AM - as All of LIFE is - ENERGY - expressing -
We R - Beings - there-of - manifesting - there-in -

Love Often in Life
and U will Be Happy


KWAPELL7 6 July 14

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Word salad!

Just your daily allowance for gibberish?

WHAT do - you - mean? Salad - is - tasty and - NUTRITIOUS. MUNCH - on - random words {and} nonsense - punctuation.

so put your favorite dressing on it - and enjoy -

Crazy Religious Asshole!


Come - back - when you learn - how - to - write.

reply when U learn how to - READ - ENGLISH -


Fuck man have you ANY idea how irritating your shit is?

No - but I do fully realize how extremely irritating your profound Ignorance is -

@KWAPELL7 Len is one one of the most intelligent here. You,,,,,not so much.


OH - crap - a punc....tu....ated. Load OF -

Tilia Level 7 July 14, 2020

Oh crap - another - Ignorant & mentally deprived - human - pretending to be able to - read & comprehend - ENGLISH -

Bwaaahahahahahaa..... okay,, that was good.. Thanks for the laugh today. 😄👍


more bullcrap from the "letters are not words" self described genius, stable genius? or just like trump, a "fucking moron" as Tillerson said.

Trump is in fact & deed a Moron - and apparently U R very close kin - as your mind is as fragile and bereft of intellectual capacity as his has been shown to Be - if U R unable to read & comprehend these post - why do U bother continuing to embarrass yourself - by openly proclaiming your absurd ignorance - regarding such acute inability - to comprehend the English language -

@KWAPELL7 already told you that letters are not words, now fuck off and go look at your stupid thesaurus. Using ornate language doesn't mean you are smart, asshole! You're too old to be writing the way you write which not even teens use except with their own peers. Everybody here is telling you how imbecilic your way of writing is yet you remain oblivious to that fact and try to insult people insinuating only you are smart, when it is obvious from the way you write that moronic narcissism runs through your veins. Grow up and go troll in sites for teenies who are the only ones that will enjoy your stupid rants and asinine ineptitude.

finally - an at least somewhat contemplative - if not irrational response -

I AM - NOT - the one who has stated - insinuated & intimated -
very clearly - numerous times - a profound yet stupefying -
inability - ineptitude - incapacity -to - READ ENGLISH -

as such - look within to find that which U R without -

@KWAPELL7 don't have to when your imbecilic posts cry out of ineptitude. Just look in the mirror dude.


You can't just string words together and think you've said something.
Language doesn't work that way.
Neither does consciousness.

I do like some of the pictures you posted.
I like #2, but without the "enlightened consciousness" part- woo is woo, any way you slice it.

Agreed, the cat pictures are excellent. The rest is mish-mosh.

please list what words U percieve that I have "strung together" - that U R unable to elucidate the meaning there-of - and I will gladly assist U in discerning and ascertaining their - definition - value - and relevance to the post -


Umm, wut?


More stupid shit.

yes indeed - more - Pearls of Wisdom - fed to & consumed by - One such as U - the illiterate -

@KWAPELL7 matter of opinion and yours don't count. Take your god shit and shove it.

@KWAPELL7 I'm illiterate? And yet you have demonstrated your lack of ability to communicate in a readable fashion, you're as the stupid person that continues to use the same ineffective writing style expecting different results.

have U not yet noticed - I AM - making U choke - gasp - and gurgle - while U R - attempting to digest - the words of - GOD -

if by "readable fashion" U mean using the - "ENGLISH" - language -
I AM - in fact so doing - it is your innate - inability - to comprehend such articulation - that befuddles your attempt to elucidate its meaning -

@KWAPELL7 yeah, right, you just keep petting that ego of yours and keep believing that.. Go worship a light bulb, that's a good energy source. It'll put a little light on that dull mind of yours.

@MrDragon - just to be clear - a light bulb - is NOT - a source of - Energy -
it is a source of - Light - which as well - just to be clear - is Not - able to enhance -
the Awareness nor Aptitude - of your dull mind -

I could have used much stronger & prolific verbiage to denote your ___
but I chose not to -

if U R going to persist in this trivial game of belittlement -
I should warn U - I have played this game with the Best for well over 10 years now -
in this current time of Life - and as yet - have still not found anyone even remotely close -
to being a challenge -

U initiated this derogatory discourse - as such -
I will leave it up to U to - determine & decide -
when U have had enough -


GOD - incarnate -

@KWAPELL7 you seem to be the one wishing to carry it on, other wise you would of stopped, me I have nothing but time to indulge your egotistical rantings. You just keep on petting that ego of yours as you wander aimlessly off your topic. Which you have no proof of or evidence to support it, other than your most wild imaginings. Your turn.

@MrDragon OK then -

I will allow your answer to the following - basic question -
determine whether I persist in such derogatory discourse -

Q. have U personally ever witnessed - observed -
or percieved - the Sun rising and or setting ??

If U answer correctly - I will cease & desist -

if U answer incorrectly - U will have very clearly - profoundly & demonstrably -
exposed a very basic personal lack of Awareness of the world in which U exist -
and as such I will most likely choose to - terminate - Any & All - further communications with U -

either way - U win -
& both ways - I win -

Namaste - that which is - Eternal - Divinely being - human -

your move -

@KWAPELL7 same question back at you and same conditions exist. Your turn.
The all is mind, everything is mental.

@MrDragon - the answer to such question - while seeming to be obvious - is in fact - clearly & definitively - obfuscated & clouded - yet firmly couched & planted in the delusions of man -

the answer there-fore to the riddle at hand -

NO human - has EVER seen - percieved nor observed - such celestial phenomenon -
as such phenomenon has NEVER occurred in - time nor space -

in such response I have provided your answer -
and now according to the terms of our agreement -
I AM - free of U - and your rather - rude & snide - comments -
yet in Truth - I have rather enjoyed our disparaging - War of words -

Namaste - that which is Eternal being finite -
in as thru a - Magnificent yet mortal - form of Life -

may LIFE be for thee as thou hast - so Chosen -
for - ALL of LIFE - is the - Choice of - Ones Self -
as an - Eternal Being - Divinely being - human -

@KWAPELL7 thank you, I to also enjoyed it. It had taken what seemed to be a long and boring day and filled it with amusement. Thank you for your time.

@MrDragon U R most welcome & Thank U for time well spent 🙂

@KWAPELL7 Stupid 'Light" are photons. Photons are light. Photons cause heat. Therefore, light is energy.

@PondartIncbendog - man U R a bit dense aren't U - of course - Light is Energy -

he specifically stated "Go worship a light bulb, that's a good energy source"

now had he said "Go worship light, that's a good energy source"
then and only then would U be correct -

but as - ANY & ALL - can plainly - clearly & obviously - OBSERVE -
that U - have made the case for your own - Stupidity -

step up your game a notch or 2 - will U -
U R - literally - embarrassing - your - Self -


@KWAPELL7 is dedicated to preaching spirituality. He has accounts on many websites: pinterest,, youtube,, and All of those accounts contain spiritualist material.

I am opposed to the use of this website as a vehicle to preach against agnosticism or atheism. I find his posts annoying.

I'm going to need to use the only vehicle available to me: I'm going to need to block him.

Would you like a block. I have some cement blocks?

U R correct - BitFlipper - I do have many & various accounts -

and Yes - proudly so - each is profusely filled -
with the Truth of LIFE - clearly articulated -
for any such as your Self to confute the -
Validity & Veracity - there-of - if so able -

U should also take note of the - Fact -
that NO ONE has been able to so confute -
refute - dispute nor deny - the - Truth -
as I have proclaimed & promulgated it to BE -

as such - it is a Sad day indeed when an Atheist -
or Agnostic Chooses to remain - Willfully and -
intentionally Ignorant to & Fear-full of the TRUTH -


whom ever you are trying to impress with your ostentatious vocabulary are to busy laughing at your grammar and notice. What a sloppy puddle of words. Dribble.

I AM trying to impress - NO One - least of all - someone such as yourself -
who apparently - is just as bereft of Intellectual acuity & capacity -
as sooo many other moronic derogatory commentors in this group -

as to your comment "What a sloppy puddle of words. Dribble."

such statement clearly & abundantly - displays your utter & profound Ignorance -
as well as prominently & clearly displaying your - inept & vacuous - mental state -

come on - big boy - I AM starting to enjoy this game of insults - bring it on -

@KWAPELL7 Okay, so YOU want a debate about God, etc, etc, then do you?
Then here I am, an Atheist with a Doctorate Degree in Theology and Comparative Modern Religions, which Christianity, Islam and ALL other off-shoots the Judaeo Belief system are btw.
So, HIT me with your very BEST shot, as the saying goes, BUT remember to 'Duck and Cover' because I WILL be firing back with the Full Salvo.

@Triphid - nice credentials - I can appreciate the - time & effort - spent in acquiring such -

now lets determine if such time was well spent -

btw just to be concise - the GOD that I reference is very specifically defined & described below -
and - is NOT a - representation of - (as defined by the various "holy" books) - your - God(s) -

my credentials R as follows - I AM - GOD - being human -

please dissect - analyze - examine - elucidate & explicate -
cogitate & contemplate - determine & decide - the Value -
Validity & Veracity - of each statement made - here-in -
each - word term & phrase - articulated in this - postulate -

** postulate key - GOD LOVE ENERGY & LIFE -
they R ALL the same thing and as such R fully -
synonymous with each other and - ALL that IS -

*** intriguing note of peculiar message - structure - (lol)
read the last few word(s) enclosed by hyphens - vertically -
to very often discover yet another intentionally - truncated message -

dispute -deny and/or refute - that which - ye R able -
consider - contemplate - cogitate - discern & ascertain -
that which is "TRUE" and then determine if it is - Your Truth -

I AM an Aspect of - GODs LOVE as ENERGY - being a - Person in LIFE -
I AM that which I have - Chosen to - express and experience - my Self AS -
while I AM being a Magnificent yet mortal & sublunary - human - form of LIFE -

I AM Aware of that which I AM being - as an - Eternal Being -
Divinely being - a Person - in as thru a - Magnificent yet Mortal -
physical - biologic - human - body of - {matter mass liquid & gas} -

I AM - a - Soul of Love - a - Spirit of ENERGY - a - Being of LIFE -
expressing & experiencing - the - Will & Intent - Desires & Choices -
of One {Body Mind Spirit} - thereby - Personifying - Who it is that I AM being -
in as thru a - corporeal & temporal - tellurian & sublunary - human form of LIFE -

I AM - an - Eternal Being - Divinely being its - Self -
in as thru - Ones Self - as a - Singularly Unique - form of LIFE -
in order that I might KNOW my SELF - exponentially & experientially -

U R & I AM as ALL is - ENERGY - expressing -
for there is - Truly - No thing & Nothing - in LIFE -
that is - Not - composed & comprised - there-of -
as such R We - Beings - Souls - Spirits - of - ENERGY -

I AM an - Eternal & Divine - Spirit of LIFE -
inhabiting - animating - directing & controlling -
a physical - biologic - electro-chemical - human -
body of - matter mass liquid & gas - being a - Person -
in as thru a - temporal - tellurian & sublunary - Life form -

as such AM I - GOD - expressing -
as such R U an expression of - GOD -
as such is - ALL of LIFE - GOD - Eternally being -

I AM & U R - as ALL is - GOD - expressing its - Self in LIFE -
We R - Individuations of that which is - ALL things & No thing -
being - EVERY thing - as such is - GOD being LIFE - thru U & I -
as such is - GOD - Omnipotent - Omniscient - Omnipresent -
and so it is that We R ALL as GOD is - Eternal & Divine - Beings -

that should do to get us started -
if U require further or more detailed elaboration -
or a fuller explication of ANY aspect of the postulate -

don't hesitate to bring it up -

and yes I fully realize many points were articulated - several times -
in varying - manner & form - of expression - it is - intentional -

if One cannot - refute - dispute or deny - the - Validity & Veracity -
of the assertions - proclamations & declarations - I have made here-in -
than what R the repercussion there-of - in the World that - U percieve your -
Self - yet not your - Soul nor Spirit - to exist within - and for - U to BE - without -

@KWAPELL7 Despite your apperent, utterly erroneous delusions re-yourself,

  1. No-one is ever/ was ever God nor ever will be,
  2. You like everyone else are Mortal, you have a finite life-span,
  3. the only energy/power that exists within you is derived solely from the foods you eat and the micro-voltages generated by your own body so it may function,
  4. like everyone else that has come before and will come after you, you ARE a frail, fallible, Corporeal being, a combination of chemical elements, nothing more, nothing less and when you die, as you surely will one day, what was once you will simply rot away in a grave, unless you are cremated that is but the results will still be the same anywa, those elements will return to nature and simply be re-cycled by worms, bacteria, etc, etc until they too become fertiliser for plants, trees and the like,
  5. You do NOT have either a Soul or an Eternal Spirit within you, like everyone else you ARE exactly what you are, a bag of water, bones and meat all combined together,
  6. Delusions of Grandeur are most common in those who desire to smething they can never ever hope to be and, imho, you are suffering from such delusions, ergo, I honestly and humbly recommend you seek Psychriatric help for them A.S.A.P.

@Triphid - I will reply in full a little later -

suffice it to say for now - your response is at best - just that a response -
couched & confined in the same - limited & restricted - mental parameters - intellectual & theosophic - perspectives & perceptions - that have kept humans ignorant for millennia -

@Triphid pls marry me ?
I don’t eat much , I work plenty , I am clean and I pee in the bathroom 🙌🙌🙌♥️♥️♥️


my reply/response to each of your statements -

1 - GOD - is - All things & No thing - being EVERY thing -

as such is - GOD - Omniscient - Omnipotent - Omnipresent -

2. I have clearly & repeatedly - determined & affirmed -

that I AM Aware of such mortal corporeal & telleurian -
Aspect of my Being - yet - I Do NOT - consider nor conclude -
this physical biologic temporal & sublunary - Body of matter -
mass liquid & gas to be the full definition of - that which I AM -
as so doing would mean that I do not there-fore - acknowledge -
the very Essence of that which I AM as an Eternal Being Divinely being -

the body derives some of its ENERGY from many such ingestable -
forms of matter - yet the entire body (as ALL of LIFE) is - composed -
and comprised of - ENERGY - which is NOT derived from matter - it CREATES matter - and forms it - into an infinite # of various - forms -shapes & sizes - of that which is - a Part of - an Aspect of - an Individuation of - LIFE -

4. same answer as given for # 3 -

5. Each & Every - Aspect of LIFE - has GOD within it -

as GOD is ENERGY in LIFE - being - ALL things & No thing -
as such there is No thing & Nothing in LIFE that is NOT - GOD being -

One may choose to deny that - GOD - exist -
but One - Cannot deny - that - LIFE - exist -
and - GOD is LIFE - as - ENERGY - expressing -

We R - Spirits of LIFE - Eternally - being - Divine -
U & I - R - Eternal Beings - Divinely being - forms of LIFE -
We R - as ALL is - the expression of - ENERGY in LIFE - as GOD being -

6. "Delusions of Grandeur" - yes such "delusions" of being greater than -

what we - observe & percieve - our Essence of Life to be - has been severely -
restricted & restrained - as well being intentionally - curtailed & constrained -
primarily by the very religions that U say U detest the ignorance - there-of -
such limited perception has been deeply ingrained in the human conscious -

that U an Athiest & an apparently an eminent scholar - still not only - abide by -
but even seem to promote & decree such - convoluted mental constrictions -
is beyond the pall - sphere or realm of being - rational - reasonable - or - Logical -

as to your exegesis of the postulate - don't feel to bad -
your colleagues - compeer's - confrère's - at Yale - Harvard - UVA -
and a few other such - prestigious institutions - did not fare much better -

no matter - Thank U for the time & effort put forthe -

Namaste - that which is - GOD - as - ENERGY - expressing -
in as thru - a finite - tellurian & sublunary - human - Life form -


@Triphid - it seems as though U have a Love interest -
and with just a brief perusal of her profile - U 2 seem to be a -
Great match - she as U - refuses to even entertain a thought -
that does not strictly conform to her current - "beliefs" -

a match made in heaven - for U to enjoy - while U R on Earth -

congrats !!

@Pralina1 How far is Utopia from the 'Back of Bourke' where I live?
Either way you'd definitely at the very top of my list for sure.
Hey, how do you fell about just 'shacking up?'
After all, marriage is just a bit of paper at best anyway.

@KWAPELL7 Hey now hold your horses there, thar WAS just my opening shot across your bows so to speak.
In all actuality I sincerely doubt if you would know the meanings of the words you use since it IS patently and painfully obvious, in extremis, that your Grammatical and Compositionary Skills and appear to be well below the sub-par of even a complete and utter Cretin in my honest opinion..

@Triphid - well then - fire another shot - and this time try hitting the subject matter (target) more directly -

R U able to - refute - dispute or deny -
ANY - aspect of the postulate - ??
if so please do -

as to my - "Grammatical and Compositionary Skills" -
R U now claiming to have some formal degree or expertise -
in such matters of grammatical - syntax - structure - verbiage -

if so U may want to revisit - some of your - texts & notes -
in so doing U will discover - that it is U that is- in fact in error -
but if U R able to provide evidence to the contrary - feel free to so do -
many have tried - None have succeeded - give it the old college try -

your ship is sinking - what tactics tools or skills of - mental acuity -
will U bring to bear to keep it afloat & operational - while U sleep at the helm -

as an aside - U might want to focus a bit more - on your mating skills -
as I don't think shes buying the whole "lets live together" thing - 🙂

@KWAPELL7 Well now FYI thatwould depend on whethyer or not you consider my bhaving 2 (TWO) Phd's, 1 (One) Thd, 5 (FIVE) Bachelor's Degrees (and counting on gaining 3 more in the next 12-18 months) plus Certifactes in General Nursing, Paediatric Nursing, Emergency and Trauma Nursing, Operating Theatre Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Mid-Wifery, Literacy and Numeracy Teaching to Primary School Students, Youth in Crisis Counseling, Accountancy and Book-Keeping, Oxy-Acetyline and Electric Arc Welding, Over-head Crane Driving, Pneumatic Brake Fitting and Repairing, Steam Locomotive Driving plus Blacksmithing as well.
So, please feel most free to expound your 'qualifications now, IF you please.

@KWAPELL7 Hey, you DO realise that such delusions as youappear to be suffering from are quite treatable with medications don/t you?

@Triphid Is there a special technique to mig welding upside down? Or is it just experience?

@Triphid - I can tell U have been taking such meds for quite some time -
and to be honest with U they don't appear to be helping U much -
R U sure U R taking the right dosage - U might want to ask -
your doctor to bump it up a notch or 2 - maybe 4 or 5 -

my qualifications remain the same -

I AM - GOD - expressing - its - Self Soul Spirit -
in as thru a - mortal - human - form of LIFE -
being whom I choose to - express One Self - AS -

@KWAPELL7 Wow, people here we seemto have not ONLY a God of all Gods but a Seer into minds, the Messiah of Messiahs re-incarnate so let us all gather up the Palm Fronds, genuflect unto Him who is Almighty as we sing loudly Hosanna.

@PondartIncbendog Never actually done any Mig or Tig welding I'm sorry to say, just the normal Electric Arc Welding though I'd love to be able to afford and learn to use Mig and Tig welders.

@Triphid - if Ones "god" is less than - Omniscient - Omnipotent - Omnipresent -
or if (it) is - NOT - All things & No thing - being EVERY thing - as - ENERGY in LIFE -

than (it) is in - Fact & Deed - not much of a - "god" -

now is it -

@KWAPELL7 There is and never has been a God/Gods/Goddesses either in man/woman or child or even anywhere else in the ENTIRE Universe EXCEPT in the minds of Primitive, Fear-filled minds of Humans.
Just like everyone else who came before and will come after you, you ARE just a very mortal chunk of flesh, bones and liquids, a Corporeal being no different that any other living being past, present or future.
Everything has a finite life-span, even the Sun, Moon and the stars, etc, etc, one day some time in the nearer future you, just like anyone else, will die, decay away and be forgetten by some generation/s yet to be born.
Oh yes, you may say that many people from the past have been and are still remembered BUT that is only because they made some mark, notable, noble or ignoble, that was recorded into the History of Humankind.
Can you name and recall the face, etc, of your Great Great Grandfather 20 or more times removed?

@Triphid OK - lets take this - step by step -

1. ALL of LIFE is ENERGY - expressing -

Can we agree upon this - fact -
as science - currently -
has it - established - ?

2. ENERGY is GOD - being -

Eternal & Divine - in its very -
Nature - Essence & Being -

just as - GOD is ENERGY - being -
ALL things & No thing - as - EVERY thing -

** now in the statement above -
replace the word / term "GOD" with - LOVE -
then replace the word - LOVE - with - LIFE -
and finally replace - LIFE - with - ENERGY -

**U will note they R ALL - synonymous -
with each other - as - GOD in U & I -

3. U R & I AM - Beings - there-of -

expressing - One Self - there-in -

4. therefore We R - Eternal Beings -

Divinely being - a mortal - form of LIFE -

if One cannot - refute - dispute or deny -
the - Validity & Veracity of - such statements -

they R thus - considered to be -
Accurate - and thus - TRUE -
and if they R - True - than they R -
and thus must be - Real & relevant -

as such - in fact & deed - R - U & I -
Eternal Beings - Divinely - being -
Parts of - Aspects of - Individuations of -
GOD - as - ENERGY in LIFE - being a Person -

Namaste - that which is - ENERGY -
manifesting - One Self - in as thru a -
Majestic yet Mortal - human form of LIFE -

seek not - Ones Self - without -
as that which U R - dwells within -
the human - Person that is U Being -

1)Energy is a PART of life, we eat, we digest the foods and those nutrients we derive from said foods is converted intoenergy by which the cells operate, etc, etc.
Scientific rule here, "Energy can neither lost nor destroyed it is simply changed."
2) God is neither Energy nor is Energy God.
IF that were so, then the Electrical energy you used to type and send your messages/postings/comments MUST be God and,logically, EVERY time you switch your ELECTRICAL devices OFF then you are also switching GOD off,
3) Correct for a change, Yes, we are ALL beings, mortal Corporeal beings, we were created by the interactions of chemicals found all over the Universe, those chemicals combined in a very natural manner to form the basic Ammino Acids that then went on further, quite naturally, to become RNA and then DNA, the Building blocks of Life as we know it,
4) WE are NOT eternal, we cannot be 'eternal' until such times occur when the sciences, etc, have discovered and perfected a method/methods in which we can never ageand die,
5) Namaste IS a Hindu and often a Buddist Greeting of Hello, Farewell anda wishing of Good Health, Happiness and Longevity passed between two people. IT is NOT Energy.
Ergo, since you have ONLY managed to get 1 comment correct out of a TOTAL of 4, then sadly, I must say that you have FAILED miserably.


1. ENERGY - IS - LIFE - being -

ENERGY - cannot be destroyed -
and is there-fore - Eternal in its Nature -
** these statements R - scientifically -
Self evident & verified to be - Accurate & Valid -
and thus they cannot Logically be - denied nor refuted -

U R - Energy in Life - thus a - Being of ENERGY -
and as such - R U a - Being - of - LIFE -
which in turn - makes U an - Eternal - Being -
Divinely being a Person thru a human - LIFE form -

2. if - ENERGY is - Omniscient - Omnipotent - Omnipresent -

(which it is) all 3 as your science has it - currently - defined -
described & identified - to exist as - ALL things & No thing -
being - EVERY thing - is not such - definition & description -
also - Logical & Rightfully - associated with the term "GOD" -

if your - definition & description - of - GOD -
does - NOT - include the - descriptive words -
& terms - Omnipotent - Omniscient - Omnipresent -
than yours is in fact & indeed - a much lesser - god -
and is neither - Supreme nor Almighty -
as - GOD is ENERGY - being - EVERY thing -

3. we both concur the point to be valid -

4. We R - Eternal as aptly described in the answers above -

yet U R correct - the physical body - composed of matter -
mass liquid & gas - is in fact & deed a - tellurian & sublunary -
finite - temporal & corporeal - human - animal - creature -

  1. Namaste - U R correct is used - expressed & defined -
    in many ways by numerous & various - cultures & societies -
    the manner in which I used the term - is as a - salutation -
    to the Being I AM - addressing - & an affirmation that -
    I recognize & acknowledge the - GOD - within that Person -

Namaste - that which is - ENERGY - Eternally - being -

if One does not - go within -
One will surely - go without -

U appear to be - without - sufficient evidence -
to disprove - that which is - within - the Being U R -

@KWAPELL7 Would you NOT be far, far happier and more contended on some Spititual/Religious Site preaching to choir, so to speak, where they WILL welcome your dreary, tired old Rhetoric with open arms rather than being here as yet another, imo, Poor, Deluded, Insufferable, Religiotard, Dipshit Troll trying vainly to 'convert' WE, Atheists and Agnostics, to your arcane, archaic Beliefs, Myths and Superstitions and where your chances of success are rated at approx, 1,000,000, 000,000 to 1 AGAINST?
FYI, we EAT Religiotards and Trolls for a snack and then proceeded to spit out the bones.
So, how would you like to be served up,

  1. Roasted,
  2. Sauted,
  3. Char-grilled,
  4. Deep-fried with a side of Fries and Salads, or perhaps,
  5. Spit-roasted over an open fire, basted with 11 herbs and spices?

@Triphid the answer to your query is an emphatic - NO -

I would not rather be somewhere else -
I have Absolutely - NO INTEREST-
whatsoever in "converting" - ANYONE -

my original intent in posting to this site -
was to have those - (Atheist & Agnostics) -
gathered here-in provide - some Rational -
Logical & Reasonable - feedback to the -
actual meaning - Value - Validity & Veracity -
of the postulate -

which (surprisingly enough) - apparently -
all anyone here can muster is a - critique of the -
posts - syntax - Grammar - Punctuation & Verbiage -

so yes in fact - I AM - astounded & disappointed -
at such - low levels of - mental & intellectual - acuity -
I AM not entirely surprised - as such - willfull ignorance -
is prolific - in culture - peoples - societies around the World -
but most often found in those with - religious indoctrination -
which is what surprised me the most - U guys supposedly had -
gotten past all that - Self limiting - narrow minded - bullshit -

my presumption was obviously in error -

now - as to how I would like to be served up -

I would like to be sampled as all 5 -

just try not to choke on my words as U - swallow them -
and U will probably have to cover them - in BBQ sauce -
as the - Truth - can at times be a bitter - morsel to ingest -

@KWAPELL7 First I shall offer up a postulation of my own here,

  1. It appears to me that imo your possibly flagging Ego has forced you yet again get the connections 'twixt brain, mouth and anus confused once more,
  2. and as such your delusions of self-importance, combined with naggings of your flagging Ego have driven you to relapse into yet another bout Chronic, Senseless, Meaningless, Unmitigated Verbal Diarrhoea,
  3. Given the length of time it has taken to compose and post your response/reply I postulate that, imo, you may well have needed to TRY to consult others of your ilk and, if possible, a dictionary or 2 to do so.
    Now, as to your suggestion that "truth- can at times be a bitter-morsel to digest-" then some, like yourself for instance, may find that "truth is a hard Pill to swallow" but to those who cherish Truth, Fsct, Logic, Reasoning, etc, etc, etc, it IS both never a problem to swallow and nor it is a great burden to carry around.
    Since Truth, unlike Bullshit, is like a fortune in precious stones, i.e.a small bundle, whereas Bullshit is oft measured by the tons and is about as valueless as are your rantrings.

Holy crap, get a spellchecker.

That's not how you spell "minute", or for that matter, "you", "are", "one's", "thereof", or "therein".

You're writing, not texting. Save the U and R stuff for your phone. Proper writing would help you get your point across, should you have one.

Hail Eris!

I AM fully Aware of my - use & implementation of - the words terms & phrases -
and their grammatical function & purpose - as they R articulated in the post -

as to "Proper writing would help you get your point across"

I presume U mean that if I wrote "properly" - or conform to the "norm"
the ignorant & illiterate among U - would then somehow be able to -
actually read - elucidate - understand & comprehend - English -

No - Paul4747 - such is NOT the case - as is clearly demonstrated -
by the commentors below - most of whom clearly admit they R unable to -
or incapable of actually reading - elucidating - understanding &/or - comprehending - English -

Oh you optimist, you



Coffeo Level 8 July 15, 2020

indeed it is - odd - unique - even abnormal - (as so many in this group have decried)

yet none-the-less - TRUTH - articulated -


Gaaaah! I'm getting Facebook and WhatsApp flashbacks. I deleted those apps just to get away from this crap!

than the question begs to be - asked & answered -

WHY ?? - did U respond to (not necessarily read) -
a post containing material which U openly despise ??

@KWAPELL7 because, and this might come as a surprise to you, my response is not meant for you. 🙂

@MakeItGood - well then - again - the question thus begs to be asked & answered -
?? Why ?? - did U leave such "crappy" response to My post - ?
and if it was not meant for me - than to whom R U directing such critique - ??

@KWAPELL7 isnt it obvious for whom I write my comments? Hint: I didnt send you a PM or DM etc. 🙂

@MakeItGood - I do apologize - the overall response to the post has been mostly -
rather profound & absurd critiques - my Awareness & perception were clouded by such -
and as such I did not view such response with a broader Insight - again my apologies -

@KWAPELL7 Why do you leave such crappy posts?

@PondartIncbendog - because I know some simpleton - such as - Ones Self -
will attempt in vain to elucidate the meaning there-of - with a limited mental acuity -
that does not allow them to - discern the definition - of the words contained there-in -
which there-by leaves them incapable of responding - in any way other than derogatory -

is that a clear enough explanation for U -
or do I need to further - elaborate & explicate -
upon such issue for U to grasp your deficiency -

@KWAPELL7 Oh no, please go on Mr Education.


Didn't you post this drivel once before?

Not just once. Look at his posts. This is the only shit he posts...

So, we probably have more of it to look forward to. Swell.

I have posted such - Wisdom - numerous times - U apparently R - (as most of the other derogatory commentors) - suffering from an - acute & rather profound - mental deficiency - I suggest U seek help soon -

dear Jeff - I have not as yet - delved into or started the process of - exposing your Ignorance - thru the dissection of your - posts - responses and/or replies - I AM delayed in so doing - due to other - more pressing & much more Important - matters -

U will soon be receiving an - undeserved - yet somewhat prominent promotion - in the near future -

it would behoove U to use a - prodigiously larger - amount of -
Logic - Ration & Reason - in the - consideration & contemplation -
of the acceptance of such offer - than what U have so far demonstrated in your limited ability to analyze - examine - and come to a - rational - logical & reasonable conclusion - regarding my posts -


drunk Christian - does your - PREACHER - know about - this? OH! - YOU - R - the preacher.

No - Hankster - I AM most - EMPHATICALLY - NOT - in - ANY WAY - associated with - linked to - connected with - nor - a representative of - ANY - imbecilic - religion - belief - creed nor faith - such lunacy is for the feeble of mind - Truthfully - I expected a much more - reasoned & rational - response from the - Atheist & Agnostic - community - ahh but disappointment as Ignorance - abounds in LIFE - these responses only serve to diminish the respect I once held for those who (I apparently wrongly percieved) - were no longer constrained by the lies of their culture -

@KWAPELL7 well ok then. whats with all the dashes or hyphens and stuff? seems like if you have such a high opinion of your opinion and you wanted to share it you would do so in a way that was effective, or at least readable. one thing you might consider is that your expectations need some adjustment.

being - a Part of - an Aspect of - an Individuation of -
that which is - ALL things & No thing - means exactly that -

U R & I AM - as ALL of - LIFE - IS - Unique Individuations -
W e humans R ALL - Individuals - within a species of animals -
Each of US - ALL of US - R in - Fact & Deed - Singularly Unique -
for in - Truth - Fact & Deed - there is No thing & nothing in Life -
that is - "Exactly" - the same -

as such do I recognize my - Self to BE - a Unique Individual -
and as such - do I thus express my - Self - Uniquely -
in as thru - my articulations -

would U have - Me - tell - U - how to -
when to - or - where to - express your - SELF -
R U not - the Master of the Person - U R - being -

I AM as U R - the final arbiter of - HOW - One Chooses -
to express & thus experience - the Unique Individuation -
of LIFE that U R - as a Spirit inhabiting a mortal Life form -

@KWAPELL7 "...Such lunacy is for the feeble of mind ..."

Uhm ... you do realize that God/gods/god are all made up, right? "Religion" isn't the only thing man imagined into some sort of mental-existence. God/gods/god are nothing more than man's imagination.

An interpretation of someone's God/god/gods being energy is simply one more take, from a human being, why they believe in something supernatural/non-existent.

dear Mrs - SeaGreenEyez - it would be rather absurd for me to NOT take such - ambivalent - obtuse - perfunctory - labels titles names - into full consideration when writing this post or any other - regarding such esoteric subject matter -

my response to Cecilia2018: below - more fully answers such question

GOD - AS - ENERGY - is NOT simply - someones interpretation -
there exist - Nothing & No thing - in the relative realm of humans -
that is NOT - composed & comprised of - ENERGY - as - LIFE - being -
as such is - All that IS - Omnipotent - Omniscient - Omnipresent -

U may place whatever - label - name - identifier -
that U so choose on this - Source - of - ALL of LIFE -
it does not diminish nor alter - the reality of - GOD as LIFE -


Yes... I fear he thinks that he is

yes - GOD as ENERGY - being a form of - LIFE -

@KWAPELL7 , I read your post very carefully word by word and I think it is sweet and romantic But when I read
the word "God" as...... it's like the rest of the message disappear. If I have the opportunity to change the "God" means to me(manipulator-sadistic), I will use "nature".

Thank U most sincerely - Cecilia2018 - for such a kind & considerate - reply / response -

I understand the - recalcitrance - obdurate & contumacious - position and attitudes toward the - word term phrase - "GOD" -

as the religions of the World have sufficiently degraded & derided such term to the extent that it is in fact reprehensible to many (as it has been defined and used by those of a religious persuasion) -

however - I do NOT use the term in such colloquial manner -
the term - GOD - as I make use of it - denotes - infers & characterizes -
that which is - ALL things & No thing - being EVERY thing -

I use this 3 letter word (GOD) - as it is readily understood by
Billions of humans - to characterize that which is - Eternal & Divine -

I as well equate the term GOD as being synonymous with -
the - words or terms - LOVE - ENERGY - LIFE -
as GOD is the ENERGY of LOVE being U & I in LIFE -

Thank U again for taking the time to comment in such a polite & considerate manner - may it be for thee that LOVE forever shines -
upon - dwells within & flows throughout - the Magnificent -
Being of Life -that U R -

Namaste - that which is - ENERGY - being a form of - LIFE -
in as thru a mortal human body of matter mass liquid & gas -



Refute - deny - dispute - that which - ye R able -
consider - contemplate - analyze & examine -
discern & ascertain the Nature of your- Essence -

You write like trump talks, senseless dribble.

Cyclotron-tapir-Egg whisk
Interactive-gobbledygook-information-in absentia
Mocking-Hyena-sphincter-in a blew-berry-automotive-acrostic functionality


You sound like a 12 year old trying to act deep.


@LenHazell53 And that is a First Class Word Diarrrea Trophy.! I thought the other guy was good.

Be bop do you? Kanoit abodd forhear? Just can't compete with Len.

" the pony express " "And your sisters ass'!


And I quote:
"KWAPELL7 5 replied July 20, 2020 0
@waitingforgodo - ... -
I AM intentionally being circumlocutory in a deliberate attempt -
to specifically & concisely - state - accurately & clearly - my point -

which is to - Awaken & Enlighten - those seeking such - Awareness -"

Bit of a shame that circumlocutory means the opposite of concise, accurate and clear:

"using many words where fewer would do, especially in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive; long-winded."

U R correct - I should have used the term - circuitous -
"longer than the most direct way."

I AM however correct as well - in my usage of the word - circumlocutory -
as the aspect of its definition that I sought to express - "long winded" -
does in fact suit the postulate - and describe my attempt to fully -
define & explain - what has been articulated - i.e. it is a bit "long winded"

as to its use - being - "vague or evasive" -
I thought many might appreciate such characterizations -
as for many reading such post this is what they have concluded -

as such I found - circumlocutory -
to be - a fitting and apt descriptor -

but Thank U for pointing out -
such - seeming discrepancy -


I think you have been educated beyond your intelligence.

well now - that is an interesting & unique - assertion - statement -

given that I have recieved - requested & require - NO - formal education -
as I being Aware of - Who & What I AM - require No such instruction from -
anyone much less Beings that R not yet - Awake nor Aware of - Who & What they R -

as such R my - Knowledge - Wisdom - Intellect & Awareness -
beyond the "norm" - using societies currently defined parameters -

as a side note - Ones - Intelligence & Mental acuity - is derived from -
and depends upon - the Quality of What is being taught - not on how much -
nor for how long the student is force fed data presented from a - limited perspective -
so it is that I need not - a certificate - badge - nor - medal - to - recognize & acknowledge -
admit & except - that which I - Know my Self to BE - as GOD expressing thru a - form of Life -

@KWAPELL7 Your assertions that education is a process of force feeding data from a limited perspective is just a way to try and invalidate the views of those with superiel knowledge. Problem is what you describe is indoctrination not education. In order to be educated you must have some degree of humility. Not your strong suit.

@Casey07 it would - benefit tremendously -
(your group of supposedly - mentally adept) -
in very - visibly - Obvious - and - Self Realized -
ways if U would - SPELL - the word - "superior" -
accurately - if it is to be - used - in the - manner -
way shape & form U intended it to - exemplify -

that would be a good starting point on your -
journey to - Self Awareness- & - Intellectual -
Mastery of - Who U R - attempting to Personify
Ones Self - AS - while being a - human - Being -

(U meant to write & thus spell -
superior - NOT - "superiel" - ' : -\

as to your statement -
"In order to be educated you must have some degree of humility. Not your strong suit." -

that is an interesting statement unto its self -
& into the - intellect & limited perspective -
and as well a rather - sanctimonious & ignoble -
and even - pious - Nature - of its - promulgator - 💔

I have never heard such - absurd - incongruous -
and - shockingly - ignorant & Self Righteous - indignation - coming from an - Atheist nor an -
Agnostic - I thought such groups - had gotten -
well past - such - limitations & restrictions - as -
imposed by others - (church-peers-culture) -
alas again - I AM at loss for words -

well not quite -
now back to the topic at hand -

R U attempting to infer - intimate -
state or proclaim - that if One lacks - humility -
education - can thus - NOT - be - had nor found -
obtained nor realized -

is this Truly your position on - such matter - ??
R U the "official" representative - of this group -
that purportedly has a -"superiol" - intellect -

enough of this lunacy -

humility is not a limiting factor -
in Ones ability to acquire an "education" -

in fact - many have proclaimed such -
humility & diffidence - to be contrary to your -
Superior - premise - and actually found -
Self Confidence & Self Assured-ness to be -
beneficial in attaining - such - Self - valued -
& esteemed - "educational literacy" -

so in closing - I will gladly agree -
with your last assertion that -
"humility is not my strong suit" -
Great-fully & Thankfully -
I concur - U R - correct -

Namaste - ye that finds its - Self -
still - constrained & bound - by its own -
Self - imposed - limitations & beliefs -

Be ye - as U so - Choose to BE -
for such is the - Nature - Purpose -
& Function of U being a - form of LIFE -
to express & experience - Ones Highest Self -



Are there hidden secret messages in these posts or are they a Total waste of space? Oh, wait.......

for many if not most - such posts - will No doubt be a waste of their - time in space -

such is the Nature of human existence - Truth - obscured by - ignorance -

@KWAPELL7 I was hoping somebody who knows something would answer........

my dear - @AnneWimsey - it would be Wise of U - to NOT - hold your breath - as doing so will most certainly cause the demise of your - physical form - Loonnggg - before U recieve such answer -
from someone on here who Knows more than I - regarding such matter -

It's all on a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap, in tiny print. ALL-ONE-GOD-TRUTH...etc.

A self proclaimed Essene Rabbi, the good Doctor was committed to a mental institution, escaped three times, and finally made it to California in 1947, where he made soap, and sold it with free sermons on the label.

The pure castile soap is not bad...the ravings, er, sermons are what they are.


Thanks for conveying your beliefs. Is there any evidential support for your contentions about the nature of existence/god that you would care to present?

they R most emphatically - NOT - my - beliefs -

they R in fact & deed the TRUTH of - the "reality" -
in which humans - percieve their - Self to exist -

as to empirical evidence - Proof - of GODs existence -
U R & ALL of LIFE is - such proof - demonstrated & thus experienced -
for ALL of LIFE is - GOD - expressing - LOVE as ENERGY - in as thru - LIFE -

if One removes the "Spirit of ENERGY" from the - physical - biologic - human -
creature of LIFE that U R - One will be left with a non-functional (dead) - body - and thus U will no longer be a - Being of LIFE - as such - Spirit -
has left the body it once inhabited - animated - directed & controlled -

You must find it convenient that the proof of struth is everything around us rather than a refutation.

@waitingforgodo - I find it not only "convenient" - but down right - ingenious -
that such simple yet profound - Realization - revelation - conception - idea -
has been - spoken - written & demonstrated - throughout - human history -
and yet we still intentionally & willfully ignore such - preponderance of evidence -


Proving to be prolix isn't evidence of a god.

@waitingforgodo - I never stated that it was -
I AM intentionally being circumlocutory in a deliberate attempt -
to specifically & concisely - state - accurately & clearly - my point -

which is to - Awaken & Enlighten - those seeking such - Awareness -



Another theist trying to save us heathens. A troll you are. How about keeping your beliefs to yourself and just go away. You have been brainwashed from infancy and lack the basic ability to think logically and the ability to think for yourself. Goodbye 👋

as to my being a "theist" - NO - in fact & deed - according to a literal definition there-of - I AM NOT a theist -

with regard to "trying to save us heathens" -
I have no interest nor desire to even consider so doing -
as I AM Aware that - NO One & NO thing - needs "saving" -

as for "keeping my beliefs to myself"
that which I have articulated is - NOT - a "belief" -
it is in fact - Knowledge - Wisdom & Awareness -
that an apparently feeble minded dolt such as your Self -
will most certainly have difficulty in ascertaining the meaning there-of -

Like your profile says, you believe in Jesus and that he is God. You are here as a troll trying to force your beliefs onto us. You are no different than the believers who go around knocking on people's door trying to convert them. When you have nothing substantial to say, and when you are confronted with facts , you result to insults as you are doing here.

@noworry28 - my profile does NOT state ANY such thing - and NEVER will -
no more than your profile states that Santa brought U the Easter Bunny for dinner -

and NO I do NOT - promulgate my message by going around knocking on doors trying to convert humans to some imbecilic willfully Ignorant - bullshit religion - faith nor belief -

when I AM confronted with FACTS - I counter with FACTS -
** which btw I have yet to be confronted with such indisputable data -
by ANY person responding to this post - including your Self -

as to "resulting to insults" - as U R fully Aware -
each respondent that has replied to the post in a derogatory manner
such as your Self - has recieved the same back in kind -

if U don't want to play in such a mordacious game -
don't engage the author in such an inflammatory manner -

and stop pretending to be some wholly innocent - virtuous - human
who is ready to battle the big bad wolf - when it knocks on your door -
when in reality - U run away in fear and use lame bullshit replies to present - a feeble & transparent mask of bravado - which clearly denotes your lack of Valor & personal Integrity -

if U can't take the heat - stay out of the kitchen -

@KWAPELL7 Yes your profile details states that you are a Christian who believes in God and you changed the part about Jesus. You are a troll 🤣

@noworry28 - NO - idiot - my profile NEVER stated such - utter bullshit -

as for being a "Troll" - yes I can & will Be such - just for U - (and perhaps a few others) -
U just keep on commenting & replying to my post (which U admittedly have no interest in) -
and I will keep "trolling" the shit out of U - untill U have finally had your fill & decide to move on -

@KWAPELL7 No I will not move on. I will keep hounding you. Shouldn't you be on your knees now like a catholic priest with some alter boys or preaching and trying to scam people out of money and spewing hate against catholics, jews and any other religions like a protestant preacher. I guess you are looking for some other people to screw and you decided that atheists and agnostics will be your new target. 🤣🤣

@KWAPELL7 Satan is another imaginary being that you religious people use to blame for your failings, instead of taking responsibility for your actions and misdeeds. Just like your made up god, Satan does not exist either. 😁 I hate no one. Who am I racist against. There is only one human race. Projection from your own inadequacy and of what you feel is all I see. Goid luck with that. 😄 I fear no retribution for an imaginary made up being that lives inside your small mind.🙃

don't worry - noworry28 - your pal - satan and his residence in hell - R as U say - non-existant - Illusions & delusions - except as they have been concieved of - construed & constructed - in the human imagination -

I merely put forthe - an admittedly - poor effort -
to provide U with the same experience of - Tripe -
that U R attempting to place at my door step/profile -

BE - as is your - Will -
for so it is that - U R being -

@KWAPELL7 Do you really think that coming on a site for freethinkers and trying to advance your b.s. about religion means anything to us.😅😅 Troll, Troll, Troll... Is your head getting hot 🔥, are you fuming 😤 because you cannot brainwash us with your bullshit? Be careful, the more you get mad, the more your brain will shrink 🤯Your temperature will rise and your eyes will get red😡. Ask your imaginary God to strike me down as I laugh😂 at your pathetic attempt to force your b.s. onto us.😂🤣🤣

@KWAPELL7 Hey smart guy, understand cell division?

@KWAPELL7 SATAN, PLEASE TAKE ME NOW SO THAT I CAN SERVE YOU! (What would you like for lunch?, just no babys)......,LOL!!!!

@KWAPELL7 I just don't do windows.

@PondartIncbendog - actually I have a rather extensive - Knowledge there-of -
as such - what specifically is your point - if in fact U have one -

@KWAPELL7 Tell me about the error percentage of reproduction of nucleotide.

@PondartIncbendog -

** the answer regarding your (now deleted) question as to the -
"error rate regarding the reproduction of nucleotides" - is below -

a recent study on such rate found in - - seems to indicate -
that such error rate might be a bit lower than anticipated - using NGS -
such lower rate apparently primarily due to better index-PCR ratings -

as such your answer is concisely articulated - below -

"The average error rate determined was 0.24 ± 0.06% per base -
the percentage of mutated sequences was found to be 6.4 ± 1.24%.
Constant regions at the 5′- and 3′-end

or in simpler terms - given that humans have roughly -
6 billion base pairs in each diploid cell - that would result in -
approx. 120,000 mistakes every time a cell - reproduces/divides -

by any chance could U - elaborate on -
what relation &/or relevance to the post -
does this data - provide &/or imbue -


It's been done, and it's on a bottle of soap, fittingly.


FFS. Just go already

redhog Level 7 July 14, 2020

Oh No - redhog - I won't be leaving so quickly - as I AM already beginning to enjoy this game of unmasking the Ignorant and mentally vacuous individuals - incapable of comprehending the English language -

@KWAPELL7 all youre doing is showing that you're a troll

well then stop attempting to read - and stop responding to my posts in such an ignorant manner - simply Live & let Live - and U will not be "trolled" by me -

@KWAPELL7 learn grammar.



Thank U Storm1752 - for the kind response and most especially for -demonstrably proving - and thus thereby - restoring a small amount of faith in this groups readers - that there R those such as Ones Self that R not only - able to & capable of - reading - elucidating - comprehending - that which is written in - English - but U R as well able to - discern & ascertain - the meaning - value & relevance of such articulation - when One pragmatically - logically - reasonably & rationally applies such to the realm in which humans observe themselves to exist within -

Namaste - that which is ENERGY being a human LIFE form -

@KWAPELL7 IF you are applying the appelation 'god' to a existential existence without form, or perhaps even to a meaning other than thought projections, serving to give shape to an unshapeable and indescribable attempt to know the unknowable, then of course I can sense your words.
That some find such attempts pointless and futile or, worse, an injection of 'god' into what is for them a godless void, they only betray their tendency to misunderstand the meaning of the word 'agnosticism,' which to them MUST belong somewhere on a scale of belief/unbelief, even though it rather and instead gives license to those endowed with objectivity the ability to speak of 'god' in experimental terms, employing words to approach the very subject in new, novel, hypothetical, conjectural, and creatively artistic ways, while at the same time maintaining an abstractly dispassionate and intellectually neutral distance from what is to some an inherently emotionally-charged and incendiary subject of substance.
Free of such limitations, we may thus come closer to a non-intellectial, unemotional feel for what a true discussion of 'god' might entail.
Yours is a noble foray into such unmined depths.
Since the very idea of 'god' is impossible to define and/or discuss with ordinary, conventional arrangements of words, fractured abstractions can be useful.

a Very Wise - Knowledgeable - Aware - & Enlightened -
Soul of LOVE - Spirit of ENERGY - Being of LIFE -
is the Person that U R -

Thank U for such - kind - gracious - and impeccably astute perspicacious perspective -

Namaste - One who is an exemplification of - Virtue & Wisdom -

@KWAPELL7 To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge--Confucius
To learn to live contentedly in a state of necessary and inevitable uncertainty and thus in a state of perpetual wonder, is not a satisfactory homeostatis for some, they being desirous of answers not attainable by finite minds lost in the maze of Maya. The journey must therefore be the destination, the destination the journey, in these lifetimes of illusion. The PURSUIT of happiness IS the happiness available to the seeker, always beyond reach but tantalizingly close, being warmed by the fire but never the fire, loving love but never being love, possessing A truth but never THE truth, while on the road to nowhere and everywhere. Utopia is thus not for us to inhabit, not now, not here, for all we know anywhere, ever, though there is HOPE.
Hope is the key and springs eternal from a place inviolate, protected by a sheath of invincible and inextinguishable energy.
Energy is 'god' without beginning or end; it cannot be created or destroyed, has always been and always will be. The universe is 'god' ever before and after, of which we are children. We have a right be here, whether or not it is clear to us---NO DOUBT the universe is unfolding as it should!
Therefore, in the noisy confusion of life, be at peace with 'god,' whatever and however you conceive it to be. Be careful; strive to be happy. Rest, then pick up your walking stick, and continue down the path.

Absolutely Beautifull - @Storm1752 -

Wisdom - Awareness & Enlightenment -
Grandly & eloquently - expressed -

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