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Why do his followers believe Trump's lies even when he's been caught red-handed? Is it because the fundamentalist nature of their religion discourages critical thinking skills?

Does Fundamentalist Religion Make Republicans Gullible?

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FSMGirl 5 Aug 5

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No ,anyone can be Gullible .Nothing can make a person gullible .Gullibility is a personality trait that an individual is born with .Most likely if a religious individual was born into an atheist environment they would still be atheists and not at all religious

If we're born gullible, why bother teaching critical thinking skills?

@FSMGirl Did I say ALL people are born gullible ? My point is SOME people are born with particular traits.


A person can not be made to be gullible just as a person can not be made to be friendly, empathetic,or Psychopathic. People have these tendencies from birth

Critical thinking skills can be taught and learned, so gullibility does not necessarily have to have genetic component. And psychopathy is a result of a chemical imbalance, so that shouldn't even be included in the conversation.

@FSMGirl wrong on both counts

@FSMGirl A chemical imbalance can be caused by a genetic component.As an example it has been known for many years that Alcoholism is caused by genetic imbalance in the blood stream and that alcoholism is definitely inherited.

@vinci88 Of course, but gullibility is not a chemical imbalance and doesn't qualify as mental illness, so you're adding in apples and oranges.


I think that is a Preposterous assumption.A person does not become gullible from association

People can indeed become gullible from association. You only have to attend a church service to see that.

@FSMGirl Ridiculous..These people were gullible before they joined a particular church or whatever

@richiegtt Probably some, but studies show whom you associate with plays a big part in your belief structure. Many reasons why, here's just one:

How the Need to Belong Influences Human Behavior and Motivation


All trump followers do not believe in his lies ,just like all Biden followers do not believe Biden is mentally stable.

Correct ,and If they actually think Biden is in his right mind then they are nuts themselves .but these people with TDS would vote for a rock if it ran against Trump.

You mean Trump followers don't all think HE's mentally stable. Biden's not the one who has the characteristics of antisocial personality disorder.

@richiegtt Because a rock could do a much better job.


No ,not at all


What about Biden’s lies ,this idiot recently said he was arrested three times and seemed to be proud of it ,when in fact this fool was not arrested on any of those occasions .


I do not think his followers are gullible because they probably do not believe in everything he says .Also an individual does not become gullible ,simply because they were always gullible .


No just as being a liberal does not turn you into a gullible indoctrinated sheep .People are just born this way.


I Highly doubt it


People believe what they want to believe regardless of whether they're religious or not.


When 'W' was president many people followed him with the thought that a down-to-earth simple-minded man could be president so they could as well. The same goes for tRump in that now the seriously mentally disturbed people see hope for themselves being able to get elected.

That is a point and a fact that’s rarely described.. The masses appear to envy the intelligent, thus they ‘hated HRC’ ...if lacking the capability to explain why..

@Varn It seems in a lot of cultures the 'intelligentsia' are look at with disgust. In Cambodia, under Pol Pot, anyone who even looked liked they were intelligent were disposed of (2 million). Even wearing glasses could get you killed. When a dictator takes over they want total control and try to surround themselves with ignorant, unquestioning followers and that is clearly the case right now in this country. It's all about control.


To many people being a "good" liar is considered a virtue in a leader, as queen Victoria (a consummate liar herself) famously said when offering her sons advice on being caught in a wrong doing
"Never apologize, Never explain"


Religion makes voters BOTH gullible and greedy..... all of them want to lie like TrumpOLINI and profit by cheating people


Believing the garbage associated with religion apparently preconditions them for accepting even more lies... So ignoring trump's lies is nothing new. Their need to follow allows them to support a belligerent bully. What will be interesting is their behavior when his ass gets kicked in November. On to the next blow-hard aggressor, I suspect..

Varn Level 8 Aug 6, 2020

Stupid is as stupid does.. They have no hearts or concern about others..

You are an annoying fake phony fraud .


Yup that and stupid as a rock


I don’t think I can comprehend how a Trump supporter thinks, they live in a different reality than I.....

I won't even hold a discussion with them anymore. A instant block.


If they had "critical thinking" skills they wouldn't have gotten caught up that deeply in religion to begin with.


Trump supporters have one thing in common with religious fundamentalists: an incapacity, for whatever reason, to use their brains.


All supporters of Trump aren't Republican; or Christian for that matter. All supporters of Trump aren't hero worshiping fools the likes of which were plentiful on the side of his opponent in 2016. All supporters of Trump aren't people who wouldn't have been open to voting for better. With only two choices, better often doesn't even apply because it is a form of good. We ALWAYS get a mixed bag.

There is another 'always'. the central 1/5 th. plus or minus portion of the electorate determines all presidential election outcomes. Bedazzled followers notwithstanding. The ship of state is saved from listing too far to port OR starbord by the sane, non affiliated segment of the electorate. Partisans choose only the two dismal candidates we are forced to choose from.

I despise Many things about Trump and am uncomfortable with many others, but overall he's done a more effective job at keeping promises and improving lives of both the productive and non-productive segments of our society against fierce opposition. His Middle East foreign policy stinks except for moves to bring troops back and get out of there. His pandering to the fundamentalist fools is disgusting and places mild reversals in civil rights progress for all of us, not just minorities that theological fanaticism wants. Left wing Socialist and Communist fanaticism is far more dangerous to our liberties. The Left's intolerance and violence toward those expressing differing views is far more vicious than what the holy rollers could ever again effect even in the remnants of our system.

Unfortunately, political philosophies are tantamount to religions and functionally identical in their respective oppressive and murderous potential. That is a lesson, apparently, yet to be learned by our doltish, poorly educated young.

..boy… that was a waste of my time 😉

No one said ALL his followers are Republicans or Christian, but the vast majority are, so strawman argument.

Re the Left, we're not the ones trying to shove our religious beliefs down the throats of others like teaching creationism in public school science classes or putting up the 10 Commandments at courthouses, as legislation all over the South attests.

Re his economic policies, mainly whites have benefited from them, and rich-poor gap hit record levels in 2018:

As for promises kept, 24%, not exactly a stellar track record:

@FSMGirl You should really get out more. You wouldn't have to depend on propaganda founts for information. Government's own statistics begrudgingly reveal more truth. I'm not going to recite OR cite them here. Most people are familiar; especially those abroad who marvel at our transformation. They get clearer information. The virus and the vermin trying to self-destructively exploit it shall pass too.

@Silver1wun You think people abroad marvel at the U.S.? Maybe you should travel...Oh yeah Americans are banned from travel because their leader told his people Covid was a fraud and totally dropped the ball.

@Silver1wun If you had other evidence you'd provide it.
As for people marveling at the US -- true. Marveling at our stupidity for electing a moron. We are a laughing stock and banned from entering practically any country.

@Varn I gotta go lie down after that,,,,,,,,,,,

@Silver1wun You've got a fever. And delusions. Or is this normal for you?

@PondartIncbendog You've got an unquestionable orthodoxy from whom you parrot. How does it differentiate you from any other 'believer'? A herd, with or without a god, is still a herd.


Perhaps they just deliberately close their eyes..


. . . given all the folks on FB (and the accompanying 'fake news' ), I'd say gullible is a communicable disease ! 😛


I have come to the conclusion, religion allows the mind to wander and come up with the best bullshit money can buy.
They are the best liars, whore mongers and thieves that have ever graced this Earth.


Some are naive and gullible. Many know he lies but think it's a good strategy. Some just don't care what he says the blindly support him and will even say so much.

This is what I've seen, too. The ones who see lying as a good strategy worry me the most.

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