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What wrong assumptions do people frequently make of you?

People often think I'm stuck up because I'm quiet.

Mea 7 Apr 7

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I had seen this on Barney Miller years ago When one assumes they make an ass u me.


Devishly handsome and confident




People think ( mostly men) because I have large breasts and I enjoy sex that I am stupid and a slut.


You can't fix stupid. I'm sorry to hear that happens to you.


People think Im innocent, shy, and really stupid lol ?


They think that I am not very bright - I am fairly shy especially around strong confident people -

They think that I am a pushover and many times I am as I am one of the youngest at 70y.o. in my sheltered housing association .

I do have in fact three advanced degrees Soc psych, Fine and Applied Art, Art History and armfuls of advanced diplomas plus being the first woman plasterer in England and a Lecturer in Person Centred Counselling and a founder member of Person Centred Creative Expresive Therapy Institute in England - They don't know that I went to a free school, never did any maths and can't handle figures to save my life 'Discalculia' (and I won't be telling them any of this )


People think I am stuck up, because I am quiet as well. They also think I am much younger than I am. I am frequently thought to be in my 20's when I am in my 40's. Then when I tell them that I have children who are in their 20's or nearly in their 20's they think I am lying or that I was very young when I had them.


Thank you! I hate the fact that because I'm white and male with a military haircut that people assume I'm a conservative, christian, Republican. That is SOOOO. The opposite. On all 3 counts. LOL


I am quiet and uncomfortable in social situations. People mistake that for arrogant. Go figure.


That I’m a ho because I pole dance (for fitness). I’ve been married to the same man for 20 years, but, yeah, I’m a ho.

Even if you weren't married to the same man for the last 20 years, calling you names would be wrong. What someone else does with their body in their free time is their business!

@Mea I agree! ❤️

@FortyTwo that’s just mean! ?. It hurts!

You're definitely fit. ?


For nurses week my new supervisor bought me a realtree camouflage lunch box. Anyone that actually knows me knows that something like that is 4 light years away from anything i would actually like. I still use it though because it's the thought that counts.



For some reason, I have a very posh accent. Based on it, people tend to assume I'm going to be extremely snobbish.

Jnei Level 8 Apr 7, 2018

Ooo, I would love to listen to you speak!


People keep thinking that I'm Irish.
I wish I were joking, but this is a silly truth.

I'm not, btw.

Also, a lot of people think I look friendly or nice.

Wrong, again.

Ok, If not Irish, I'm guessing French ! 🙂

No they are right, you do look friendly, and Im guessing you are nice

@Buddha I'm Scandinavian.

by the way, you do look nice... 🙂

@Buddha thank you

@gater I'm actually rather judgemental and assy. Looks can be deceiving.

I am, however, quite honest.

@Donotbelieve Im guessing that was supposed to be sassy 🙂

works either way. !!! Lol

honesty gets a lot of points. !!!! 🙂
And it really is not to easy to not get judgemental these days..

@gater Nope. Assy. I tend to be assy.

@Buddha True.

@Donotbelieve at least you're not gassy

@gater Well...


That I'm unfriendly because of my grouchy-looking neutral face, mainly.


I've had a few people assume that, because I'm 45 and have never been married, I must be gay... I tell those people "I'm not gay. I just haven't found a woman that's willing to put up with me, long term."


Most people are afraid of me because I have a natural grimace face.
I also stare alot so most females get nervous around me.


That im some kind of thug who doesn't care about anything because I have so many tattoos and I don't conform.

Conforming is boring.

you bet it is


That I'm weak because I'm emotional.


Same, I'm pretty quiet but used to be even more so. People often assumed I was a snob because I wasn't outgoing or constantly smiling.

Ohh, that's the worst. Like really? Do I have to look happy all the time? Is anyone so insecure that if I take a break from smiling it's automatically their fault?

@Phyphrus The worst is when you're just minding your own business and someone assumes you're in a bad mood or mean because of resting bitch face.

@WickedNicki I can handle resting bitch face. That usually clears up as soon as you get people talking. I just can't stand how everyone thinks the world revolves around them. Like if you happen to be in a bad mood and minding your own business, a bystander assumes it's about them. Its self-involved ?


That I am always angry and scary when in fact if we are friends, I will always stand right next to you if need be.


The best one was that my faith was very important to me!!!!! I can only think I either have a doppleganger or I stepped into a parrallel universe at some point. Either way I did, politely, correct her on this matter 🙂


That I'm stupid or ignorant because I'm big and very strong.
That I'm a physical threat because the same.
That I'm nasty because I focus at work and my work demands heavy manual effort and constant vigilence for other people's safety.


Theists mistake me for an atheist.
Atheists mistake me for a theist.

Scientists mistake me for an artist.
Artists mistake me for a scientist.

Lovers mistake me for a hater.
Haters mistake me for a lover.

Citizens mistake me for a immigrant.
Immigrants mistake me for a citizen.


That I am a mean person because I don't smile all the time. I have an awesome resting bitch face!


Recently, I found out what some others thought. In a conference with two bosses, one said (not in context of the conversation) that it seemed I am a loner. For background: I am working in retail - having given up my own business and hoping to retire soon - surrounded by people who aren't tremendously deep thinkers. I apologize; perhaps they are, but the conversations we share and they share with others dwell pretty much on the surface. I related to my bosses that I perceive that people seem to be mostly interested in themselves (about which, one of them concurred), and then I gave four examples of lengthy conversations I've had with co-workers about themselves, that never resulted in them asking back anything about me. One boss said that in order to have relationships with others, you have to "put yourself out there." I disagreed. I'm only going to offer my deepest self to those who are interested. The close friends I have are rare and treasured. Why expend energy where it goes into the void?

So, I'll say that the assumptions people frequently make of me being aloof and private are true, but for the wrong reasons.

Perhaps in the "spirit of cooperation," a retail environment functions better when people get along. I get along, but choose not to socialize, and I think people may not discern the difference.


This is a funny least for me.

I was eating lunch at a restaurant near the school where I last taught. I was chatting on the phone with a friend when a restaurant patron approached me and said "You all Spics factory workers go back home."
I ignored him and I went back to the school to prepare things for Parents / Teachers Night. Guess who came in...with his daughter? Yes the guy who called me Spic.
IAW, many people assume I am an ignorant, person because I speak with an accent.

The guy...after the conference....said to me "I will never judge another person. " I reminded silent.


The good old boys around here usually think I share their political views. It can get dicey when they find out I don't.

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