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What skill or talent do you wish you had?

I've always wished that I was a great singer. A person with a great voice has always been super attractive to me.

BrightTyger979 6 Apr 7

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The ability to forge a witty retort before the conversation has ended.


Oh... If I could dance... and sing.... and play guitar..... and play drums... Oh stinky ratts, you said one, didn't you??

Lol. Try hanging with a few musicians and dancers; perhaps you'll pick up some things. I did, and can dance, sing, and play guitar (much better than when I started)

Oky doky, you are a @GoodMan indeed !! Thx


I'm happy with the talents I have.


Superspeed, telekinesis, teleportation.

Great choices!


I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar so I could accompany myself.

Accompany yourself singing?


I wish I was artistic. That I had an aptitude for painting and pottery. Though, if I had the nerve to try a pottery class, maybe I would discover that I was good at it.

You are always going to be good at what you pay attention to and work at 🙂

So go do it.

I've taught art to people who thought they couldn't even draw. Anyone can learn to draw. Get the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and follow the exercises if that's something you'd really like to do.


Same here. I can't sing. I studied in college theatre arts and did community theatre but never could do musicals. I might have pursued acting if I could sing.


I wish I had better concentration skills.


I wish I could play drums or the guitar


I wish I had the creativity to write stories. I write well. I can write clearly and descriptively, but I don’t have stories in me.

Perhaps you do have stories in you 🙂 A few book suggestions: 1. Techniques of the Selling Writer, by Dwight V. Swain; 2. How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method, by Randy Ingermanson; 3. Storytelling Secrets for Successful Speeches, by Mark Davis; 4. Write Great Fiction - Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint, by Nancy Kress; 5. Story Trump's Structure, by Steven James. A few other suggestions: 6. Check out and 7. Visit your local bookstore and public library. 8. Find a local or workshop, where you can listen, learn, participate, and eventually share. I hope this helps.


I wish I could play a musical instrument even competently. I've tried over the years to play guitar and banjo, but I just don't seem to be able to get the timing right.


Krav Maga or Samozashchita Bez Oruzhiya (sambo)

jorj Level 8 Apr 7, 2018

I would love to have a natural talent for pencil drawing, I would love to use this talent to make great portraits of people.......


I wish I had carpentry skills. I would build myself a lot of things.

I mess around with it. I tell anyone who wants to learn: make a cutting board. About half the tools you will need for the hobby need to be purchased for that and about 30% of the basic skills.

A simple edge-to-edge cutting board if you can make that you will know if this is a hobby you want.


Multi lingual and juggling

These are two skills I have never been able to acquire. My dad picks up languages relatively easily - even in his 70s, but I don’t seem to have the knack. As for juggling, I’ve tried, but I am a natural born klutz!


I wish I had the singing voice of María Callas

I don't know who that is (Maria Callas), but she must be awesome...

@GoodMan "Was"...The best opera singer of the XX century. She was Greek and Aristoteles Onassis' lover.

@DUCHESSA Okay, now I know who you're referring to 🙂 Thanks for filling me in. Sometimes I'm not good with names. My CPU (Brain) is having a hard time accessing the left over RAM (random access memory)

@GoodMan Have you called your "general technician"? LOL


I want to be able to hold my hands together behind my back and bring them over my head to the front. I knew a kid who could do that.

Ones of my nieces can do that, but she is either double or triple jointed and still

@GoodMan Cool.


I wish I was a polymath, like Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was. The idea of knowing everything seems so cool...

What comes after 'knowing everything'?


I've always had the same wish as you. I would love to have a great singing voice. I love to sing, but alas, I try to only do it in private. I don't want to frighten anyone!!

One of my colleagues sings all of the time (seemingly). He doesn't have a good singing voice (imo), but I admire his


The ability to fly


Mind control.

Lol...Interesting. What would you use it for?

@GoodMan Letterman had stupid pet tricks, could always try it on humans. Some do not even need mind control they do stupid tricks all by themselves. lol


To grow hair.

A friend of mine hasn't been able to grow hair on his head for his entire life.


I always wanted to sing or play an instrument which everyone in my immediate family except for me does quite well. Why did I have to be the exception that proves the rule?


I could come up with a long list but... I am enjoying the experience of who and what I am as is. Any other skill not earned will change and corrupt the experience. So I am as I am despite the vast room for improvement. You guys starting to sound like the religious that pray for favors. Nah thanks... but you guys dream on instead of applying effort to learn a skill. I know I am sounding like an Asshole but I am at a stage in my life where Reality as is rules and Fantasy is discarded. And yes I was born with a number of skills I elected not to pursuit them to the end.


Doing math in my head.

I'm a physicist and I'm surrounded by people that can crunch numbers in their head. This means they can focus more on the concept and less on the calculation. Me? I still have to input 1+1 into my calculator to confirm that the answer is 2. 😛

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