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Since God gives life, he can take life.

I watched a tiktok vid yesterday that said God killed over 2.4 million people in the bible. In the comments, many Christians were completely OK with that. It didn’t bother them in the least way. Personally, I find that absolutely disgusting. That is mass murder on a scale that would embarrass the worst, the most ambitious psychopathic murder of all time.

What are your feelings when someone says that? How do you respond back to them?

atheist611 5 Aug 24

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I would tell them (assuming they were using the bible as a source) to quit reading lousy fiction.


Well, if you kill a man, you're a murderer. Kill many, you're a conqueror. Kill them all, you're a God. I took this from a Megadeth song but seems to be the way they see things.


My usual response is "By that logic anyone can kill their own kids and has a perfect right to do so."


Also gives children bone cancer.

  • Stephen Fry
Mvtt Level 6 Aug 24, 2020

"Since God gives life, he can take life". By exactly the same reasoning, parents give life, so they are justified in murdering their own children. I have no time for anybody engages in such lunatic double-think.

Exactly! Well said.


I just keep remembering it's just a story, except about weird guys that seem to have the ability to control water or something, it's weird, like one walks on it and the other parts it, like hair.
I said it was weird.
The Lord of the Rings is more realistic and better written.


Honestly, I was much more upset by Voldemort killing people in the Harry Potter series than god killing people in the bible. I think J. K. Rowling made her characters much more real than this King James guy did, and as a reader I felt more empathy towards hers. Character development is important.

Okay, to address your question; They are going to sidestep every question regarding god's mortality with answers similar to "God defines morality; so anything he does is moral." Faith is their fallback position. In their minds it defeats logic, morality, and reality.

They live in a world full of contradiction and intellectual discord. That allows them to maintain their belief regardless of their own knowledge.

JimG Level 8 Aug 25, 2020

It’s a bunch of stories and any personalisation of a deity is delusional.


"God killed"? That would actually be ascribing the action of either natural process, accident or other humans to be 'act of god', as it suits the intended lesson. Magical thinking at its best.


How do I respond? I shake my head, laugh hysterically and walk away. You cannot argue with a religious zealot! Reason, fact and science mean nothing to them. It's like me telling you that you really didn't love your mother!


I gave up looking at the world through a bible many years ago. The bible is a book made of many small books and it says nothing about America. Many people do not understand that.


The term 'God Fearing Christian' is used for a reason. Whatever god does is just.


I've got a political,party for you! Perfectly comfortable with deaths...just their god calling them home early.

I'd continue, but I just ate...


Numbers don't lie, but if you're blinded by brainwashing the level of idiotic submission is incredible.


Given God murdered about 2.5 million and Satan murdered 10, I'm thinking someone's hailing the lessor of the moral.

If they were both running for president, I'd back Satan. Wait, maybe the evangelicals had it right all along except Trump is old testament.

@OldMetalHead If they were both running for President, one would be Orange and one would be Red. That'd be sorta cool.


This planet would be terribly overcrowded if things didn't die and decay back into the original components , for the millions of years that there has been life here .


I find it establishes what sociopathic goons they and their made-up god are.

In the sermons of biblical literalist pastor John MacArthur, he actually gets angry and scolds his congregation for questioning "God" in any manner saying essentially God can do whatever He goddamn wants... because He's God, and when God does a thing, it's unquestionably "good."

It reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good Life" (Billy Mumy as the "wish them to the cornfield" kid) where we humans are supposed to respond (for example), "It's a GOOD thing God drowned all those babies, puppies, and kittens when He flooded the whole world. A REALLY good thing!"

I had a godbotherer coworker rationalize it by saying God knew those babies would grow up evil. When I asked about the puppies and kittens, he said God can do what He wants with the life He created.

I told him if a person drowned puppies and kittens in a bathtub, watching the terror in their eyes as their innocent lives were so cruelly extinguished, most anyone would recognize what a vile and reprehensible act this was. I also pointed out that the act itself accomplished absolutely nothing, as the tiny handful of "righteous" people God saved wound up breeding all the evil we have with us today. Noah saw first hand the power of this capriciously violent God... knew He was the real deal... and got pass-out drunk the first chance he got (an understandably human reaction considering).

This godbothering coworker subsequently quit speaking to me for besmirching the "good name" of his God by pointing out these disturbing facts and calling his God a sociopathic killer.

Good riddance and totally worth it. I tell him I won't sugarcoat his bullshit, and that I consider it a sign of respect to share my views openly and honestly with anyone who chooses to engage me.

I would just show him some memes and he will leave you alone forever
now as to the Twilight Zone-- it was a program way ahead of its time dealing with all sorts of human issues that you could either learn from or remain stupid

@bklynite53 - I chatted him because as an open atheist, he felt he could bring me around with his apologetics. Many have felt that "calling." I like to show the colors as it were for unbelief/non-belief/disbelief. As a secular humanist, I make it a point not to eat any babies in front of them.

Thx, GS71. They would often get upset saying I'm attacking or belittling their faith/godview. Some even make the specious claim that I'd get upset if they did the same with my godview. I replied not all all since mine is 1) easy to defend and 2) doesn't contain elements I find embarrassing in making a case for it.

Believe it or not, I once had a boss overhear my theology discussion with a student (I worked as staff at a university), and she said, "You're lucky you work here. Other places wouldn't let you talk about that," as if there was something sinister about expressing such views, let alone holding them to begin with.

I got many positive responses from coworker believers who liked me, my character and integrity, and willingness to discuss any and all aspects of God, religion, and belief.

Like I said... show the colors.


I made the comment to someone that the devil in the Bible is only attributed to a handful of deaths whereas God had killed millions.

And rather than take on the concept of their God just slaughtering people they said yeah well the devil doesn't want to kill, he just wants to turn you against God.

You can guess my next comment but it didn't have any impact.


Question 1: I feel disgusted, too.
Question 2: I would respond, "How can your so-called god be so ungodly?"

Or even, totally godly, if you define godly not by the conventional usage, but by the capriciously cruel manner the God of the Bible behaves.


It's just a story.. If they believe, they believe.. I can't change their minds at all..


You got to pick your battles and some of those religious nutters are just crazy so there are times when you should not waste your breath.


I have no feelings about it whatsoever . I can't think of anyone who would ever bring that up, and I don't give the bible a whole lot of thought.



He's good at smiting not a good thing

I shall give up smiting for lent!


Absolute chicken feed!!
Stalin killed 20 million of his own Russian people, let alone the ones from other nations. God is in the amateur, baby league.


Tell them this about gods killings:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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