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LINK I’m Convinced Satan Deserves Bonus Points for Creating the Fossil Record | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Notice this is posted under "Silly, random and fun"

I always knew the argument that the fossil record was planted by Satan to deceive us into believing the Earth is much older than it actually is would come back to haunt Creationists…

snytiger6 9 Aug 26

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priceless 😀


He must have had fun making coprolites.


Planted by Satan? People are willing to come up with anything to prevent a little cognitive dissonance.

Nunya Level 6 Aug 27, 2020

I didn't read the article, I always thought gawd did it just to test ones faith. The old fart!


well ya know if you think about it. Those damn dinosaurs look like something an insane evil creature WOULD dream up.....


That good old Devil, he made a far better sculptor than even Rodin and Michaelangelo ever could hope to be....LOL.


ok this is friggin hilarious, thanks for posting.

kmaz Level 7 Aug 26, 2020

My step mother is convinced scientist are just sculpting fossils from the rock, she's also afraid of nuclear power because the electricity coming into the house might be "radioactive", and of course Jesus might show up any minute now. LOL

I was told of a CT technician that used to shake the paper towels before drying her hands in the room to get the radiation out of them so it didn't rub off on her hands.

See, this kind of shit makes me want to cry - not laugh. 😟


Yeah, about the same as my ex should get for lying in court!

Lol... Good one


I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for nine years, and this stuff never came up. They taught us, like ... science.

Thank God for at least one decent religious school! Were you taught evolution in Catholic school?

@Nunya Yes, I was. This was a really good school in my community. None of the stereotypes about Catholic schools: no nuns hitting you with rulers or other corporal punishment. Of course, there was the religious stuff, but it was a small part of the curriculum (maybe a couple of hours each week), and it wasn’t mixed in with the regular subjects. I transitioned into public schools as a sophomore in high school, and immediately saw how far ahead I was in most subjects. It was a “boost” I even felt when I started college.

@The-Krzyz Wow! Is this a typical Catholic school experience? Because I've had conversations with people who attended Catholic schools whose experiences were nothing like yours. They were, however, older people, so perhaps Catholic sponsored schools have greatly reformed?

@Nunya I’ve heard the same. Maybe because I’m on the West Coast? Or maybe because it was the ‘60s (So, I’m old, too!). My nuns had guitars slung across their backs, not rulers in their hands! Maybe just luck, but I got a good education plus a humane, nurturing culture, which really helped this son of refugees feel at home.

@The-Krzyz I'm so glad you had such a positive experience - so many of us don't!

@Nunya Yeah, I know. My last year in a Catholic school was my first year in high school, and at a new school. It was terrible: authoritarian, controlling, doctrinaire. But my horizons had already grown too wide, and I transferred to my first public school the next year.


That was the excuse when I was a kid. I thought many xtions were now simply accepting that the fossils are real, man lived with the dinosaurs, etc and they died off, just like the mastodons and such, ir the Dodos. They just do not accept Earth's timeline


That sneaky, lil' devil.


You’re right this is silly


No gods, no religions, no heavens, no hells, no satans, all bullshit.

No religions?

@JeffMurray can't read?

@Mofo1953 But there are religions...
Religion- the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

@JeffMurray and I say no to them, have a problem with that?

@Mofo1953 It sounded like you were saying "There aren't any..." instead of "I don't believe in any..."

@JeffMurray you interpreted it that way, a wrongful assumption, remember there is no sound in writing, one "hears" the way you want to read it.

@Mofo1953 True, thanks for clarifying.

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