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Identities, mainly race, gender and sexual orientation, are today's substitute for religion.


PBuck0145 7 Aug 27

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That's one of the dumbest comments I've heard in a year of profoundly stupid comments.
I for one need no substitution for religion, that's the point the entire enterprise is unnecessary.
If LGBT people or minority people work toward better representation that in no way indicates they're substituting if for religion it just means they're busy. While white supremacist just count their hobby in as part of Christianity since Christianity is anything the person professing it says it is.


Race, gender, and sexual orientation are ALL matters that are NOT "choices".
Religion IS a choice.

2 out of 3: Gender is a choice.

@TheMiddleWay Genuine question: Did you choose your gender? When/how?

@TheMiddleWay I don't believe it is. Nature makes mistakes.

@KKGator Of course you're right, although because gender is a social construct there is no mistake involved.

Consider that since gender is a social construct, it is a choice based on society, not a necessity imposed on us by nature.

@TheMiddleWay gender is Not a choice, what a nasty thing to say! Used as "justification" for horrible Conversion Therapy BS!

@TheMiddleWay I think that's utter crap. I do not accept that gender is a "social construct".
Not one bit. I think it's completely disingenuous to assert that it is.

@TheMiddleWay Not always a choice. It's a condition called gender dysphoria. No one is certain why but before birth things happen to alter the usual growth of sexual identification.


You are confusing sexual orientation, the subject of conversation therapy BS, with gender.
Not at all the same.

Then you are against the scientific definition of gender.

And the solution to gender dysphoria is to choose another gender, either by transitioning such that your body is more aligned with how you see yourself or by not accepting the gender roles society imposes on you.

Contrast this with Sex and Sexual Orientation, both of which you are stuck with and cannot choose otherwise.

@TheMiddleWay I had no comment about conversion therapy related to gender. It's not sexual orientation as much as gender ID. So some people likely are different due to outside factors; environment, ( drugs that dissipate into the earth or air, broken X or Y genes or outside influences to the XY genes. So like the agnostic I am, I found some articles and don't have proof.

@KKGator I don't know if you're interested or not, but I found this article on gender helpful.


Yes; age 15 or thereabouts. Up until then, I was treated strictly as a man (masculine) without embracing my woman (feminine) side. At around 15, I chose to embrace my feminine side more. Today, I identify as a man but have no problem acting like a woman.


And WHO is consistent with the AMA:

Sex refers to the biological differences between males and females. Gender refers to the continuum of complex psychosocial self-perceptions, attitudes, and expectations people have about members of both sexes. Even the terms male and female, man and woman are not interchangeable. What it means to be male or female originates from physical characteristics derived from sex chromosomes and genes that lead to certain gonads, internal and external genitalia, and physiological hormones. Being a man or a woman holds broader meaning, with cultural concepts of masculinity and femininity coming into play.


@TheMiddleWay Gender is not a choice and there are numerous members of this website whose sex is different than their gender who could prove this.


Of course their sex is different than their gender... did you not read the WHO article you posted and the AMA article I posted? Sex and gender are ALWAYS different.

Your WHO article literally starts with the following...

Historically, the terms “sex” and “gender” have been used interchangeably, but their uses are becoming increasingly distinct, and it is important to understand the differences between the two

... and then goes on to say...

“Gender refers to the socially constructed characteristics of women and men, such as norms, roles, and relationships of and between groups of women and men. It varies from society to society and can be changed.
(my bold).

"Can be changed."
It's a choice. Just like I can choose to act like a man or act like a woman.... my choice.

@TheMiddleWay No, one's gender is not always different than their sex, so you can shove your attitude. I can't find your second quote, but just because something can change doesn't necessarily mean it's a choice.

I really have no interest in anything you have to say and would appreciate it if you didn't address me again.


Your opinion piece doesn't support your thesis and your thesis is just as false as it was when you posted it yesterday.


No. Religion has myth based dogma. It stands alone.

Leelu Level 6 Aug 28, 2020

I think everyone has a tendency to be dogmatic when they think they have an idea that they want preserved. This does not mean that YOU are dogmatic and inflexible but many adults are dogmatic at keeping Father Christmas going.


And I thought it was cell phones...


If you see any evidence of your claim in the article you linked; you're reading comprehension skill is rather poor.

JimG Level 8 Aug 27, 2020

Bullshit just a excuse for racism


How can something substitute bullshit?


Naaaah. I think food is for many, just look around. KFC, MacDonald, etc, etc.


Race, gender, and sexual orientation were the three main dimensions of what in the 1970s began to be called identity politics.

Apart from the fact that you seem to dislike both, how do Identity Politics substitute for Religion.?

Educate us given that the article makes no mention of religion.


I find it amazing. Before you put anything into religion I feel you would have to have a background in religion.


Not really, however there is a movement to turn identity politics in a cult if for no other reason than to shun and hate the heretic and the mis-believer.
The desire to Hate is always the real reason and motivation behind the preacher against "sin"


We founded a country on the basis of that our differences are what we as americans derive strength from. It says on the quarter in latin... Out of many, we are one...

I don't give a flying shit about what race, identity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, favorite animal, color,political party, sexual position, or ice cream flavor you happen to be...

What I care about is how you treat others. Your actions are what define you. So stop with the he said she said bs. Stop with democrats and republicans. Stop all the hate and bigotry.

The one thing that makes us the same as everyone else... Is that we are human. We can either grow and prosper together as a people. Or we can die in the desert alone...

We are a broken nation capable of so much. We hold so much potential... And we sit here day after day squabbling like dogs. Wake the fuq up. Read between the lines. Shut off the tv. And go outside and take a good luck at our problems.. If your going to judge others... You should take a good hard look at yourself first. Nuff' said.

We founded the country on "out of many, one", but we've never truly acted that way. It took until the 1960's to have our first catholic president and until 2008 to have our first black president. We've still never had a Latino, asiai, Jew, or even a female.


Nonsense. Religion requires worshiping an invisible deity.

This is not true with race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

AND, only religion can be chosen. The others one is born with.


i always read comments from the bottom up to see if a change in opinions is taking place. After reading a few here I’m hoping there’s no thought police force forming.

The First Amendment has not been repealed.


I'm currently reading the book "Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity—and Why This Harms Everybody" by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay who present (quite convincingly) the so-called Social Justice Movement as a postmodern ersatz religion.
I think they have a point (although I'd call it a quasi religion, like Communism or Fascism, because bona fide religions usually have some supernatural entities they focus on)

I use the word "dogmatic" in these situations.... the SJW or Facists or Communist are "dogmatic" in the pursuit of their ideals, not "religious".

Like you, I agree that any belief system must have some form of supernatural entity worship for it to be called a religion


Climate Change too.

BD66 Level 7 Aug 27, 2020

As far as race goes, we are the human race with different skin colors. Gender is what your born with, and sexual orientation is a choice.

Sexual orientation is not a choice.

Sexual orientation is a choice. If a man loves another man, that is a choice.

@xenoview really? So you chose to be heterosexual? Or did you also choose to be homosexual? Perhaps you chose to be a know it all moron who thinks he knows more than the scientists who have disproven your erroneous belief.

Proved evidence to back your claim.

@xenoview When did you choose your orientation? If it is a choice; you could just change your mind about which gender your attracted to, right?

Thank you for the evidence.

@JimG , What do you think bisexual people do? Don't they choose the gender their attracted too?

@xenoview how old were you when you "chose" your sexual orientation?

To review, you made factual assertions with no supporting evidence, and when someone challenged you, YOU asked HIM for evidence. I would have told you that you had to prove something before I disproved it, but he obliged you. And you think a "thank you" is sufficient?

Further, not only are you wrong about sexual orientation being a choice, you're wrong about being born with a gender. Please feel free to retract your original statement.

Everyone else is already rightly harping on whether orientation is a choice, but I'd rather address the other part of your statement. Although it may be technically correct to say humans are only one race, it minimize all the struggles of those made other because their skin was a different color, or their eyes had a different shapes, they had kinky hair, etc. The technical term is irrelevant to the human experience.


There are many things created that are dividing even more human beings on top of religion and politics, some were already mentioned. Some of them are complicating things unnecessarily. People...


Another substitute for religion is cosmology’s Big Bang model. Each has millions of words but lacks evidence.


Religions usually have sets of conclusions ( for example the 10 commandments) which they try to shame people into keeping faith constant. I do not think that "Identities, mainly race, gender and sexual orientation," are in any state to reach widespread conclusions yet .They are still recruiting supporters yet . They are still fishers of men(and women) to their causes which often clash.

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